6 Questions to ask before hiring Express Moving Services

Hiring the right express moving services is crucial. Here we walk you through the process to ease it for you.

Hiring a mover without knowing a few facts isn’t a good policy, because a little negligence can jeopardize the safety of your package. First of all, it is extremely important to know about the threats that your package might face on the way to the destination. Because only then you’ll be able to come up with the right set of questions to ensure the safety of the package. The risk factor multiplies if you are sending away something that has to reach a distant place. That’s why always make sure you are hiring the right mover. Use the following questions to hire an express moving services in Miami.

How experienced is the mover?

Experience is the essence of any job and its significance increases several times if someone is trusting you with a package to deliver. The package has to be handled properly because sometimes it is packed in some irregular packing and sometimes the package just opens up. An

experienced express moving services team knows how to pick and categorize the packages in the best possible way. The stacking of packages is also another plus point that you can get if you choose to work with an experienced mover. So, search well and find the best long distance moving service in the area to hand over your package.

Can they handle fragile items?

A lot of services may claim that their services are the best when it comes to package handling. The handling of fragile packages is an art that not so many companies have. It requires a special skill set and better training to handle it with care and deliver it safely to the destination. So, if you are sending some crockery or some wine bottles, make sure you ask this question. Also be ready to pack the item in the recommended packings. Make sure you inform the mover about the fragile item because if it is stacked among heavy packages it can be damaged.

Is my package going to be insured?

Whenever you are sending out something precious you are always worried about its safety, and it is quite common to hear that the packages are damaged during transportation. So, there’s a perfect way to avoid the damages always if you just insure the package while booking it. You just have to ask the mover that if your package is going to be insured or not. Sometimes, considering the sensitivity of the package the mover insures your package automatically. But sometimes you have to ask for it. However, a moving service with an insurance facility is going to cost you more than a standard service.

Time required to reach the destination?

The information of the package at any moment is extremely important if you have to deliver something within a certain time window. Therefore, make sure you talk to the mover in advance about the delivery time and ask for the necessary modifications. The amount of time a package takes to deliver is also related to the safety of the package because the longer it stays with the mover the riskier it is until it reaches the destination. You can also use modern online monitoring services to track your package all the time.

Are there any transits?

The transits are quite troublesome because most of the packages are damaged during transit. Once the package is booked and picked up it stays in the vehicle. But if that vehicle brings the package to the distribution hub then it has to be removed from one vehicle and put in another. If your package has to travel through several states to reach the destination, then more than one transits are expected. So, make sure your packages reach the destination with the lowest number of transits if it holds something fragile.

Do they pick-up?

It is one of the most ignored questions that causes a great deal of confusion while transporting something. People often book a service and wait for the pick-up to arrive, but it never does. As most of the companies offer pick-ups for commercial packages. So, rather than using the internet for booking a package, just call them and ask about the process in detail. Remember, if your package is not commercial, then there’s going to be an additional cost for the pick-up.


Good express moving services companies are an asset of any economy because they help transport every kind of packages. However, the definition of a good mover changes depending on your needs. The safety of your belongings are the most important aspect in the process. Even if there’s a five-star mover but he doesn’t deliver where you want to send your package, then it’s useless. So, make sure you know your needs before the mover selection and follow the mover guidelines closely for packing. Because the package has to go a long way and poor packing might result in package loss or even worse.

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