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Can overseas career opportunities be predicted by Horoscope?

Every Indian youth dreams about securing a dream job and settling abroad and thus lead a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. People are eager to learn what the future holds for them and whether they would be able to achieve their dreams of gaining a job in a foreign country or settling abroad. Traditionally, many Indians would consult an astrologer to analyse their Kundli and learn about their chances to work and settle in foreign countries. So, the question is, can your Online Kundli predict Yoga for an overseas job from your birth chart? The answer is yes, Vedic astrology can help in predicting the chances of a foreign job and settlement by analysing the birth charts and the planetary positions and combinations of an individual. Let us learn how the planets and the houses in an individual’s horoscope influence and align to create the Yoga of settling in a foreign country.

Influences of Houses and Planets

Certain houses in the in-depth horoscope can influence the destiny of an individual in determining their career as well as the location where they are destined to work earn success and enjoy a prosperous life. Read on to understand which of these houses influence your chances of an overseas job opportunity.

  • The second house specifies the possibility of earning from foreign locations. If the second house is occupied by Saturn, Mercury and Rahu, along with the Lord of the 12th House, the chances of the person settling abroad are more likely.
  • If the third house is occupied by three or more planets then it indicates that the individual will settle abroad. Frequent overseas travel is indicated if the third house is occupied by Moon and Ketu.
  • If Ketu influences the second, fourth and seventh houses in the horoscope, the chances of getting an overseas job and settling abroad improve significantly.
  • The ninth house is an important house that indicates foreign travels. If the ninth house is occupied by the Ascendant lord, the individual’s chances of going abroad are highly increased.
  • The 11th House signifies wealth, income and prosperity. The chances of overseas travel increases when the 9th house connects with the 11th house.
  • The 12th house indicates foreign lands and is also an important indicator for overseas journeys. If the 12th house is occupied by the Ascendant or by Venus and Moon then it indicates foreign travel. If Rahu is conjunct with the Moon and Venus, then it is a strong indicator of travelling abroad. If the Lord of the 9th house occupies the 12th house, then it indicates that the individual will achieve wealth and success on foreign shores.
  • The width of the angle of the arc formed between Sun and Mercury determines the strength of the yoga for overseas job and settlement.

Planets that influence overseas travel and job are Rahu, Ketu and Moon, of which Rahu is the most significant planet indicative of overseas travel. Foreign travel is indicated if Rahu is in conjunction with the Lords of the 7th, 8th, 9th, or the 12th houses in the horoscope. Along with Rahu and Ketu, the Moon, which is the 4th Lord, is also an important indicator for settling in foreign lands. When the 8th, 9th, or 12th houses is occupied by Moon this indicates residence in foreign lands.

Online career horoscopes

Digitisation has made it possible to access and consult astrologers online from the comforts of your home or office with the help of astrological apps and software. During the recent times, many astrology service providers have made it convenient for you to access your online horoscope by just entering your accurate birth details. These include your date of birth, place and time of birth. These horoscopes provide precise predictions about your chances of pursuing your career in foreign lands provided you enter your accurate birth details. The online career horoscopes are analysed with the help of unique software that has been approved and acknowledged by renowned and experienced astrologers. The software performs complex and meticulous astrological calculations based on Vedic astrology and eliminates the chances of human error. Personalised and customised services are also provided online by paying a nominal fee. You can now know your chances of gaining employment opportunities in foreign lands and make your life prosperous and wealthy. Astrology not just helps you learn about your chances of overseas jobs, it also helps you understand and identify the locations that are most favourable for your growth and success. Why wait anymore? Get your personalized copy of online career horoscopes today and learn to make your life successful with an overseas job.

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