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Event Digital Signage Ideas

Boost Engagements At Any Type of Event

In recent years, the technology and digital media have spread its influence overall marketing and communications channels and events are no distinction to it. 

Event marketing has evolved a lot with the influx of technologies into the events that have made it more interesting and engaging for the audience. Event marketers and planners always look for such opportunities that can help them increase their audience engagement. 

One such technology that has been trending among the event marketing is event digital signages. But what are these? 

What Is Event Digital Signages?

Event digital signages are digital displays installed at an event venue to showcase the social media feeds in the event with the purpose of increasing audience engagement. 

Using a UGC platform, you can create a social media feed of content that has been collected and curated from different social media platforms using hashtags, handle, channel, pages, profile, etc. 

And not just social media feeds, you can even display various other information that is relevant and necessary to the audience that can help in increasing the audience engagements with the event. 

So, here we have listed some of the best ideas that can help you boost audience engagement and event experience through event digital signages. 

Ideas To Boost Event Audience Engagement With Digital Signages

  1. In-Event Navigation

Digital signages are an excellent solution to make the event navigation easy and simple for your audience as navigation is always a hassle for the audience that leads to chaos and confusion. 

So, you make digital signages as your event guides to help the audience to find what they are looking for or necessary code of conduct & precautions at the event. 

Also, these dynamic displays will help in adjusting you easily with any last-minute changes or advancements. 

  1. Real-Time Social Walls

Social walls are probably the best way to engage the audience in your events. A social wall lets you display the live social media feed on digital signages. 

The social media wall can help you increase audience engagement by encouraging the attendees to share their photos, videos, or posts from the event using the event hashtag, and displaying this content on the social wall. 

The social walls can also be used to drive panel discussions, audience interactions, Q&A sessions, etc. in your event. You can display the user-generated content about your event from social media to build trust, showcase buzz, and display what people are saying & sharing from the event. 

This is an excellent way to boost audience engagement where more and more users will share their experiences & ideas. 

  1. Interactive Visual Gallery

Visual content is known to be engaging and intriguing for the audience and you can leverage event digital signages to drive audience engagement by displaying images and videos about the event. 

These images and videos could be either fetched from the social media platforms around the event hashtags or the handle and you can also create a photo booth at your event and link it to your digital signages to display this visual content. 

Displaying a visual gallery of amazing & interesting photos taken by the attendees will hugely help in boosting the audience engagement and deliver entertainment. 

You can even give the opportunity to print these user-generated photos that they can take with them as a memory. 

  1. Gamification With Signages

Digital signages are interactive displays and you can leverage them for delivering gamification strategies that will boost your audience engagement as they love games & entertainment. 

You can create leaderboards, contests, most active users, polls, hunts, games, and many more. These will intrigue users to take part in these games and magnify the engagement. 

You can even link rewards and offers to the gamification strategies so that will work as an attention-grabbing elements. Organizing the gamification element and displaying them on the digital signages is an excellent engagement booster technique. 

  1. Knowledge & Opinion Sharing

There are many events that take place in the educational and corporate sector with the purpose of knowledge and ideas sharing. This is where you can perfectly use the digital signages to magnify the impact of the event agenda. 

Displaying the live feed of knowledge, ideas, expert opinions, etc. through digital signages will help in engaging the audience to the event. Where the audience can share their feedback and review with the speakers or panels in real-time. 

This will allow better knowledge-sharing and ideas expansion making the event experience superlative and successful. 

  1. Highlight Event News & Updates

It is true that most of the event venue has limited space and not all attendees could take part in the major event discussions or activities. Thus, you can install digital signages in different locations to reach all the attendees of the event. 

Using these digital signages, you can display the highlights of event news, updates, discussions, knowledge-shared, results, alerts & notifications, announcements, sponsor information, and much more. 

This will help you reduce the burden of audience management and will allow effective audience engagement in your event. 


There are various ways out of which some of them we have listed above and many more that you can leverage through event digital signages to boost your audience engagement. 

Especially the integration of social media through digital signages with events helps the event organizers to bring the social media engagement to the offline environment and enhance the attendees’ event experience. 

So, get started now with how you can use digital signages in your next event and how it will benefit your event to make it an engaging and successful event with satisfying audience experience. 

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