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Valuable Wedding Agenda For Each Bride-To-Be That You’ll Discover On the Web

A great deal of arranging goes into a wedding. The bride, the groom, and folks get into dealing with all the wedding viewpoints from the second an association sorts out. Be that as it may, there are a few angles which should be investigated by the bride herself.

Hence to help you out and save a lot of time and energy, we have compiled a checklist for every soon-to-be bride. Have a look at it, and you will be surprised to see how easy it becomes for you to complete all the tasks one by one.

Mehndi Artist:

Any auspicious Indian occasion is incomplete without the application of mehndi on the hands. And especially in the case of a wedding where it is said that if a bride’s mehndi has a deep stain, she’ll receive lots of love from her husband as well as her in-laws. So it is essential to find and book a mehndi artist in Bangalore who will paint your hands with intricate designs using herbal henna only.

Bridal Couture:

This point is a no-brainer. One of the top priorities for every bride to be is her wedding apparel. It would help if you started looking for the dress (lehenga, saree, Anarkali lehenga, etc.) well before the wedding date. This will give you a lot of time to look at various options and try different design styles. Also, early preparations will provide you with the time to try all the wedding outfits and get corrections done if required.

Makeup Artist:

Hire only an experienced and professional makeup artist. Several brides, to save some bucks, hire an amateur MUA. And that inexperience is visible on the wedding day in the form of horrible makeup. Also, no matter the artist, you should always sit for 2 mock sessions with the professional. This gives an insight into the expert about the makeup tones that suit your complexion the best and decide the type of contouring that compliments the face.

Hair Stylist:

A bridal look gets complete only with an expert handled hairstyle. Now either you can ask the makeup artist to do it or hire another expert for the same. We recommend you go with the former as the makeup and hairstyle need to sync with each other. Only then your bridal look will be complete.


One of the most important and the most worrying aspects for any bride is finalizing the bridal jewelry. While some brides have the means to purchase massive sets, many take such jewelry sets on loan from shops or near-dear ones. But finalizing the jewelry is not an easy task because it needs to compliment your outfit. Hence the wedding couture must be completed before the jewelry.

Salon Sessions:

A bride needs to have that glowing and radiant skin, which makes her stand out from the crowd. And for that, you need to book salon sessions for various bridal packages which have services like facial, waxing, bleaching, hair-coloring, hair-cut, etc. You should also schedule body massage sessions because this will help de-stress the body from all the hectic running for the wedding preparations.

Bridal Accessories:

A bridal look has so many small aspects that need to be taken care of, like comfortable footwear, complimenting bangles, purse/clutch, etc. These all should be purchased once your wedding lehenga is finalized.

Well, now you have the super checklist in hand! All you need to do is find all the vendors for the services discussed above. For that, simply visit, which is India’s leading online wedding market where you can find all wedding-related vendors.

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