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Car Recovery Emirates Abu Dhabi

Car Recovery Emirates Abu Dhabi


Car recovery emirates works for many of users who face on road car failures. We work round the clock weekly. The work is based on the emergency, where we are always busy to give you on road support when you need. Call Car Recovery Emirates Abu Dhabi team

Car Recovery Emirates Abu Dhabi


car recovery in abu dhabi

Phone Call

We as team always immediately give you response and have the team ready to drive the spot. We have our specialize working team.

car recovery in abu dhabi

GPS Support

We have our team with online internet GPS, the workers will take your active locations with any means such as whatsapp location, online Map share etc.

recovery in abu dhabi

Special Rates

Don’t worry, we do not charge extra for even delivering your vehicle to 1 KM, we actually charge based on the areas. our team has a full knowledge of rates.

recovery in abu dhabi

City to City

Car Towing emirates gives you city to city recovery and towing services. Which means you would not worry to take care your vehicle.

car recovery in abu dhabi

Life Insurance

At car recovery emirates all our vehicles and persons are insured and we also deal with car insures services.

Why Chose Car Recovery Emirates Abu Dhabi

We know we have many in similar companies. Who will give you best supports, but what makes us different from other car towing service providers. We are equipped with modern towing trucks which has GPS systems. Which means we can track your location to give you fastest spot location reach. And can recover your vehicle within 30 mins any where city wide.

Car recovery in Abu Dhabi

Car recovery in abu dhabi is a truck for recovery of Car. We know in emergency we may have our car fail. Our vehicle is not sure when gets fail. On the roadside our need is car recovery. This is first time that we have created our team on the roads of Emirates. Team is always 24/7 available on every road.

Which Areas Do we serve in Car recovery

CarRecoveryEmirates in Abu Dhabi is one of the largest car towing and service provider in United Arab Emirates specially in DubaiSharjahAbu Dhabi. We have multiple groups of truck owners who provide you best and quickest car recover on the roads of UAE. The customers find us on advertise and calls in emergency. Once we confirm the spot. The coordinators transfers the location of customer and asks nearest truck driver to reach to the destination. It takes about 20 to 30 mins approx for the nearest trucks to reach.

What Do we Charge

CarRecoveryEmirates Abu Dhabi teams does not ask customers after work the payment. At the point customer asks us to take their vehicle. We confirm their car recover and inform the payment amount according to the distance cover. This takes customer in ease of payment to arrange. Once the driver delivers the vehicle payment we take. We charge 28 AED for 20 KM.

Other special Things At Emirates Abu Dhabi

We have special sports recovery trucks which are always on top of list for sports cars. Many companies hire us for sports recovery. The experts of Car Recovery Emirates Abu Dhabi are well training to drive fast and have coordination skills in different language. The team of us is always polite while on duty and have in nature to give best treatment to the clients on road.


In Dubai more than 100 companies works for towing and recovery. However most of car recovery in Dubai are now expensive because they are having large number of employees and they cover many vehicles at a time. Which leads high amount to get from customers.

Car breakdown recovery van in Abu Dhabi

Emirates Car recovery in Dubai

Car recovery is a service which needs mostly in emergency. Car recovery services should be 24/7. We cover 24/7 car recovery and car towing for our customers.

At first we are working in Dubai since 2010 and we have multiple workers who are serving our emergency clients on the roads. We have multiple about 25 + vehicles on the road busy always to tow. The team is set to have GPS for the quick track and reach to the customers. Car recovery in Dubai provided by us is always under 30 mins reach and 4 mins response time. Which means we are quicker then others. The recovery trucks are usually 3 ton and specifically have all the equipment.

The experts of Car Recovery Emirates are well training to drive fast and have coordination skills in different language. The team of us is always polite while on duty and have in nature to give best treatment to the clients on road.

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