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A complete guide to learn about the squash equipment

A complete guide to learn about the squash equipment

If you see two players hitting a rubber ball against the wall consecutively, they are playing squash. Squash is an indoor sport that requires maximum physical activity and diligence. Players have to hit the ball consecutively against the wall before it dies on the ground. Players run in the whole of the court from one side to another, hitting that rubber ball with a Squash Equipment racket in a closed room with three horizontal lines on the front wall, one moving on the sidewalls, and lines on the floor too.

Squash tests your speed, stamina, and physical strength, players have to use their legs to run and arms to strike the ball. Like any other game, players have to practice a lot.

This article is about the Sports Gear used in squash.

Following is the list of the essential squash equipment:

  • The Squash Rackets
  • Squash Balls
  • Squash Shoes
  • Googles
  • Clothing
  • Racket Grips
  • Head Band or Hand Bands
  • Water Bottle

Squash Court:

Squash Equipment is an indoor game played in a room of 9.75 meters in length and 6.4 meters in width with 5.64 meters in height. The ceiling is not considered a playing area. The gaming area consists of 4 walls and a maximum playing area in the front wall and a minimum in the back wall. The floor divides into front and back areas with

squash equipment

a complete horizontal line; again, the back area is divided into left and right back areas with an incomplete vertical line. There are two service boxes made on the right and left corners.

The front wall has three horizontal lines: the bottom one, the middle one, and the upper one. If the ball hits the wall below the lower line, it is out. The middle line has importance only during service of Squash Equipment. The upper line also moves to the other two side walls in an inclined fashion. The ball must hit below the line on the side walls.

The back wall contains a mirror with a mirror door used for entering and leaving purposes. The walls and floor must be leveled and smooth.

Squash Rackets:

We need two essential gadgets to play squash; one is a racket while the other is the ball. The racket of Squash Equipment has a small handle with a big head consisting of a mesh of wire. The frame of the racket is solid and heavy to hit the ball hard. Players hold the racket with a reliable grip to hit the ball hard enough and sometimes slow to dodge the opponent. Beginners usually start with a low weight racket, say 100 grams, and soon shift to 150 grams or more to increase the strength of their shot.

Squash Balls:

There are different colored balls used in the squash game depending on the level of the players and matches. The two rubber compounds make the squash ball joined together by glue and then colored. Environmental conditions like temperate, humidity also determines the type of the ball.

Beginners usually use more bouncy balls, while experienced players use less bouncy balls. It is hard to hit the ball before it stops jumping on the ground, requires more fast movement and agility.

There are usually four colored balls, the black ball with two yellow dots, one yellow dot, whited dot, and blue dot used by experienced players, advanced, medium, and juniors.

Following is the table:



Player Type
Double yellow
















Squash Shoes:

While playing squash, players run towards the ball swiftly, hit the ball, stop, and run in the changed direction of the ball. Therefore, players use lightweight athletic shoes with a rubber grip in the sloe that helps them not slip while changing their approach. Also, the rubber sole leaves no mark on the floor. Squash shoes provide complete support to the feet and hold tightly, preventing any injury or harm.


Googles are not compulsory for expert players, but for juniors, they are essential. These eye wears prevent eye injury during the game. Also, players use Googles while playing doubles as there are more chances of accidents during double games.


The uniform recommended for squash is shorts and a shirt, while females wear skirts mostly. This playing uniform helps the players run, turn around and hit the ball comfortably.

Racket Grips:

It is tough to hold the racket without a racket grip. The grip is rubber made, not a towel; it provides a good grip.

Head Band or Hand Bands:

Like other athletic sports, i.e. badminton, tennis, players wear hand bands on the wrist. It helps prevent the pain and wipe the sweat. It might not seem important, but sweat causes itching in the eyes a lot, and this small piece of the towel then provides a sign of relief. Players having long hair use a headband to prevent interrupting during the match. Most female players use headbands to manage their long hair.

Gripping Powder:

Squash players use powder sprinkled on the hands to provide a firm grip. So, this strong grip helps them play strong shots. Also, this powder prevents the racket from slipping from the hands.

Water Bottle:

Players take a water bottle with them that they use during breaks to drink mineral water. Remember, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated. Coaches advise drinking a small quantity of mineral water during each interval.

Squash Accessories Bag:

If you watch a squash match from the beginning, you can see players carrying a bag with them. Squash bag helps manage all of the stuff together; there are multiple compartments in the squash bag, each allotted for a specific gadget.

Some areas, beginners, need to work on:

  1. Beginners need to work on the grip to perform better front and bank hand shots. The first thing players learn is how to hold rackets.
  2. Then, beginners learn the footwork. Moving swiftly and changing direction to run towards the ball helps you build your stamina, speed, and technique.
  3. Work on your stamina.

The beginners must select their equipment with care. The basic materials required are a racket and ball with a good playing court. Players should play under the supervision of a good coach or an experienced player who can guide them. When beginners start playing, they do not take care of basic things like correct grip, proper footwork. Eventually, they end up destroying the basics of the game and ending with improper styles.


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