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How to Perform Netgear wifi Extender Setup

Netgear wifi extender setup is a must-do thing if you want it to do its job of extending the existing wireless network. is the default web address that will help you go to the Netgear extender setup page or login page. login page can only be accessed if your device is connected to the Netgear wifi extender. The Netgear wifi extender is one of the best extenders on the market and does its job quite perfectly. The Netgear wifi extender picks up the radio signals that your main router emits and extends it further to all the corners of your house or office.

There are various models of Netgear wifi extenders you can choose from. The instructions in this post apply for all the Netgear range extenders.

On this page, you will learn how to perform Netgear wifi extender setup using login IP. We will also discuss how to setup Netgear extender using the WPS method. Keep following the instructions!

Netgear wifi extender setup via login 

First of all, let us learn what is login IP because most of you must be wondering about the same. In simple words, is the default login address of all the Netgear wifi extenders. So if you want to access your extender’s admin panel, you must login to the device using the same.

To login to the Netgear extender setup using the default web address, here are the steps you need to follow;

  1. First and foremost, connect your mobile to the wifi network of your Netgear range extender. The SSID of your extender would be NETGEAR_EXT.
  2. Enter the default password to connect to the Netgear extender.
  3. Now, open an internet browser on your mobile and enter the default web address into the URL section.
  4. Press Enter and you will be taken to the login page.
  5. Tap New Extender Setup and then agree to the terms and conditions displayed on the screen.
  6. The page will prompt you to set up a login username and password for your extender.
  7. After this, the device will look for your home wifi network. Connect through your network’s SSID and enter the security key when asked to enter.
  8. Now follow the instructions and at the end, tap on Save.

Now your device will reboot and get synchronized with your main router. As soon as it restarts, the device will start extending the wifi network across your home.

Netgear wifi extender setup via WPS

Setting up the Netgear range extender using the WPS method is one of the very easiest tasks. If you are a new user, you can definitely give this method a try. In case you are an old user and do not want to go through the hassle of setting up the device through web-based user interface, you can also give this method a try. If you want to perform Netgear wifi extender setup using the WPS method, kindly use the below-mentioned steps for the same;

  1. Go to your Netgear wifi extender and press the WPS button. 
  2. As soon as you press the WPS button, the WPS LED will start flashing.
  3. Within 2 minutes, please ensure that you press the WPS button on your main wireless router. The Netgear extender’s WPS LED stays solid.
  4. Now, unplug the Netgear extender and place it in the area where you experience poor wifi signal.
  5. Plug in the extender and wait for the power light to flash.
  6. On your mobile, go to the Settings and connect to your home wifi network. 

Now that your device is all set, you must run a connectivity test. Go to the areas where you usually experience low wireless signals. Check if your mobile shows adequate signals as of now. If it is showing good signal strength, it means your new Netgear extender has started doing its job. not working?

In case you come across this issue, it means there is something wrong with either the device you are using to login to the Netgear extender or the Netgear extender itself. But do not worry even if any of the devices is coming across the issue, we will resolve it anyway. However, before we troubleshoot the issue, we need to understand all the possible reasons that might be making you experience not working.

  1. The Netgear extender is not powered on.
  2. The device you’re trying to login to the extender is not connected to the wifi network of your Netgear extender.
  3. Make sure the mobile or laptop you are using is having the latest operating software.
  4. The web browser should also be running on the latest version.
  5. The mobile or laptop you are using shall be in close proximity to the wifi extender.
  6. The Netgear extender shall also be placed near the main router during the Netgear extender setup process.

How to troubleshoot not working issue?

As we discussed all the possible reasons might be showing you issues as a result, let’s now start by discussing the troubleshooting steps.

  1. In the very first step, you must keep your Netgear extender close to your main router. This is only required during the Netgear wifi extender setup process.
  2. Make sure you connect your mobile or laptop to the wifi network of your extender, not the router.
  3. Clear all the browsing data like cache, cookies, and history from your web browser.
  4. Now check if the default web address is working or not.
  5. If it is still not working, kindly connect the laptop with the extender using an Ethernet cable. 
  6. After this, proceed with the normal login process.
  7. You can also change the device you’re using to login to the admin page.

Make sure you do not turn off any of the devices whilst performing the troubleshooting steps. In case any of your devices turn off, you will have to restart the entire process from the beginning. As of now, your issue must be resolved. If you still come across the same issue every now and again, try reaching out to the support team.

How to factory reset Netgear wifi Extender Setup?

With this, we can get that you are trying to bring your device back to its factory default settings. You must remember that this action will unpair the device from your main router and you may need to reconfigure it before using it again. You may refer to the first section in order to learn how to setup Netgear extender back again.

  1. Locate the Factory Reset or Reset switch on your Netgear wifi extender.
  2. The reset button is usually located inside the frame of the device.
  3. With the help of a needle or paperclip, press the button.
  4. Hold down the Factory Reset switch for a few seconds before releasing it.
  5. Now your device will get back to its original default settings. 

Netgear wifi extender setup is very easy to perform, provided that you follow the instructions very carefully. This page was all about the Netgear extender setup and we hope that this post helped you configure your device without any fuss.

If you see any issues coming up on your Netgear extender, kindly reach out to the technical support team that is dedicated to fixing issues related to the Netgear extenders and routers.  For more details, refer to


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