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9 Online Logo Design Tools To Use In 2021

8 Online Tools to Create Free Logos in 2021

How to create a logo with a Logo Design Tool?

Logo Design Tool has been helping many small businesses and entrepreneurs to get the best logo designs that they can use to brand their business.

This is a question that many people ask themselves when they decide to create their website, and that is why we think that what we will explain below may be interesting.

First of all, tell you that today creating logos if you do not know anything about logo design is possible thanks to the good platforms that exist online and also very accessible since many of these platforms are free logo creators.

Ranking of the best online logo design tool in 2021

  1. Tailor Brands
  2. Create Free Logo Online
  3. Online Logo Maker
  4. Free Logo Design
  5. Logomaster
  6. Logo Maker
  7. Logaster
  8. Free Logo
  9. DesignFier

But before talking about the tools to design your logo, we will give you some tips to create a logo step by step.

6 Tips to make a professional free logo

1- Create a brainstorming

2- Choose a type of logo

3- Define a font

4- Choose well the colors that suit your brand

5- Create several examples of logos

6- Ask for a final opinion from friends, professionals, sector

And finally, decide the option most voted by the audience and that transmits the values ​​of your company and brand.

Now that you know the essential steps to create a logo, let’s take a look at some free logo creators that you can use.

9 Logo Design Tools to Create Free Logos That You Should Try

These are some of the best pages to create logos :

1. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is the world’s first AI-powered branding and logo design platform. It is a platform that helps to create a professional logo in a few minutes and without having any design experience.

Tailor Brands Advantages:

  • Platform with AI technology.
  • It offers design templates for social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) based on your logo and brand.
  • The format in png or eps.
  • Multiple iterations.
  • Various customization options (color, text, or font).
  • Resize for social channels (with 21 versions of resizing adapted to the different dimensions of social media posts).

2. Create Free Online Logo

CLGO is an easy-to-use logo creator that allows you to design your brand logo in 3 easy steps. All we have to do is let the CLGO logo generator know what your brand is. We then select a logo design category and then select and edit the logo online for free.

Advantages of Creating a Free Online Logo:

  • It has thousands of 100% customizable logo templates.
  • Package with 128 logo designs and backgrounds for the most famous social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Various download formats like EPS, PNG, PDF, SVG, JPG.
  • Unlimited downloads.

3. Online Logo Maker

If you want to design logos for free Online Logo Maker is an interesting tool, we just have to sign up and create our logo in less than 10 minutes.

Advantages of Online Logo Maker:

  • Logos creator with a clean and easy interface.
  • Unlimited Downloads.
  • Dozens of fonts to choose from.
  • Thousands of logo templates.
  • Logos for social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

 4. Free Logo Design

Creating logos with Free Logo Design is simple and allows you to create professional-looking logos in minutes. With this platform, we create a 100% free logo, perfect to use on a website and on social networks.

Advantages of Free Logo Design:

  • A 100% free tool.
  • Easy to use and friendly editor (no need for advanced technical skills).
  • High-quality designs.
  • A free and fast logo creator (works with the drag-drop concept).

5. Logomaster

Logomaster is a platform that allows you to create a logo for free and you only pay to download the logo package when you are satisfied with the final result.

Logomaster advantages:

  • More than 100 logo templates.
  • Professional logo pack.
  • Royalty-free logo (you can use your purchased logo for any commercial or non-commercial purpose).

6. Logo Maker

The Logo Maker logo maker is quite an interesting online platform. Their designs are the best you can find on the Internet and highly recommend for their optimal results.

Advantages of Logo Maker :

  • 10,000 icons and unlimited options.
  • It is a fast logo maker, we can create a professional logo in a minute.
  • The downside is that if we want to download the file in high quality we have to pay.

7. Logaster

Logaster is one of the simplest online logo design tools that we can use and allows you to design logos by entering the name and type of business of a brand. Then the program generates different types of logos from which we have to select the one that most represents us.

Logaster Advantages:

  • It allows you to combine different fonts with a lot of icons.
  • More than 120 files in high resolution.
  • It allows you to download a free logo without watermarks in PNG format at no cost.
  • 6 design options that adapt to all types of brand guarantees (websites, social networks, and more).

8. Free Logo

Free Logo is a tool of the most basic but at the same time one of the simplest to create logos online for free. To design our logo we only have to write the name of our brand or business and in a very intuitive way, we can modify the typography and color.

Advantages of Free Logo:

  • 100% free tool.
  • It has a simple tutorial with which in just 5 minutes you will learn how to make a free logo with this program.


DesignFier is one of the best Logo Designer websites online, wherein you can have your logos made by professionals at a very competitive price. 

Or you can use their Free Logo Design Tool that can help you to create outstanding logos for your company.


  • 100% Free Tool 
  • It has many customization options available for you. And you can create a logo for your business real quick.

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