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Driving Tips to Teach Your Teen in Order to Avoid Accidents

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Your teen is ready for an important rite of passage. It’s time to become a driver. While this means great excitement for your child, it can be a stressful period for you. The best way to ease your anxiety is to prepare your son or daughter. Teach your teen the following driving tips to avoid accidents.

Forget About the Phone

As a society, we are glued to our cell phones. Laws have been put in place banning the use of cellphones, whether they are used for calls or texts, while driving. Hands-free calls are possible when synched with your vehicle’s stereo, providing a safer option for taking calls. However, discourage your teenager from taking or making calls that can lead to distraction. The best practice is to put the cellphone on vibrate and put it away. Any messages or calls can wait until the vehicle isn’t moving. Be firm about phone safety and driving. Cell Phone privileges should be taken away if your teenager isn’t being careful.

Stress the Importance of Following at a Safe Distance

Inexperienced drivers often misjudge how closely they are following other vehicles. This can lead to fender benders and accidents that involve a collision with the rear end. The three-second rule can help your teen to avoid any unnecessary accidents. If your teen does find themselves not following at a safe distance, it is only a matter of time before they will need to contact a car accident lawyer in Albany or their particular locale. Demonstrate the rule the next time you are the driver. Look at a car in front of you. Find something that is stationary, like a tree or a house that is up ahead. Tell your teen to start counting. If your son or daughter reaches three before you pass that item you targeted, you are following too closely. This is a good time to teach safe braking habits as well. It’s always best to place your foot on the brake gently and gradually bring the vehicle to a stop rather than slamming on the brakes at the last minute.

Make Sure Your Teen is Prepared for Emergencies

Show your son or daughter some must-have items that should always be in the trunk or back seat to prepare for emergencies. You should include road flares, first-aid items, a blanket, water, and jumper cables. Demonstrate how to use the flares and jumper cables. You should also show your teen where the spare tire and jack can be found in the vehicle. A basic toolkit could come in handy as well. Lead your teen through the steps of changing a tire. You can also include a can of tire sealant when your teen is in a pinch.

Understand How Weather Can Have an Impact on Driving

Another one of many driving tips your teenager needs to understand that the weather can affect road conditions. Wet leaves and rain can make the surface of the road become slick. It’s best to drive slowly and adjust for the conditions. Hydroplaning is another problem. Explain the dangers of water collecting on the road. Hitting a layer of the water on the pavement can make the vehicle slide. Snow and ice reduce traction as well. Advise your teen to stay off the road when conditions are too dangerous.

Set Limits for Safe Driving Periods

As a new driver, your teen should have limits for allowed driving periods. It is safest to drive during daylight hours. The majority of accidents happen once night falls. If your son or daughter needs to drive after dark for work, study, or a special function, stress the importance of being extremely observant.

Don’t Let Your Teen be the Carpool for Everyone

Once your son or daughter is driving, your teen is going to want to take others for a ride. Try beginning with one passenger at first. Once your teen driver proves he or she is safe on the road, consider allowing more friends on occasion. This is a great driving tip.

Conclusion for Driving Tips

As your teenager navigates the road with other drivers, emphasize the importance of being safe. Using the family car, or a personal car, is a privilege. If your son or daughter wants to enjoy the freedom that comes with getting behind the wall, responsibility must come first. You can also ask your teen to help pay for gas and insurance to show driving is not just about having fun.

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