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An Inside look on the VIP Desert Safari in Dubai (2020)

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

An Inside look on the VIP Desert Safari in Dubai (2020)

If you are an adventure lover and wish to indulge yourself in the most adventurous activities, then you can surely opt for a VIP desert safari Dubai. Along with seeing the amazing artificial islands and other attractions of Dubai.

You can also explore the sand dunes and camel riding on the smooth sand. You will not only get a thrill but will also enjoy the beauty of nature.

what are the things to do in the desert for Dubai for adventure lovers?

Al Hajar Mountains is just at a stone’s throw distance from Dubai and you can opt for a comfortable and intimate VIP resort here which will allow you to explore the beauty of nature and take a ride on a camel.

The best time to visit this place during the Sharjah to Dubai travel is between the month of May and September when the temperature is moderate. Also, the Al Hajar Mountains offers some very good camel safaris in the Rocky Mountains, which give you an opportunity to enjoy a true desert safari.

Desert safari in the UAE

Another exotic VIP desert safari in the UAE, also amongst the best deserts in the world is Al Hajar Mountains. The best time to visit this place is between May and September when the weather is moderate.

There are four camel riding tours in the Al Hajar Mountains, which take you around the terrain at a comfortable speed so that you do not have to carry your bag or carry anything. There are many villages here which provide accommodation and food facilities to tourists. The hospitable people will even help you with all your travelling needs.

Camel Ride

If you are a fan of the camel ride then the desert safari in the UAE is the right place for you. A four-day Dubai camel ride will be an unforgettable experience in the eyes of all. You can take a camel ride on the Al Hajar Mountains on the camels and feast your eyes on the sheer beauty of the mountains. There are different tour packages offered by different companies. You can take a customized trip and visit all the interesting places in the UAE.

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If you wish to have a close encounter with the wild animals and birds of the Arabian Desert then you should participate in the Desert Safari in Dubai. This activity is not only about desert safari but it also includes horse riding, bird watching and a lot of other activities that are sure to amaze your trip. You can have soft drinks at the bar if you want to spend a quiet time with your partner on the beach.

Evening desert safari Dubai

The evening desert safari Dubai is another of the amazing activities that you should not miss out on. You will get the chance to spend a lot of time sitting on the deck of the barge and basking in the sun while you enjoy the night view of the city lights.

You will also have the chance to do a little bit of sandblasting along with enjoying an alcoholic dinner. An evening desert safari to the extent that you can really enjoy yourself and forget about all your daily stresses will really push your adrenaline levels sky-high, which is why this is considered to be the most exciting of all the Dubai hotel packages.

So, what are you waiting for?

Take off packing your bags and look forward to a fantastic adventure of a lifetime Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours! A VIP desert safari Dubai is certainly one way to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd. If you are an avid explorer and love exploring uncharted territories, a VIP Safari in Dubai might just be your ticket to seeing the uncharted side of Dubai. A VIP camel ride on a dune, a beachside relax at a resort swimming pool and a chance to explore a city all under one roof – what more could you ask for?

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