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App Development

Top 5 App Ideas Using React Native Technology For Your Startups


As in the pandemic, the digital world has seen an uprising due to cashless transactions. Everything from Business to school has been transformed into virtual/digital mode, which is easily accessible to all present anywhere in the world. If you are thinking of transforming your business into a digital world, you are simply making the right choice at the right time as it will be more feasible. When you are willing to kick start any business from scratch, creating hype by opting for numerous marketing strategies is significant.

Your business will get more hype in a shorter span of time if you make an app. Whether a web app or mobile app, an app plays a crucial role in promoting your business by creating a digital presence.  

Mobile apps create more hype in one’s business than web applications because they are more portable and accessible to people due to their excellent features. Having a unique mobile app plays a prominent role in promoting one’s business.

If you wish to develop a Mobile app as a startup, You can prefer React Native Technology as it is more accessible and the best platform to create mobile apps.

In this post, we are going to discuss Top 5 good React Native apps for your startups. So Let’s Dig up in the blog to know more!

Why React Native apps

You can prefer to have reacted Native apps for your company. However, it is best to build a mobile application, as it is the best hybrid mobile application development technology. It is a platform on which developers do not have to separate coding for different platforms such as iOS or Android.

You can prefer to hire React Native Developers or contact a react native development company to build a React Native App for your startup business. That’s Why Top companies like Facebook, Instagram Use React Native to develop their Apps.

Plus points of React Native Apps

  • Cost-Effective: This is the more prominent plus point of React Native because it is a single cross-platform for making a single app applicable for both iOS and Android, making it a more economical option for an entrepreneur. According to a survey, React Native saves app development expanse by 40-50%.
  • Time-Saving: Native React App does not require much time as you only have to develop a single app for both iOS, which saves a lot of time.
  • Having Massive community Support: React Native has enormous community support; the developer can take help from this community in case of any trouble.
  • Readily Available Service: React Native is not the newest technology. It has created hype in the market since the past year. You can hire a freelancer for developing a react Native app or approach a  react native development company for it. You can go according to the trend if You wish to develop a React Native App.

Top 5 Native React apps ideas that are good to go for a startup

1 Music App

In Today’s Time, Music Apps are the most prominent mobile Application. You can think about investing in a music app when you are just beginning your business.

You can quickly Develop your Music App Using React Native Technology because Dynamic UI in React Native helps develop various music App features.

Various Aspects of Music App

 Different themes like Dark and light are preferable.

stream music or radio at any Time

custom playlist within the app

share a playlist with your friends with the help of Social Media handles.

2  Dating App

Dating Apps have completely transformed the process of Dating. You can alsosurv invest in developing a dating app. You quickly develop a Dating app using a react native, as it integrates social networks. It is the best choice for creating a dating app.

Various Aspects of Dating App

Google / Facebook Add up the sign-up / Sign in plugin into the App.

By using Fire store, You can also add up the chat application

Maps can be used to manage the locations.

3  Ecommerce App

In the recent past year, Ecommerce apps have become the most popular app. Most people prefer online shopping in recent times owing to the pandemic. You can also think about building an E-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. When you are just to kick start your business.

A developer can develop an effective e-commerce app using React Native Technology because of its enormous features.

Various Aspect of an Ecommerce App

integrate Payment Gateway LIKE Paytm, Gpay etc.

create user management by firebase.

the details and the categories of various products.

AR/VR to the E-commerce App

provide after shopping support.

Tabs and Menus are accessible to do screen navigation easily.

4 Personal Productivity App

Personal Productivity is a major concern during this lethargic lifestyle. By using React Native, you can easily work upon various features of it, such as alarms and reminders.

 Various Aspects of a Personal Productivity Apps

Personal tracker for tracking your daily activities.

Various Reminders for personal care

 Timer for running

 Alarms for waking up Early

5  Recipe App

Since the recent lockdown, most people are engaging in cooking activities; investing in a recipe App can be your startup’s best innovative choice. Many People can easily connect themselves to it. Using React Native, You can easily include various features into the Recipe app.

Various Aspects of Recipes App

Search functionality for ease of a user to search multiple recipes.

add the feature of categorization.

the screen of different recipes, which contain the ingredients and the procedure.

the feature of embedding recipe videos from various social media platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

A Word From Us

In Our Write up, We have discussed 5 React Native Apps for your business startup. We hope you are clear about that and get an amazing app idea while starting your new business. If this post enlightens your ideas about building React Native Apps for your startup, then share this post with your friends and others to enlighten their ideas also. For any queries, you can comment below, and we will try reaching you with the best possible solutions.

We Know that react Native App development is a bit of a complex task. For this task, You can contact a reliable react native development company that prioritises your work and provides excellent services. So in case, you require a  react native development service.  You can drop your requirement at


Milan Soni is the CEO and co-founder of the wedowebapps- is a leading e-commerce website and mobile app development company, which give the best services. He loves blogging as a hobby and he likes to write on mobile innovations, startup, business and application improvement.

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