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Adventure Activities to Enjoy on Your Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

Morning Desert Safari

Adventure Activities to Enjoy on Your Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

The best time to take your desert safari is in the spring or the early morning when the heat is off. And no matter where you are in the world, there are tours of desert destinations that you can choose from.

A popular tour of desert destinations is the “Green Village Tour” of Abu Dhabi, which includes a trip to the Sharjah National Park Dune Bashing. Here, you can enjoy dune bashing, sand boarding and caravanning. Then head back to Sharjah for the day-end tour of the southern coast. On the return journey, enjoy dinner in the Green Village before taking a camel safari to the tip of UAE.

You can combine your desert safari tour with overnight safaris to places in the Middle East such as Jerusalem, Egypt and the Dead Sea. The Green Village Tour and the overnight safaris are both excellent opportunities for first-time travellers to experience the local culture.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

A morning desert safari with the quad bike is one of the best opportunities to marvel at the natural beauty of the desert. It offers a unique Arabian experience that lets you better enjoy the unspoilt beauty of this Middle East. You can find a safari that suits all groups sizes and interests, from large groups to single travellers.

Both tours provide visitors with an insight into the culture and heritage of these areas. As well as a chance to see the sights and sounds of these countries, overnight safaris allow you to climb the many peaks in Egypt and visit the Dead Sea with a Bedouin tent in tow. This will offer you a rare chance to see sea life.

A four-hour desert safari is another great way to spend a day on holiday to experience a bit of nature and take in the local culture. You can begin your journey at any one of several travel operators in the region. From there you can take a short drive over to the Sharjah National Park Dune Bashing or take a four-hour camel ride. If the long drive is not for you, the desert safari makes for a great way to spend the afternoon.

For those keen travellers, a Dubai tour can be made more luxurious by including in the TripAdvisor traveller rating process a trip to the al karma camp. Built on the site of an ancient Arab fort, it is believed to date back to the 15th century.

Take a trip on a camel from the best desert safari tour operators to the camp and enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the many attractions, such as the al karma camp, the shallow wells and springs, as well as the beautiful oases. For a great lunch, try the food served at one of several restaurants dotting the camp.

For a more indescribable safari experience, Dubai wildlife safari may be the perfect way to end a Dubai tour. The city is home to some of Africa’s most diverse wildlife, and visitors are recommended to dress adequately for the environment as there are no safaris that are suitable for everyone. Dubai wildlife safari can be a great way to gain some much-needed company or to learn about the different species of animals that dwell in the desert.

A Dubai morning or evening desert safari is a must-do for all travellers, for the adventure of a lifetime and the chance to view some of the earth’s most stunning scenery. For those on a budget, the desert safari is a great way to see the region without breaking the bank.


Activities on a Dubai safari include trekking, jeep safaris, camel safaris, camping in the desert, and visiting some of the world’s most popular tourist attractions. Dubai is also home to a number of family-friendly activities and entertainment programs, including dolphin watching, theatre tours, and visits to the world’s largest indoor aquarium.

During the day, deserts can seem stark and uncharted, but with the help of professional drivers, the desert is transformed into a journey through lush nature. Professional drivers make sure that visitors get to witness the true colours of the sands, along with all the sunsets and sunrise in the area.

The Morning Desert Safari, which runs from May to October, offers guided driving tours through the Sharjah bazaar, camel safaris, and sunrise and sunset camel safaris. Other Dubai adventure activities include the Desert Safari, the Dubai Fussball Festival, the Dubai Festival Shopping Festival, and the Desert Mega Games.

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