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Book An Online Skin Consultation To Take Care Of Your Skin Anytime

A visit to the doctor is one of the necessary evils; most of us do not want to go through the arduous process that starts from the hassle of booking the appointment and ends on waiting at the pharmacy for getting the drugs.

When it’s the skin problems, there is seldom any emergency that can help pass off the laziness for visiting the doctor, further disincentivizing patients. COVID-19 has certainly not helped; accompanying appointments is now the looming fear of getting exposed to the virus.

And yet, getting glowing and radiant skin is what everyone wants. But that is only possible with the help of an expert who can guide you through the best options available to you. Not only do doctors treat underlying problems that the layman might not be aware of, they also educate people about which beauty products to use, leading to perfect skin, or close enough!

Other than the most obvious benefit of getting the much-needed medical help from the top dermatologist in Lahore, there are other incentives for you to book an online skin consultation:


Notwithstanding the long waiting period, fitting the doctor into schedule requires a lot of maneuvering. You not only have to juggle your entire planner, but also account for the commute time and the waiting period at the doctor in case the meetings before you run over.

It is much worse when its walk-in consultation. You never know which is the best time to meet the doctor and so the long waiting hours seem inevitable. Alongside taking so much of your precious time, the doctor visits can be extremely draining as well.

Moreover, one has to properly prepare for the appointment; from dressing appropriately to gathering all the documentation. Lo and behold if your memory lags and you miss the important bits of documents home, rending the meeting less effective.

With online consultation, there is no such problem. You just turn on device during the meeting time and simply log out when done. No need to duck out of the office early and gain the wrath of your boss or juggle carefully curated schedule.

Moreover, you also do not have to waste your time in preparation. Any prescriptions and doctor notes are saved securely to the server and you also have the hard copies on you anyway.

Quick help

Let’s be honest, it is not always possible to be deeply motivated about getting glowing skin. Even if you muster enough energy to make the change, the prospect of a long process for the appointment with the dermatologist can put a damper on things.

Online consultation, on the other hand, is super convenient and quick. Most of the clinics have doctors online throughout the day, and when you know help is merely a click away, you do not lose out on the drive to help your skin glow.

Safer option

With the global pandemic that is relentless, minimizing human contact is the only plausible way forward. Whereas for many of the conditions, patients need a physical exam by the doctor. With skin ailments and especially aesthetic medicinal procedures, physical presence is not very important.

Hence, with the online consultation, you have lesser risk of the getting viruses.

Candid environment

Doctor’s room can be rather daunting. Moreover, many doctors have nurses for assistance and this crowd can thus prevent patients from being candid with their doctors due to the risk of judgment or well, it is hard to share private information with the doctor in such situations.

Contrary to this, online consultations are a private chat between the doctor and the patient, who then can talk openly with their doctor about anything without the fear of being judged.

Also, it is easier to come forth with information from the comfort of your home, as you are in your natural habitat rather than the cold clinic so are naturally more relaxed, enough to share information with your doctor.

Keep note of information

So many times, it happens that we forget to ask the doctors important questions. And many times, we simply forget the instructions laid out by the doctor.

In online consultations, you can write your queries to the doctor who can either respond in the same written fashion or you can also make your own notes during this time. Hence, the effectiveness runs greater for the online skin consultations as well.


Appointments with doctors can be very costly. To be fair, doctors also have large overheads to consider. The cost of running the clinic is pretty high, which then leads to a relatively hefty consultation fee.

When on the online forum, doctors too, do not have to worry about the thick log of bills waiting at their practice. The online consultations are then priced at better rates.

Moreover, as patients also save on the commute fare or fuel spent on their own conveyance, online consultations run more cost-effective.


Digital medium has transcended the physical barriers and thus has greatly helped with availability. Even if the doctor is not in your immediate vicinity or is overseas in a whole other time zone, you still are connected to the internet.

Hence, patients can always reach out to the top dermatologist in Karachi even if they are not in the same sharing physical space. Furthermore, doctors also have greater time to respond to the patients when they do not have the limitation of fixed clinic hours. Thus, more doctors remain available for the patients.

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