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Best Ductless Range Hood

Duct less Range Hood vs Microwave 

Looking for the best ventilation option for your kitchen? Confused about which one is a better choice range hood or microwave? Then you have landed in the right place.Whether we talk about the best ductless range hood or premium over-the-range microwaves available in the market, both have their own pros and cons. The best ventilating option depends extensively on your kitchen and requirements. So, you need to check out some critical aspects such as your cooking habits, equipment used for cooking, etc to find the best unit for yourself. 

Ductless Range Hood 

What are ductless range hoods?

A Ductless Range Hood is an exhaust system that works on the principle of recirculating your kitchen air. For this, it requires charcoal filters that filter out dirt, grease, and even neutralize the odor. This air is then sent back into the kitchen through vents. 

What are the advantages of Ductless Range Hood?

  • They have more ventilation strength.

A range hood usually comes with powerful ventilating capabilities that remove dirt, grease, odors from the air effectively. This makes them suitable even for the most troublesome cooking techniques such as deep-frying, grilling, sauteing, or searing. This is because they have higher CFM motor class ratings when compared to microwaves. CFM refers to the amount of air a unit can remove in a specified amount of time. Hence, in simple words, you can say range hold can remove more air per minute than microwaves. 

Range Hood models come with a range of 200 to 600 CFM. Some models even offer up to 1200 CFM. While microwaves have a CFM range of 200 to 500 CFM.

  • Style and appearances 

One of the main reasons that make range hoods stand above the microwaves is that you get a variety of designs, sizes, and aesthetics. You can easily find a unit that will go according to your kitchen requirements. Whether you want to have a contemporary look or a streamlined minimal-looking unit, range hoods are available in all types. 

  • Advanced venting options

Range hoods feature more advanced venting options that you will rarely find in microwave hoods. For example, perimetric ventilation helps to speed up the movement of air at the intake, automatic turning on the setting, automatic managing speed option, and many more. 

  • High heat tolerance 

Most Range hood models come with higher heat tolerance compared to microwaves. However, this could very be based on designs and features. 

OTR Microwaves 

What are OTR microwaves?

Over the range or OTR microwaves, are the units that can be installed over your stove or cooktop. They not only function like countertop microwaves but can also help to remove smoke, steam, and odors. It is because they come with a built-in ventilating system. 

What are the advantages of OTR microwaves? 

  • They are space-saving. 

If you are limited on space, then go with an OTR microwave as they provide you with the benefits of two appliances. They can be used like countertop microwaves and at the same time eliminate smoke and cooking odor. Thus, making them a great ventilating system for small pace kitchens. 

  • They serve dual purposes. 

What is better than getting the functions of two devices in a single unit? This is what OTR microwaves are known for. They provide you with main cooking potentials while venting your kitchen air. For example, some units offer advanced heated airflow, high baking temperatures, precise steaming of food, different levels of doneness, and many more. 

  • Simple installation

Another factor that makes OTR microwaves better than other venting units is their simple installation. You do not need the help of a professional or much technical expertise. These systems are pretty handy and can be conveniently installed. 

  • Streamlines your kitchen layout

Since OTR microwaves integrate requirements of 2 systems in just one, it helps you to provide a streamlined design for your kitchen. Hence, you can make space for other designs or systems. 

  •  Adequate venting strength

Maybe not as powerful as range hoods, OTR microwaves can provide enough venting strength that is sufficient for most of your basic cooking requirements. Certain models like KitchenAid® over-the-range microwaves can offer 500 CFM Motor Class* venting strength which is pretty high. 

Factors to consider for buying ventilating system:

  • Learn about various ventilating options for your kitchen

This even includes the natural ventilating options which comprise natural air direction with the help of vents and other openings. You can even consider extraction fans that help to a great extent to remove the damp air from your home. If these option does not work, then you can surely consider buying a ventilating system. 

  • Placement of the system

The foremost factor to check out is the space in your kitchen and where you want to place your system. For the best results, the ventilating system is placed above the cooking surface. Moreover, it should be as wide as the cooking surface. You would also prefer to match your ventilating system with other accessories. 

  • Air movement

The air that passes through your duct over a specified time is represented through CFM. It extensively depends on the type of cooking and the equipment you use in your kitchen. For example, grilling in the open flame will require more ventilation than making a small pancake in your convection oven. Hence, take into account your cooking needs and accordingly divide the system.

  • Energy Efficiency 

No one would like to pay high electricity bills. Ventilation systems with higher CFM tend to be more energy-efficient. Moreover, using a heat exchange system can help to reduce make your ventilating system more. 

  • Accessories and appearances

Your ventilating system will have a substantial influence on your home decor. You would like to complement it with your other accessories. So, plan out if there is any particular design or color that would make it more suitable for your kitchen layout. 

  • Installation it requires

Some ventilation systems require more expertise installation than others. Lately, you can even find handy systems that you can install on your own without needing the help of a professional. So, if you are looking for a system with easy installation then you can easily find one. 

  • Cleaning and maintenance 

To make your system offer longer service life, it needs to be cleaned and maintained properly. Hence, consider how regularly you can clean your system and maintain it properly. Moreover, you would also need to get it serviced regularly. 

  • Noise 

Certain units and fans can be slightly noisy. Especially when you are choosing your system for 24 hours, then it becomes pretty essential to consider the noise of the system. These days, you can easily find several silent extractor fans and ventilating systems, if noise is a problem for you.  

Wrapping it up

With this, we come to an end to our article. Choosing the right venting unit can be a daunting task at times. You need to keep into account several factors ranging from space in your kitchen to maintenance of the system. Moreover, you also need to take care of your budget so that you do not break your bank. 

However, every unit has its usefulness and specifications. Some will offer high venting strengths while others will be more space-efficient. So, what is important is that you need to consider your kitchen requirements and accordingly choose the right venting system. for more information visit on masstoclass.



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