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Embed Facebook Feed On Website : Smartest Way To Win Customers

Marketers have discovered an amazing strategy to boost their business and strengthen their social media presence. They achieve these feats by embedding the Facebook feed into their website. You must be wondering what is ‘Facebook feed’? And why should you embed Facebook feed on your website? Don’t worry; we have answers to all of your questions. So let us jump into it.

Facebook is a social media giant. Since its launch, it has achieved new heights and has surfaced as the king of social media. Even the numbers tell the same story. Facebook has over 1.84 billion daily users, and it covers 59.0 percent of social media users; this is the most by any social media platform.

One cannot deny that Facebook is the most influential social media platform that helps people and businesses to reach beyond local boundaries. Facebook is a beneficial platform for businesses. It helps them to get more reach and increase their customer base. 

Such numbers and a huge user base attracts marketers, and they look out for strategies that include Facebook, so their business can grow and achieve new heights. Embed Facebook feed on your website is currently the most popular and smart strategy that helps businesses achieve tremendous results.

But let’s start from the basics; first, we need to understand what Facebook feed is.

What is Facebook Feed?

The content that is visible on your screen after you log in to your Facebook account is Facebook feed. Facebook is very a unique social media platform that provides a dynamic and wide variety of content.

People can share their opinions on Facebook using blogs, written material, sharing images and videos. Facebook has a huge user base and unlimited content. 

Many tools are readily available in the market that helps you to collect the Facebook feed and embed it into your website. As Facebook provides such a wide variety of content, embedding them on the website is an effective way to get more brand recognition and increase the customer base for your business.

Best Tools To Embed Facebook Feed On Shopify Website:


Tagembed is undoubtedly one of the most popular and highly efficient tools to embed Facebook feed on the Shopify website. Using Tagembed you can easily customize the feed at your convenience. Apart from adjusting the width and height of the feed, you can also select from a variety of layouts, themes, colors, fonts, and various other branding options.

It enables you to select your connection type (source) on Facebook from where you wish to embed the feed. Using the moderation panel, you can monitor the content and remove any unwanted content as per your convenience with the profanity filter and maintain the highest quality of content.

Monitoring the Feed is crucial and mandatory. Hence, Tagembed offers the option of insightful analytics using which you can keep track of total impressions, number of views, clicks, etc.

Tagembed surely makes the feed much more attractive and appealing and drastically increases the user’s time on the Shopify website.


Flockler is a social media aggregation platform and a social wall-building tool that effectively fetches content from Facebook and embeds it on the Shopify Website.

Using Flockler, the content uploaded on Facebook automatically gets updated on the website. Flockler is a responsive tool that offers customization options to choose from and you can select your preferenced layout from various options available.


Another efficient tool to add a Facebook feed on the website is Embed Social. It is too a highly responsive tool that fetches content from various other social media platforms apart from Facebook and embeds it on the Shopify website.

Using embed social you can embed various content from Facebook including photos, videos, live videos, etc.

Amazing Features of Embed Facebook Feed On Your Website:

Embedding Facebook feed on your website provides some attractive features; let’s look at some highlighted features.

  • Customization – You can customize your feed using different features provided by the social media aggregator tools. You can choose from different layouts, change font sizes, font styles, backgrounds, and colours of your feed; you can bring out your artistic side and make your feed attractive.
  • It is coding-free – Embedding Facebook feed on your website is an easy task. The tools are easy to install and have a user-friendly interface. You don’t need to have coding experience and knowledge to use the tools that embed Facebook feed on your website.
  • Moderation – Facebook is a gold – mine of content and hence there is a chance that content has many variations, and often there will be spam. You can moderate the content displayed on the website, and you can filter out all unwanted content.
  • It provides vibrancy to your website.

Unique Reasons To Embed Facebook Feed On Your Website:

Right here unique ideas and reasons to easily embed a Facebook feed for your website without any coding. Let’s look at some highlighted amazing ideas.

1. Makes your website engaging

People’s attention span has decreased over time. They move on from the things if they are dull, flat, and not engaging enough. In this digital world, websites are the face of business, a customer would spend time on the website only if he finds something interesting.

By embedding the Facebook feed on your website, you attract the customers’ attention. The regular feed and real-time updates keep customers engaged with the website. He can scroll through the unlimited content provided by the feed and get a brief about the product and the business. The feed helps you to create an engaging website and spark interest in the mind of the customer.

2. Increases website traffic 

Website traffic plays a vital role in helping businesses to get more recognition and increase their brand awareness. As mentioned earlier, the Facebook feed on the website makes your website interesting and attracts the visitor’s attention.

And as visitors spend more time on the website, it increases website traffic and helps the brand get a better rank on the search engines. As the rank on search engines gets better, it helps your brand attract more visitors and attain more recognition. 

Facebook feed also helps to reduce the bounce rate; bounce rate refers to when a visitor leaves the website by visiting just a single page. Increasing bounce rate affects the search engines ranking and degrades the position. So it is important to have a lower bounce rate, and Facebook feed on the website helps to attain the same. 

3. Boosts user-generated content

Facebook provides a wide variety of content created by users. The tools pick the content related to your business and showcase them on the website. Customers often feel valued when brands display their content on their website, motivating them to create more content to get a regular feature on the website. 

UGC is an amazing way to increase visibility on social media platforms and helps them to attain more customers.

4. Provides social proof

Rational customers always research the products and read all the reviews about the product and business before making any purchase. Facebook feed helps you to provide social proof to the customers about your product and business. 

It provides an ease to the customers to know about the products and about your business as past customers share their experience. A visitor gets all the information without exiting the website window. Displaying reviews and social media posts also increases your brand’s reputation.

5. Facebook feed is cost-effective

Facebook provides great help to business, and hence it comes up with the idea of Facebook Ads that promote the business. But it has its demerit as it was a little costly, and most of the small scale and medium scale businesses could not afford this. 

And hence, the Facebook feed comes to the rescue, it is not only effective but costs ways less than Facebook Ads. It is an effective and economical way to grow your business and strengthen your social media presence.

6. Build brand and user relationship

When you display the content from the users on your website, it shows that you care about your customers and make a note of their opinions. It increases brand reputation and helps develop a strong relationship between a business and its customers.

7. Drives conversions

The Facebook feed provides great conversion chances. When a visitor visits your website, and through the feed, it helps to spark an interest in his mind. Hence, you have a chance to convert your visitors into customers. 

And as mentioned, the feed helps build a strong relationship by valuing your customers; hence you have a chance to change to convert your customer to a loyal customer.


Facebook Feed is an amazing strategy that has helped many businesses to reach new heights. Your business can be the next game-changer and can attain new heights. Just go ahead and use these tools and take your business to the next level. 

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