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Best Vegan Cereals Brands for 2021 for Managing Your Vegan Lifestyle

Cereals are one of the best breakfasts to eat, there was a time when brands didn’t use to care for providing vegan solutions. Vegan or plant-based products are tough to find in stores and even online. Now, things have changed as you can find literally thousands of products and we can’t choose the one we actually need. Well, fortunately for you, we did our research and found the best vegan cereal brands for 2021. You can make use of the best vegan multivitamin along with cereals and exercise to manage your weight. Here’s our list of favorite vegan cereal brands, now you can start your breakfast healthily and with incredible taste.

Best Vegan Cereal Brands


  1. Nature’s Path Organic Gluten-Free Sunrise Crunchy Maple

This isn’t the cheapest organic cereals, but the mixture of corn, rice, quinoa, flax, amaranth, and buckwheat makes it a very healthy choice to kickstart your day. That’s not all, you also get a healthy diet of Omega 3, and it is a nutrient that you need to keep your brain operating ideally. You can find Nature’s Path Organic Gluten online on their official website. With this type of organic food cereal, you can keep yourself going all day long.


  1. ELAN Original Granola Cereal in Almond Pecan Walnut Coconut

While the cereal is vegan, that’s not what makes it great, the cereal is also gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, GMO-free, and even salt-free. The cereal offers an incredible blend of oats, syrup, seeds, and syrup, this mixture offers a soft, sweet crunch with a great feel in the mouth. As for nutrients, the cereal is full of fiber for healthy digestion. If you want to purchase this cereal then you can find ELAN original Granola cereal in Almond Pecan Walnut coconut on their official website.


  1. Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Organic Sprouted Grain Cereal, Golden Flax

As per the brand, this cereal is made with a recipe found in the Holy Bible. The cereal is organic, natural and it contains no hint of yeast. It also has no flour, no additives, no colors, and zero preservatives for a completely healthy breakfast.

If you’re someone who’s always worrying about getting diabetes, then this cereal also has a low glycemic index which means you significantly reduce your risk of suffering from diabetes. You can find the cereal online.


  1. Fiber One Cereal, Original Bran, Whole Grain Cereal

The best quality of the cereal is listed in its name, the cereal is chock full of fiber and that’s because of the average 13 grams of whole grains that can be found in every single serving of Fiber One Cereal. Although the cereal isn’t perfect as it contains phenylalanine and aspartame, which we don’t think is best suited for your body. If you still wish to purchase the cereal, you can find it online.


  1. Cascadian Farm Organic Fruitful O’s Cereal

Let’s be honest, fruit loops are one of the best cereals. Unfortunately, most fruit loops are made with non-vegetarian products. If you miss fruit loops before you turned to a vegan lifestyle then Cascadian Farm Organic Fruitful O’s Cereal is your all-natural replacement. They taste good and you’ll find them as a really refreshing thing to taste in the morning. Its sweet taste comes from fully organic corn and it has zero GMOs. Having no GMOs tend to have a good effect on your body, you can find this vegan cereal online for purchase.


  1. Kind Healthy Grains Clusters, Vanilla Blueberry With Flax Seeds Granola

This cereal comes from the same people who invented the KIND bar. It contains incredibly tasty grain clusters with blueberries, apple juice, molasses, vanilla extract, and more. They’re a bit expensive but the taste justifies the price. If you want, you can purchase them in bulk and you can find KIND Healthy Grain Clusters, Vanilla Blueberry with Flax Seeds Granola Online.


  1. Living Intentions Organic Superfood Cereal

Bored of ordinary tasting cereals? Then the Living Intentions Organic Superfood cereal offers a chocolate crunch breakfast. The hint of chocolate in the cereal is incredible tasting. It offers so many benefits like paleo, kosher, vegan, and gluten-free breakfast. That’s not all it offers, it also contains probiotic cultures to keep your stomach healthy and regular. If you want to give your breakfast a chocolaty twist then you can find Living Intentions Organic Superfood Cereal online.


  1. Barbara’s Puffins Original Cereal

While most cereals on our list are catered towards all age groups. This cereal is one of the most kid-friendly vegan cereal on our list. These puffins cereals are a great source of fiber and they contain only 6g of sugar in each serving which won’t hurt the teeth of your kids. As for the nutritional value, they contain a lot of whole grains. You can find Barbara’s Puffin Original Cereals online.


  1. Bob’s Red Mill Resealable Old Country Style Muesli

If you’re a fan of classics, then this traditional muesli breakfast cereal from Bob’s Old Mill is high in fiber but also high in protein. There’s not much to say about the cereal apart from the fact they are totally vegan, totally organic. You can find Bob’s Red Mill Resealable Old Country style Muesli on their official website.


  1. Post Grape-Nuts Cereal

Apart from being completely organic and vegan, these are the cereals that make you feel the most full out of all the cereals on our list. If you are to take our advice, then drown the cereal in almond milk for the best taste. Although there is one drawback of this cereal, as it makes you feel full you can’t eat it every day as they are high in carbs (about 47 grams each serving) and you won’t want to gain unnecessary weight would you? You can find the Post Grape-Nuts Cereal online for order.

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