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Christmas 2020: Make Your Christmas Magical With These Ideas!

Christmas 2020: Make Your Christmas Magical With These Ideas!

Holidays are important for everyone for so many valid reasons; one person gets free time from all hectic routines, second the festivals that holidays bring. Many of you must have got your favorite memories attached to these holidays, especially Christmas. Right after the moment when Halloween ends, everything becomes Christmassy. A magical vibe spreads in the environment, and people start unpacking their Christmas Jacketsfamilies start preparing for Christmas Day, and many more things happen in the row. Though 2020 has almost killed the vibe of every festival, the atmosphere is still charged with the buzz of Christmas.

The tingly feeling about Christmas is also there, and no pandemic can steal the magic of Christmas. With all the people staying at home, you have got so much advantage of making this Christmas more magical than ever. Don’t let Christmas be only about opening presents in the morning or just having dinner. At least make the whole month of December about Christmas. Here are some ideas for you to make everything Christmassy! So hop up, grab your wand, and spread the magic!


This activity will be the initial task to turn on the spark of Christmas. You can start making an advent calendar from the 1st of December for the upcoming 25 days. You have numerous ideas to add the fun element to it. For instance, pack 25 different chocolates and eat each day as a countdown for Christmas, or you can also try packing 25 other short stories related to Christmas and read them out to your kids for the next days. This will keep them captivated by Christmas magic.


Make your home smell, vibe, and look Christmassy on the main day, at least. You will easily find scented candles to make it smell like the North Pole; decorate your house beforehand; in that way, you’ll wake up with a Christmassy buzz. Play your favorite Christmas songs all day long!


As the saying goes, A family that eats together stays together, and this quote is not only about dinner but also about breakfast. Usually, breakfast is the most ignored meal of the year; major people skip it with just an up of coffee, while others just stick to not having it at all. You can make this Christmas special by hosting a proper North Pole themed breakfast for your family. With elf shaped pancakes, hot chocolates, marshmallow’s snowballs, and many more. Enjoy the breakfast with your family; it’ll help you all in bonding together.


It must have been a long time since you have met all your friends together. Host an afternoon party with them. Invite your friends, but keep the standard operating procedure in mind. Only by following them, you can have the safe and sound magic of Christmas. Make sure to add some snacks to your menu for the party to make it more fun. After all, what’s Christmas without friends and family? So have your buddies together and talk all you want!


You are going to miss the night outs and partying this Christmas, though you can have that fun by staying at home too. Grab your glamorous dresses, slip into them, turn on the songs, invite your homies, put up the disco lights, and also do not forget to learn the recipes for making mocktails. This way, you can have a safe party at your home without getting overly drunk!


Even after so much of a tough year, your loved ones are safe and healthy, then be thankful about that. Show them that you love them by sending homemade cards. As you’ll get a lot of time during this pandemic to craft something, even if you are not good at crafts, this will warm the heart of your loved ones. If you have so much spare time while having a creative person, you should also send cards to those who don’t have families… send them to old homes, orphanages, and care centers. It’ll give you a magical feeling for the rest of the year. When you spread joy, it gives you immense joy.


Christmas slumber parties are always fun; it is not like having sleepovers is new, but making them festive is surely something new. You can turn your sleepover into a more festive one by having it into your basement, bring your duvets, pillows, and other necessary items to your basement. Invite your favorite people, decorate your area into something more thematic. You can choose any theme, but since it is Christmas, try to keep the vibe safe. You can decorate your place like the North Pole with reindeer, Santa, elves, fake snow, sleigh, presents, and importantly of all, a Christmas tree. Have your ugly sweater on, put on red PJs, and eat a lot of candy!


Everyone loves a DIY spa day at home. Since lockdown has closed all the spas and salons, everyone needs a DIY spa. You can make this Christmas magical by pampering yourself. Self-love is greater than anything, so get dressed in Christmas Jackets and give yourself time. You can invite your best friend to have a great time with her.


If you have a party at home, you can make it more fun by adding some indoor games. There are so many games which you can play during Christmas parties like secret Santa, board games, and scavenger hunt but with a Christmas theme.

With all the aforementioned ideas, your Christmas will be the most magical time of the year. It’ll help you in releasing all the stress that 2020 has built up in everyone’s mind. Also, you’ll be able to spend some quality time with your family and friends, that’s all that you need, right?

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