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COVID-Friendly Vacation Ideas for Your Family This Year

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The pandemic has left so many across the world scarred and terrified. It took thousands of lives around the globe. The only cure for COVID-19 is a vaccine that can save many lives. While awaiting for the vaccine, people have been instructed to stay indoors, stay six feet apart, wear a mask outdoors, and stay safe. As scary as this pandemic has been, it is very important that people still have fun with their family and friends by taking a vacation. It is very possible to still continue to live your lives while still being safe. Keep reading for some great vacation ideas and activities you can take with your family or friends this year.

COVID-Friendly Vacation Ideas for the Family

Camping is one innovative way to vacation together as a family. For example, Pennsylvania campgrounds can be explored for the best possible camping experience. They feature some of the most serene and most fun camping retreats. This site also shows some cities that can be stayed at during a camping and glamping vacation. Taking an RV or a road trip to a campsite would make the trip even more memorable. They have a variety of price ranges and tons of cities to tour. Some of the most popular activities in that area are hiking, wineries, and the farmer’s market.

Another COVID-friendly vacation idea is to go up to the mountains. Exploring nature after being cooped up in a house for so many months is the best retreat for any person. In the Northeast part of America, you can enjoy New York’s Catskill mountain region. It is a great place to adventure. Urban Cowboy Lodge has great amenities to enjoy including bonfires, guided hikes, and outdoor and indoor dining. In the Southwest part of America, you can try out cottages and suites in L’Auberge de Sedona or Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain Resort and Spa.

The last vacation idea to mention is to stay in the seaside area of town. Any vacation on the water will be relaxing and fun to swim in the ocean as well. There are different ways to go about this: you can visit the lakeside or the seaside. If you want to visit the lakeside, Central Oregon features wonderful lakes and great views on the seaside as well. Staying at a lakeside lodge surrounded by Deschutes National Forest is like a lakeside escape. Another option is to stay by the seaside in places such as Malibu near Los Angeles. It’s a perfect location for being close enough to fun activities in the city but far enough away from all the hustle and bustle.

Family-Oriented Activities to do During A Vacation

There are several family-oriented activities to do on a vacation during COVID-19. Some safe ideas include vacation rentals, road trips in an RV, or camping under the stars. Other fun activities that kids and parents can both enjoy are sightseeing national parks such as the Grand Canyon or the Great Smoky Mountains. There are socially-distanced resorts that are opening up again. You can visit an island in North Carolina, visit a ranch in Colorado, or stay in guest cottages in Georgia. All of these ideas are socially-distanced and safe, as they have lots of natural space for kids to run around in and have acres to sightsee. Some activities for these resorts include horseback riding, golf, or walking down the beach.

If your family is looking for a typical large resort to visit, there are more places to think about visiting. The Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort & Spa in Texas is a large resort with wonderful amenities. It features more than 18 miles of hiking trails, kayaking on the Colorado river, and more. Another large resort is the Grand Hotel in Mackinac Island, Michigan. They have so many fun things to do including but not limited to biking, swimming, features historical sites, and you can even try out the horse-drawn carriages. For this resort keep in mind no cars are allowed. People tend to get around by biking or walking.


When going on vacation, don’t forget to stock up and bring plenty of hand sanitizer, extra masks, and socially-distance as much as possible. Some other useful COVID tools to bring are Lysol, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, and gloves. When in the vacation areas and attractions, don’t forget to wear your mask as CDC recommends.

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