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The Best Artwork You Can Buy For Christmas

Hello Singaporeans! Christmas is coming.

In different regions, people celebrate it according to their geography, traditions, culture, and beliefs. But in Singapore, it is a unique and exciting experience. So, how about celebrating Christmas by gifting popular work from the best art gallery of Singapore to your loved ones? Sounds good? It will feel better!

Undoubtedly, art is an unusual, fantastic, and unique present to pass. Gifting paintings on this Christmas is really a great way of passing on love, sentiments, and cherishing the festival. Don’t worry; your friends will like the unique gifts.

So are you looking for unique gift ideas for this Christmas? In this guide, we have listed down the most popular artwork you can gift to anyone on the coming Christmas 2021. Further, we will provide you with a list of expert proven tips for choosing the best painting or other artwork. Let’s read on!

Why To Gift Art To Your Loved Ones?

The first question that arises is, what is the main reason for choosing art as a gift? The Christmas gift ideas have been narrowed for years, but they need to be changed. If you buy a painting in Singapore from an authentic gallery, it will stimulate imagination and creativity.

Having art in a room will help to:

  • Relax mind
  • Stress relieving
  • And providing a sense of wellbeing.

Buying painting and gifting it to your friends or family means inducting them into a new world. It will saturate and outlive their spirit regularly. Moreover, it could be a great alternative to traditional gifting.

Some Popular Artwork You Can Gift On This Christmas

Now, have a look over the most unique art piece you can give to create a positive vibe.

1. Colour of Prayer 1

  • Created by Rafiq Shah in 2003
  • Oil on canvas painting (162cm x 273cm size)
  • $19,500.00 cost


The Colour of Prayer 1 is a result of the best composition. It is reflected by a range of bright, dark, as well as flat colours.

Rafique Shah is highly spiritual in behaviour. Also, he is a master of a euphonic and soft voice.

In this art piece, he used unique colours to add grace. Furthermore, Shah likes to conserve the virtue of his selection of colours for his palette.

Here the distinct lines separate the defined space and colour. He deliberately allows users to run their eyes over the contours of his precisely drawn edges. You can buy paintings in Singapore from an online or offline art gallery.

2. Emotion 05

  • Created by Federico Tomasi in 2010.
  • Enamel on Canvas painting (150cm x 200cm size)
  • $17,900.00 cost


Emotion 05 is made by popular artist Federico Tomasi. He is a very famous artist who has exhibited over the globe. In this art, he has explained, “ the expression on a face reflects a person’s state of mind, and I use faces as vehicles of expression. In this series of works, I wanted to create faces which transform themselves so that they almost resemble masks, where the eyes become life and soul, the soul which hides behind a living mask.”
Tomasi is a prolific painter who came to this field in the 90s. Tomasi’s father (designer) has inspired his work at the beginning.

He created emotion 05 work after his New York trip. This art piece defines the importance of freedom and the struggles people face when fighting for freedom. Moreover, Tomasi explored form as well as non-form by this canvas. Check out this beautiful piece in an art gallery in Singapore.

Looking at this painting, the person will feel that he/she has to enjoy their freedom. Also, they will realise the value of freeing after a struggle.

3. Self potrait 2

  • Federico Tomasi created this in 2010.
  • Oil & Enamel on Paper painting (90cm X 64cm size)
  • $3,200.00 cost


Self potrait 2 is also made by the wonderful artist Federico Tomasi. The best part of the work is, this is a self-portraiture of Tomasi. Also, he is known as an emotional painter. Further, he explores the expressionist ideology he embarked on in this series of artworks. Looking at the painting, you will see, the colours are controlled and subdued in a very tiny space, still expressive and open.

Federico Tomasi captures the emotions in each artwork he makes. So, gifting this beautiful piece to your friends will inspire them. Moreover, the painting incorporates the happy emotions of a human. On top of it, looking at this art will make people feel energetic and joyful every day. If you want to buy paintings in Singapore, visit the popular art galleries.

Benefits Of Gifting Art On Christmas

Presenting perfumes, plastic or soft toys, single-use items, or a crockery set is a traditional way of gift-giving. So, we have shifted your focus towards a unique way of cherishing the festival. Furthermore, below we have compiled the top 5 benefits of gifting art during the festive season.

1. Art is best for physical and mental health.

Art is said to broaden the mindset of a person. It generates creative thinking and new ideas. Further helps to change one’s perspective towards artistry.

Also, gazing and imagining about an art piece helps to release stress and free up one’s mind.

2. Encourage your spirit

We are sure looking at art, sculpture, or painting will make you feel connected. Believe it or not, artwork has the ability to start a conversation at a soul level. Also, the image message, its texture, and colours can produce the deepest emotions.

3. Eternal

A painting or sculpture can easily be passed down to the next generations. Do you know the best part? Although, it’s possible to keep your favourite art piece for a lifetime.

Wrapping Up!

Singapore doesn’t witness “WHITE CHRISTMAS,” but still, excitement is the same as in other regions. So, let’s uniquely celebrate this Christmas. Moreover, you can buy a painting in Singapore from the best art gallery.

In conclusion, give something unique to your loved ones with which they can speak. If you want more suggestions, please share them with us!

Wishing You A Merry Christmas!

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