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Best wireless Earphones under 3000 Rs – December

Are you in search of best wireless earphones under 3000, then please keep reading this article in this article I am going to give you a list of best earphones under 3000? I hope is going to help you a lot.

Music is the lovest thing for everyone. Everybody wants to listen to music to enhance your mood, and with earphone, you can do many other things like making a call on the way, record audio, etc. This becomes more comfortable if you have a good pair of wireless earphone. Yes, you heard right wireless earphone. In today’s era, the lifestyle becomes busier, nobody like a tangled wire of earphone in their neck.

The solution to this problem is a wireless earphone. Here I am going to give you a list of best earphone under 3000. All of these earphones are best, best in design, best in sound, best in budget and I am so excited and enthusiastic to share my experience of using these earphones to you. So, without any further delay let’s dive in it.

1. Oneplus Bullets Wireless 2

In today’s market, Oneplus has a defined place for making best quality products like Android phones, chargers, backpack, Earphones etc. You do blindly believe in their products. Oneplus have different varieties in earphone but Omeplus bullets wireless 2 has their own fan base. Do you want to know why? Let’s check it out?

The first reason is looking Oneplus bullets wireless 2 building material is aluminium alloy which gives it premium looking, shiny finish appearance. The combination of metal and plastic makes it lighter in weight and makes it durable for a long period of time.

Its crystal clear sound quality, clear vocals, makes you fall in love with your favourite song. And, also you can experience deep bass while using Oneplus bullets which makes it more impressive. All of this is just because of 10 mm dynamic driver with two Knowles Balanced Armature driver.

On the left neckband on bullets wireless, an inline remote is constructed with three buttons and microphone which helps you to control volume, skip track, take calls on the way with an embedded microphone. Oneplus bullets wireless 2 comes with Bluetooth version 5.0 means better connectivity, power saving, low latency, clear vocal and 10 m Bluetooth range.

Pros –

  • Comfortably fits in your ear canal
  • Premium looking
  • Attach and Deattach system
  • Wrap charge
  • Stretch resistant cable

Cons –

  • Bass should have been improved

Bullets wireless 2 is made with wrap charge which allows you fast charging to bullets wireless 2. A 10 min charge gives you a playback time of 10 hrs while full charge gives you a battery life of 14 hrs means within 20 min Oneplus bullets wireless is fully charged.

Inside the box, you get three pair of silicone ear tips, a rubber carrying case, and a short USB Type-c cable. All this thing impressed us to place this epic earphone in our list of best earphone under 3000 at the first place. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons.

2. Sony WIC310

Sony is outperforming in the production of best quality earphone in the budget. They keep launching new earphones in the market. Sony has a large variety of earphones in the market. Sony WIC310 earphone is one of them this earphone is the masterpiece of sony. Let’s know more about it.

Sony WIC310 is an in-ear wireless earphone. SonyWIC310 is fully designed to give a comfortable fit to the user. It is very flexible due to flat rubber cable and because building material is plastic it becomes lighter in weight. With rubber wire, you can easily take this in your pocket and backpacks.

This becomes more interesting with 9 mm driver which produce HD stereo sound with deep bass and vocals are also good. The bass is balanced in result there is no distortion in other tunes. A remote is integrated with three-button which allows you to control volume, skip track, or attend calls with a microphone.

The Bluetooth version 5.0 makes a better connection and also save battery. The battery life is 15 hours if you play continuous music at a moderate volume level. And the plus point is SonyWIC310 is water-resistant which means it doesn’t matter whats the weather outside.

Pros –

  • Tangle-free wire
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Magnetic earbuds

Cons –

  • Not premium looking

3. boAt Airdopes 441

This earphone is absolutely a boon for athletes and gyms. boAt airdopes 441 is one of the best wireless earphones under 3000. The overall design is very comfortable and easily fits in your ear canal. The mat finish on earbuds looks so premium with touch control earbuds which come in a strong plastic case.

6mm dynamic driver give you HD stereo sound, crystal clear vocals, Deep bass with no sound distortion on full volume. The passive noise cancellation is awesome. It is easily accessible due to wake and pair feature which means they will be pairable when the case will be open.

boAt Airdopes is manufactured with Bluetooth version 5.0 due to which there is negligible sound latency, better connectivity and saves a lot of battery. The playback time of Airdopes is 5 hours at per charge with 35 mAh(buds) and 500 mAh(case) battery. The charging time is 90 min with this charging time the playback time is 13 hours.

Inside the box, you get Airdopes 441, Extra Ear tips, type C micro USB cable, warranty card and some paper works. This is an epic earphone in the list of best wireless earphone under 3000.


These were some best wireless earphones under 3000 Rs, hence you must buy these earphones. In case your budget is high, then you can check our guide of best wireless BlueTooth earphones under 5000 Rs.

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