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A Comprehensive Guide For Sea Freight

Guide For Sea Freight

What Is Sea Freight?

Sea freight is the mode of transporting huge volumes and quantities of goods through cargo ships. These goods are stuffed into containers and these containers are then put onto a vessel and sent to a different country. Generally, cargo vessels carry around 18000 containers, more commonly known as TEU. Forwarding your products through the sea is one of the most affordable methods to transport high quantities. A normal cargo ship carries 18000 containers and there’s a huge room of space available on a sea freight vessel. This space is relatively cost-effective compared to other modes of transport.

Who Needs Sea Freight?

Sea freight Forwarders are usually hired by people who import products from China or other places in the world. For all the companies that import bulk goods from abroad, the option of sea freight is the cheapest shipping method for them. Therefore, if you have a huge volume of products to send or receive a lot of goods, know that sea freight can be the most affordable option for you.

The Time It Takes To Ship Through Sea

If you’re considering sea shipments, you’ll have to take into account a plethora of factors. First and foremost, the time spent on water and the duration shipments need to reach from one place to another are two different things. This is because of the process of the unique process of sea freight. The goods you’re sending or importing will have to go through stringent checks before they get on the Bessel or when they leave the vessel.

Moreover, the location of your goods has a huge impact on the time sea freight will take. Put simply, some places are just farther away from others.

Usually, it takes around a week at each end of the process apart from the time on the water. For instance, if you’re bringing stuff from China, the time on water might take 30 days, but you’ll also have to add two weeks on these 30 days for custom clearance in both countries.

Sadly, there is always a high chance of delays that prolongs the shipment time. There may be ways to avoid such delays in sea freight shipping. Mostly, these delays occur when the importing company does not have the mandatory documents or when their goods are stopped at customs. Therefore, if you want to get rid of such issues, it’s better to be well-prepared for everything. Also, if you’re looking for the best logistics companies in Pakistan, get in touch with Bismillah logistics to get all your ducks in a row and we will help you with all your documentation.

Sea Freight Vs. Air Freight Vs. Couriers

For importing goods, you’ll have multiple options to choose from. Usually, these three options are chosen by companies:


courier services are the run-of-the-mill mode for transportation. Most companies use them since their processes are fairly easy and everyone is familiar with the best courier companies. Also, for small shipments, couriers are the best option.

Air Freight

When you load your goods on a plane rather than a vessel, you’re going for an air freight forwarder. If you need to send or bring in larger quantities, this mode of transport is suitable. However, for very large quantities, air freight can be too expensive.

Sea Freight

this is when your goods are put on vessels. Bulk shipments and huge volumes of goods are transported through sea freight companies.

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