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Keep business website stable and control Google Ads

Today it is difficult to overestimate the importance of your own website for a company’s business. Competently created websites can significantly increase a company’s income due to a large influx of customers from the Internet. Specifically, you can use it to attract new customers, increase sales, provide a service, and more. 

In addition, a website itself is a kind of indicator of a company’s respectability. It will become much easier to build and strengthen an organization’s reputation  as well as to find investors or business partners using your own website.

Why is website stability monitoring important for business?

Any business owner should consider that having a website is a very important, but not the only criterion for success. Potential customers are attracted to a greater extent that resource, which has a leading position in search engines’ ranking and in contextual ads. Any user can become a regular customer of a company, so all that is needed is to attract attention with a well-made website.

Why is website stability monitoring important for business?

Therefore, even a short unscheduled shutdown of a business website leads to significant financial losses. New customers stop coming from aforementioned search queries and contextual advertising. Old users and customers start outflowing. And on top of this, a company starts overpaying for an inoperative advertising campaign. Because of this, it is extremely important to ensure a smooth website operation, its stability and high access speed.

How to maintain website stability and accessibility?

Of course, the easiest, yet not the cheapest way of monitoring websites is to hire a webmaster. But if your company’s website is not an online store and is relatively simple, you can handle it yourself. Of course, it’s not an easy task. And that’s when it all comes to tools you’re planning to use. Common webmaster’s tools require a lot of time and effort to learn. And a lot more time to master. But no one wants to spend a lot of time on one task every day. So, no matter who’s dealing with website monitoring routines, it’d be better to use a complex toolkit like HostTracker service.

HostTracker - website stability and accessibility

All and all, this is a highly versatile website monitoring platform that could be handled even by a complete novice. Generally, this service checks a client’s website availability from various locations around the world. It allows its users to check if HTTP, ICMP, SMTP, SNMP, TCP and all other protocols are working on your website, check data integrity, and even monitor server hardware stability. And a lot more on top of that. And comprehensive diagnostics using a variety of tools make it easy to identify global and local problems. At the same time, this system works fully automatically. And if problems are detected, this service notifies a webmaster or a website owner. 

How to be in touch with website status 24/7?

If you plan to use HostTracker as a one-stop service to monitor your company’s website, you need to run the monitoring routines first. And in order to start monitoring your website or websites with this platform, you need to register. Then you need to press the Add Check button and select one of the checks from the dropdown list. Thus you will be taken to the configuration screen.

To enable instant notifications, click the Add Contact button, select one of the messengers available for integration. Then add one of your contacts that will be used to notify you of failed checks and other website issues. At the same time, you can customize checks’ and tests’ notifications as you see fit. For example, you can specify notifications’ reasons, set up a delay, or restrict a system from sending them at night.

how to monitor website with HostTracker

How to control Google Ads campaigns automatically?

Advertising campaigns are one of the largest expense items for any business. Especially for start-up companies and online stores. Companies’ owners are investing huge amounts of money in this direction. And everyone wants an advertising campaign to work as efficiently as possible and ensure the emergence of new customers. Even if a website is unstable or inaccessible for some reason. And all this requires a lot of effort to deal with, but you will lose a lot of time, money and potential customers without monitoring website stability.

As an example of how easy it is to lose a lot of money on an ad campaign if a website stops working, just imagine one simple situation. For example, your website is accessible to users, but the database is somehow disconnected, so it is effectively empty. In such a situation, Google AdWords advertising campaign will continue to work. Generally speaking, all paid ad units will lead to an empty website. But money for a subscription to this service will still be debited from an owner’s account. And a website owner won’t know anything about the situation.

And all losses will not be because of website malfunction itself. It will be because Google is suspending websites’ AdWords campaigns only if those are completely unavailable for users or its access speed is very slow. If a website is accessible but not working properly, Google will not suspend its ad campaign. Moreover, to bring ad campaigns back to service, website owners will need to contact Adwords support. And then they will need to wait until it will be active again. Time means money. Literally.

Google AdWords monitoring via HostTracker

Situations described above are examples of different reasons to maintain website stability. As well as a reason to deal with website monitoring. And HostTracker has an instrument to help website owners or webmasters with this. You can easily configure a specific system which will control AdWords campaigns. It will suspend subscription before Google services even when those services won’t notice troubles. And when a webmaster or technical specialist restores website stability, this system will bring the ad campaign back online.

Business website stability: things to check regularly

Website is the face and mind of a modern business. And you need to keep it clean, safe and beautiful no matter what, or people won’t even look at it. And you will have to forget about new clients. Moreover, you need to literally “make pictures” of your website – create data backups. And there are some rules that you or your webmaster must follow.

Check SSL certificate validity

Be sure to make sure your website has an up-to-date SSL security certificate. Yes, like all certificates, it has a limited validity period. Each certification authority has its own renewal period. From three months to a year. And you must not miss an expiration date. Or you will expose users’ personal data to hackers’ attacks.

Check SSL certificate validity via HostTracker

Make backups

Backing up your data allows you to protect yourself from many threats. Inattentive employees, intruders and various encryption viruses constantly threaten your data and therefore your business. It’s best to set up automatic backups to make sure everything is under control. And don’t forget to check backups’ integrity from time to time just in case.

Keep server antivirus license updated

You need to keep track of the server antivirus license update calendar. Then you will definitely not miss anything. An unsecured server is a magnet for malware and a dream of hackers who want to set in your infrastructure. Moreover, hackers can turn your office into a crypto farm.

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