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A Realistic Roadmap To Becoming a Python developer

A Roadmap to Becoming a Python Developer

The average salary of a Python developer in the US is $108,598.Python is a popular programming language for web application development, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and other advanced technologies.

It is consistently one of the top three programming languages. With such huge demand, any Python web developer can have a lucrative career in Python.

Python experts skills are easy to learn. Since the programming language is itself simple and readable, developers can quickly adapt to the dynamics of the programming language.

But becoming a Python web developer takes a little more than just knowing the technology.

A realistic roadmap to Python programmer involves soft skills along with expertise in the programming language.

Do you know that Python experts with good communication skills earn 8.31% more than others? There are requirements for developer at every company dealing in tech products that want a solid technical foundation.

Because it is in huge demand, Python experts can easily get a job at some of the top companies of the world like Google, Instagram, Spotify – which all use Python.

This article is a roadmap to Python web programmer and how to become one. We will focus on the Python developer skills and how to become one, technical and non-technical aspects of becoming a Python expert, expound on a simple process that you can follow to start your Python journey.

Python Developer Skills: Initial Steps

The list of developer skills is endless. There’s so much a Python web developer must do. They are deployed on everything when a software development company hires them – from web application development to Machine Learning development.

Here are the top Python developer skills that you can begin with – 

  • Language expertise
    First and foremost, developers must have complete knowledge of core Python. It involves the fundamentals, which includes OOPs concepts, data structures, iterators, generators, data types and variables, and data structures. They are essential before beginning to code.
  • Framework knowledge
    There are multiple Python frameworks that serve different purposes. Developers must have expertise, or at least know about, Django, Flask, CherryPy, Web2Py, TurboGears, among many others. CSS and HTML also play a major role in developing Python applications.
  • Data Science skills
    Python is widely used for data science. A realistic roadmap to Python developer career includes knowing all about data mining, warehousing, cleaning & refining, visualization, analysis, and knowledge of statistics. These skills ensure you can work with data projects.
  • Artificial Intelligence know-how
    It involves knowing and learning about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and the overall implementation of AI. Developers must have a basic understanding of image recognition, natural language processing, neural networking, Machine Learning models, and more.
  • Logical & Analytical thinking
    Python developers need to work with algorithms. Therefore, logical and analytical thinking is a must. Since there are so many models and algorithms, they must create logical connections between them. They need to analyze the data and then work upon it for gaining insights.
  • Communication skills
    Probably one of the biggest skills that a Python web developer needs to learn is communication. Often, the requirements for Python developer include communicating the project progress to the stakeholders and clients. Therefore, communication skills are a must.

How to become a Python Developer

You must begin somewhere to become a Python developer. Knowing how to become one and taking the action steps to actually learn are two different things. You can consider the following as a realistic roadmap to Python developer –

  • Initial Decision
    Start by deciding why you want to become a Python developer. Do you like innovating or are you in it for a lucrative career? There are no wrong options. It will help you decide which domain of Python you want to enter.
  • Python Training
    The next thing you should consider is getting the right Python training. There are hundreds of courses available – online and offline. These courses provide in-depth knowledge of Python. They are like engineering diplomas for the programming language. There are online tutorials available for free that you can use as a guide to learn Python.
  • Experiment with Python
    Once you learn the fundamental concepts of Python and get an idea about how the programming language works, you can experiment with Python. Start by implementing the code for small projects and then eventually move on to partner with other developers in the community for better understanding of the language.

Conclusion: A Roadmap to Becoming a Python Developer

The Python developer roadmap 2021 includes the above primary steps to implement if you want to become a Python expert.

The requirements for Python developers are increasing day by day as companies look to hire developers with expertise in advanced tech.

Python is the future of programming technology – one that can help build scalable enterprise applications, Machine Learning solutions, and help work on data science projects.

Python has several use cases that range from game development to web app development. A Python software development company will provide you opportunities to execute Python projects in various industries.

The best you can do is begin as an intern and learn how the experts work on Python. It is imperative to read on Python as there is something new everyday.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the programming language, grow your soft skills, and you will be on your journey to Python mastery.

Shardul Bhatt

Shardul has been in the tech industry for over 18 years. He has worked with some of the global leaders like Mastercard, CIGNEX, FlightNetwork and others. Today, Shardul stands as the CEO of BoTree Technologies, a leading web app, mobile app and AI development company. He is enthusiastic about the latest innovations in the software industry and writes extensively to guide businesses & engineers for making better development decisions.

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