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Everyone has a role model that inspired them to achieve something as great as their role models. Imagine listening to their words that impart wisdom to us or motivates or gives us better ideas to get better at what we do. A clubhouse app is a social networking app where we get to hear the conversations made by a person. A person can be a social influencer, celebrity, scientist or sportsperson. One can find people who hold the same interest and share their point of view and ideas through voice. One is interested in playing the guitar, and he can join the group where a celebrity guitarist is talking. There are so many in that group who have the same interest as him. In that way, he can connect with people of similar tastes and share ideas. 

The clubhouse was launched in March 2020 and earned around 1 million users by the end of 2020. The clubhouse is available only for iPhone users, as decided by Elon Musk to avoid too much crowd in the app. It involves so many celebrities talking in it. Soon they are planning to launch an Android version so that everybody in the world can use it. (SOURCE:  revealed that the clubhouse app has a massive revenue of 8.1 million dollars as of February 2021 

Let us discuss some of the benefits of clubhouse like app development.

 What makes the clubhouse clone the best choice to invest in?

There are many benefits to using a clubhouse clone app for those who are running a business. It helps them gain potential clients if appropriately used, and it allows them to follow the speech of those who excel in their field. Let us take a look at the benefits of using the clubhouse clone script.

Update userprofile

The clubhouse app lets users update their profile like Facebook and Instagram. It lets them add all the valuable information about themselves and create a shape. Unlike Facebook and other social media platforms, one cannot post any pictures or videos. Just a profile picture is uploaded. It will be helpful if you put a clear and precise description with keywords about yourself and what you do to be visible when searched.

 Join groups

Users can search for people who interest themand request to join their room and listen to them speaking. This act will be instrumental to learn more and expand their knowledge. It serves as a place for market research. They can listen to what the host of the group is talking about, and there is a raise hand button which they can use to interrupt their conversation and raise a question. If the speaker accepts their request, then they are allowed to talk.

Create a group

The person can also host a group to share their own opinions and ideas about their field. It is a great way to attract possible clients and business partners inside. It is required to have a strong profile. Creating your town group has its advantages. Users get to choose what kind of topic you want to talk about for the day, and you can observe like-minded people joining the group talks. 

Own a club

Creating a club will help you get better reach among the users. Anyone can create a group under your club’s roof, allowing others to notice your activities. When you become the club owner, you can let your followers make a meeting under your club. In that way more and more people visit your club and get to know about your nature of work and everything.

 How does a clubhouse clone script work? 

  •  One can access the clubhouse only when they have an invite. Every user is provided with the invite. You need an invite to sign up for the first time you enter the clubhouse. You can ask a friend to give you an invite. One can also buy the invite from eBay.
  •  Once the invite is obtained, you have to sign up using your phone number and then start creating your profile. The profile should have a clear description of what you do using proper keywords to be visible to people when the keyword is entered and searched.
  • You can form a room and specify what topic you will talk about in the title, and then you can start talking to the phone. There is no need for mics or anything. You can also listen to others speaking by requesting them to add you to your room.
  • You can raise a question and interrupt the speaker when you are in another’s room using a ‘raise hand’ button. If the speaker accepts a request, then you get access to talk in between.


Let us quickly discuss some of the advantages of the clubhouse clone app. 

No content creation

Unlike other social media platforms, there is no need for posting a video or pictures to create contents to make you seem active on that page. One has to update their profile and listen or speak in rooms. 

No personal messages

Clubhouse app does not have personal messaging, which significantly avoids unwanted misleading conversation with strangers. 

Getting more followers at the official site

Since the clubhouse app does not feature messaging, it triggers people to follow us on other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., enhancing the popularity of social media networks. 

Expanding network

It helps to build a network of peers who belong to the same field. This is gained by joining in rooms where people can explore among the people in the room and connect with them.

Summing up

The clubhouse has gained its popularity among ios users and now the founders are planning to release an android version as well, as the company is receiving large amounts of funds from many investors. Many developing companies have stepped into building a clubhouse replica which replicates the functionalities and features of the original clubhouse app. So it is a good time to invest in cloning clubhouse-like apps and the reach will be more especially if one could give an android version of this app.

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