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Creating Valuable Content & Moving On From Keywords

Let’s face it; content on the web isn’t what it used to be. I remember back in the day when all we heard about content was KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS, KEYWORDS. Keyword focused content has been the strategy for many businesses with a strong online presence, but guess what? The search engine gods are starting to tell us that to have a stronger, more valuable online presence, and you need to have content that is focused on the end-user and not just the keywords.

This changes the mentality that has been engraved into our heads. So, how does a business move forward with a new and improved content strategy that will not only speak to their consumer but also help them in the long run with their online marketing efforts?

When we discuss a content marketing strategy with our clients, we recommend the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) strategy.

Here are a few tips and recommendations that we have to help guide you in planning your content strategy:

Don’t Stress Out About the Content –

I know, this sounds crazy. For some reason, generating content is one of the biggest causes of stress to a business with an online strategy. Don’t let it be. Here is what we recommend, throw out your content strategy and start from scratch. Strategize with your team about WHAT your clients want to hear, know and learn about. Create an editorial calendar that will outline questions or topics that you have received from your clients and have F.U.N. with the content. Remember, it’s not just about search engine rankings; it is about engaging the user and immersing them into your products and services.

Speak Directly To Your Customer & Have a Personality –

Content that has a personality is more comfortable for the reader to digest; moreover, you get to create a personal connection with your customer and make it seem as if you have a face to face conversation about your company’s brand.

Make Your Content Social –

Social. What does that mean? More and more consumers are spending their time on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Make sure your content is shareable via social media sites and engaging enough for users to want to learn more about your company.

Keywords –

Did you think we would leave this out? Leave your keyword content strategy for last. When you write relevant and quality content for your end-user, you will find that keywords will come naturally into your content. By setting your keywords aside during your writing, your content will have a better flow and be more natural to your readers.

It is as simple as that! Have fun with your content and start producing blogs, articles and posts that are engaging and educational to your consumer. Once you have that figured out, the search engines will consume your site and see it as a reputable and valuable source of content – which will help you with your long-term online strategy.

About The Author –

ESage Digital is a leading Digital Marketing Agency in Jaipur, India, which helps Small to Medium Businesses to grow, develop, and succeed. Get in touch to grow your business.

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