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A complete guide to cleaning a front load washing machine

Similar to other electronic appliances, washing machines, especially the front load variants, are now commonplace in Indian households. They play a vital role in making one’s life easier by reducing the time and effort required for doing laundry. 

Over the years, washing machines have improved in design and performance, nevertheless, keeping the need for maintenance constant. Even the best washing machine requires regular maintenance checks and cleaning for optimal performance and maximum efficiency. 

Failing to ensure routine maintenance can cause severe damage to ancillary parts of a front loading washing machine which often leads to hefty repair bills. Moreover, sometimes the damages can even be irreparable, and a unit may have to be replaced entirely. Thus, all users must clean and maintain their washing machines from time to time.

The best washing machine maintenance tips

Here are some essential washing machine maintenance tips to keep the front load variants in optimal condition.

  • Keep the lint filter clean

Front load semi-automatic washing machines consist of a lint filter which separates dirt and debris accumulated during a wash cycle. If this filter is not cleaned on a routine basis, it will not be able to remove dirt particles during a laundry, which can end up sticking to the clothes. 

Moreover, it can also hamper the overall performance and reduce the system’s efficiency. Hence, most experts recommend cleaning the filter at least once a month. 

  • Go for deep cleansing

Failing to maintain an electronic appliance for a long time can cause it to malfunction; whereby a washing machine is no different. Users may realise that their clothes are not getting cleaned properly, which often happens due to scaling. 

This issue is prevalent in localities with hard water supply. Even the best washing machine cannot avoid such an accumulation of the residual particles.

So, it’s imperative that users deep cleanse their units to remove residual particles that cause scaling. Nevertheless, it must be done carefully to avoid any damage to the less robust parts of a machine.

  • Keep the rubber gasket clean

A rubber gasket is an essential component which is present in front loading washing machines. It efficiently covers all edges of the washer and dryer, which prevents any damage caused by sharp objects such as zippers. With regular usage, dust particles start to settle down on the edges of a gasket, which can affect its performance. 

Hence, users must clean the rubber gasket with a damp piece of clean cloth at least once in a week to ensure it functions smoothly and facilitates the wash process.

  • Do not close the door immediately

Front load washing machines are known to harbour mould and bacteria which can often emit a foul smell. It often happens because most users close the door of the washing machine immediately after the completion of the wash process. Instead of closing the door, users must keep it open for at least more than 15 minutes. It will prevent the formation of mould and bacteria inside the appliance.

Leaving the door open for some time can also dry the tub naturally. However, users can also choose to wipe the interiors using a thick cloth to make sure that there is no moisture remaining.

  • Choose a detergent that suits the fabric

It is one of the best washing machine tips, which makes sure that the appliance continues to maintain its performance and efficiency. When choosing the detergent, users must ensure that it is suitable for the cloth fabric. If the detergent is too harsh, it can cause damage to both the machine and the clothing washed therein. 

  • Remove rust

It can often be seen that clothes come out of a washing machine with reddish spots. Such damage mainly occurs due to the formation of rust. Users can remove these spots easily by running the machine on hot water along with a few cups of lemon juice. However, in case this advice doesn’t work, users need to get the tub of the washing machine replaced. 

Sometimes rust formation can also take place inside water pipes, and getting rid of it can be a challenge. Usually, in such cases, users require professional assistance.

Most users these days are on a tight schedule and thus finding time to clean a front loading washing machine can be extremely difficult. If you’re in a similar situation, you can opt for a front loader with advanced features such as a self-cleaning cycle which removes mould and bacteria.

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