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5 Multani Mitti Face Packs for All the Brides

Multani Mitti Face Packs for All the Brides

Hey bride-to-be! Heartiest congratulations for your wedding. It’s your D day and you don’t want to leave any stone unturned to look your best. Do you? So there are plenty of chemical peels and cosmetic treatments available out there but they come with their own side effects and this is not the best time to take any chance with your looks when the clock is already ticking. So let’s brush these options aside vehemently and get back to the ancient days to try some remedies which are the safest bet. Here multani mitti can assist you to keep your strikingly beautiful so I have culled some effective multani mitti face packs just for you, check them out:

Neem face pack:

When neem and multani mitti are combined together, no skin ailments can escape. Grind some fresh neem leaves and make a fine paste. Now take two tablespoons of multani mitti and mix with this paste. Set aside for 10 minutes so that neem juice can seep into the clay. Now apply all over your face and neck with the help of a brush or your fingertips. Wash off once dry.

Yoghurt face pack:

Whip a dollop of yoghurt with two tablespoons of multani mitti and apply a thick coat. Rinse off once dry. This pack will also help to reduce dark circles that came into existence after those late night sessions with your beau.

Lemon face pack:

Lemon never disappoints to satiate our vitamin C needs. Take two tablespoons of mud, squeeze some lemon drops and dilute with water as per the desired consistency. Apply on the face and neck and wash off once dry.

Sandalwood and turmeric:

Take one tablespoon of multani mitti, half tablespoon of sandalwood and a teaspoon of turmeric. Whisk together with water and apply. Wash away once dry. The soothing aroma of this pack will comfort your sore nerves.

Potato and multani mitti face pack:

Saved the best for the last. Potato with multani mitti makes a wonderful whitening multani mitti face pack. Take four tablespoons of potato juice and mix with two tablespoons of clay. Dilute with water if needed. Apply evenly all over the face and neck and wash away with cold water. 

These face packs are real time savers and help you to avoid those endless pre bridal sessions and you can spend your time to set up your trousseau.

But if you are really running short of time, just make a paste of multani mitti with plain water, refrigerate it and use it twice a week. The minerals and nutrients present in multani mitti alone are enough to give you a camera ready face.

When you are a bride your skin needs some extra TLC as shopping, rituals, heavy clothes, jewellery and makeup are enough to take a toll on your skin. The cooling and soothing effect of multani mitti will take away all your stress and tiredness and give you a vibrant bridal glow.

Also, try to de-stress your mind as much as you can. After all, this courtship period is probably the best time of your life. So enjoy it to the fullest.

What are the benefits of Multani Miti?

Here’s how this amazing clay can benefit your skin:

  • Multani mud removes oil, dirt, and impurities and cleanses and purifies the skin.
  • This clay not only regulates oil but also regulates oil production for the benefit of all skin types.
  • The oil-absorbing properties of Multani mud make it effective against acne and help speed up the healing process.

Used as a scrub, Multani mud can reduce dead skin cells and remove blackheads and whiteheads, giving the skin a natural and healthy glow.

5 Multani Mitti Face Packs for All the Brides
5 Multani Mitti Face Packs for All the Brides

Oily and acne-prone skin – Multani Miti, Sandalwood, Yellow

Oily skin can lead to problems such as large pores, acne, blackheads and whiteheads, and problem skin. The godsend of Multani Miti oily and acne-prone skin. The clay structure of this wonderful ingredient acts as an absorbent and helps remove zap oil, dirt, and impurities from your skin. Prepare a Multani Miti to face pack using some anti-acne ingredients like sandalwood and turmeric and say goodbye to excess oil for acne, blackheads, and good oils.

How to make:

In a bowl, take two tablespoons of fuller earth and add one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and one teaspoon of turmeric.

Mix the three ingredients well. Now, add some water as needed and mix it all to make a smooth paste.

Apply this face pack on a clean face with a facial brush and let it sit for about 20 minutes.

Rinse the pack in lukewarm water and moisturize with a lightweight moisturizer.

Use this face pack once a week for oil-free and blemish-free skin.

Easily available and at a very reasonable price, this powerful powder can give other skincare ingredients a run for their money. It cleanses, moisturizes, and heals deep skin and is probably the best natural solution for oily skin because it soaks up excess oil and makes the skin look matte and healthy. You can use this ingredient to target it by customizing your specific skin type and skin problems according to your needs. Add skin-loving ingredients like rose water, milk, or aloe vera to Multani mud, whip up a mask and apply! We’ve created our favorite recipes that solve every skin problem for every skin type. Use this face pack once a week for oil-free and blemish-free skin.

The above packs, happiness and excitement will give you a glowing skin and make you ready to walk on the aisle with your prince Charming. Check out Cosmetics Arena for more such bridal face packs. We wish you all the best for a new beginning! 

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