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Benefits of Renting a Golf Cart at the Beach for Next Beach Vacation

What is the best way to enjoy your beach vacation? By soaking in the sun, looking at the beauty of the ocean and its gigantic waves, and walking around the beach bare feet on the soft sand. We are certain you are excited to do all the above-mentioned things.

But, have you considered the struggle involved with walking all the time during your stay? If you are thinking of taking your vehicle around, don’t forget about the struggle of finding a parking space. This will be frustrating especially when you are geared up and excited for the beach.

Why go through this hassle if you can just enjoy the beach vacation? We urge you to go for golf cart rentals during your time at the beach. 

We believe the best way to enjoy and go around the beach is by renting a golf-cart. Moreover, if your itinerary involves surfing, picnicking, and other fun activities lined up. Golf carts are a great option if one of your beach crew members has mobility issues. So why not enquire about golf carts with your beach rentals while booking to avoid disappointments when you arrive at Port Aransas.

Listed below are four reasons why you should rent a golf cart during your next beach vacation – 

It’s Easier & Faster to Roam Around – 

The vacation rentals in Port Aransas are all golf cart friendly. If you are thinking of walking from the beach rentals to the beach it will take you anywhere between 30-40 minutes to navigate yourself and the beach crew to the beach. Isn’t this a waste of time and energy? If you say we are taking the car around instead of walking, think of the struggle to trudge your car through the sand and find parking closer to the beach. We bet you can’t find a spot close enough.

The most suitable option is driving a golf cart up to the beach. Most of the beach towns in Port Aransas are accepting golf cart usage on the roads as well as around their beaches. This makes it easy to rent one out and to park them. It will take only a couple of minutes to reach the beach from your Port Aransas vacation rentals with a golf cart. Isn’t that a selling point? 

If you are still not convinced let’s talk about how you will bypass the traffic as you go around to popular destinations at the beach. If the beach you are planning to spend your day at does not have a golf cart parking space, do not worry. The golf cart can fit in tight areas where your car wouldn’t. So there you have some more valid points to make an informed decision. 

No More Hauling Gear on Foot – 

We have been there where we feel like we have been stressing out the whole time instead of enjoying our escape to the beach. You tend to feel this way because it is exhausting to carry all the items like the surfboard, a hamper of food with water a cooler, towels, beach gear, and every other thing that you and your mates would need at the beach. If I were you, I would call it a quit if I had to carry towels, umbrellas, chairs, snacks, sunscreen, hats, and other accessories. It is almost dreadful if you forget something at the beachfront condos in Port Aransas and would have to walk back to grab it. 

To make your time at the beach delightful with golf cart rentals you no longer have to lift a thing except when you load your things onto the golf cart. Pack everything up neatly and put it in a golf cart. You may also load all of your things into the trunk to get some extra leg space. This way you will be ready to easily get all of your gear to and from the beach in no time and with minimal effort.

More Eco-Friendly Than Driving a Car – 

Now that you are spending money on Condos in Port Aransas for rent and to plan this beach vacation, let’s talk about saving some cash. We all know vacations are costly. These expenses increase with the gas you have to buy when you need to spend more time driving your car all around.  Renting a golf cart is cheaper and will save you a lot of money. They are small and will allow you to get around easily. It will barely cost you anything if you plan on staying at the beach where you can simply charge it up. Some golf carts are electrical vehicles or pedal powdered. They both produce zeroemission. It makes them an environmental-friendly option as compared to a gas-powered vehicle. Get ready to feel good about yourself for doing a favor to the environment.

Stay Cooler in the Summer Heat – 

On a hot summer day, the sun is wonderful, but it is a relief to have a roof over your head on the beach. Due to the sun, the sand gets hot too. If you have your golf cart, you can sit in it with your drinks and not worry about the heat too much. It is way better than sitting in the air conditioning all day and burning the fuel.

We urge all the visitors staying at the Mayan Princess beach resort to get their hands on a golf cart to make the most of their vacation. Take help from the Port Aransas beach day guide to know more about the things to do in Port Aransas. If you are an old couple reading this, do not worry, the beach rentals are available for both long and short term period

Conclusion –

There is no denying the fact that golf carts are fun to ride. Isn’t that a good enough reason to rent a golf cart at the beach? If you have children travelling along, they will love the experience. Children or no children, you and your friends will get a kick out of it. Most beach rentals in Port Aransas have golf carts available all along the beach. You will find one which will fit your and your family’s needs.

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