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8 Top Places to Visit in Virginia

Virginia is a beautiful southeastern U.S. state, extending from the Chesapeake Bay to the Appalachian Mountains. Moreover, it is one of the thirteenth colonies, home to significant historical attractions, including Monticello. In addition, the Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg are two the very popular museums from the Colonial and Revolutionary eras. Most importantly, Mount Vernon and Monticello are the homes of the country’s Presidents. It claims to be a part of the Civil War battlefields and the areas where both the Civil War ended.

Get to know about the top places to visit in Virginia through a comprehensive travel guide.

Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive

Shenandoah National Park lies in the center of Virginia and preserves the parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are alluring hiking trails in some of the surrounding attractions. Moreover, Skyline Drive offers breathtaking scenery along the crest and throughout the Parkway. Furthermore, explore the nearby attractions like President Hoover’s and the old Cave Cemetry below Dark Hollow Falls.

In addition, the national parks are widely popular for the autumn colors in October. It will only take a small drive from Skyline Drive on US 211, and you can see the formations of stalagmites. Moreover, make a Delta Airlines booking to the nearest Virginia airport Norfolk International Airport, 20 miles from Virginia Beach.

Jamestown and Yorktown

Colonial National Historical Park features Jamestown and Yorktown; it is the place where the Revolution ended. However, Jamestown is the oldest settlement of British on North American soil, built-in 1607 by Captain John Smith. A museum and exhibition centers focus on England’s colonization, the Powhatans’ unique history and culture, and Jamestown’s first 100 years.

One will also find a re-creation of a Powhatan Village, focusing on modern art and archaeological finds in the area. Moreover, there is a replica of the three ships from England, including Godspeed, Discovery, and Susan Constant. Jamestown Settlement of 1957 celebrates the 350th anniversary of the town’s founding. Moreover, the statue of Pocahontas by William Ordway Patridge was constructed in 1922. On the other hand, the statue of John Smith made by William Couper was built in 1909.

Natural Bridge of Virginia

Natural Bridge of Virginia towers more than 215 feet in height, thus, making it the oldest vacay spot in America. Moreover, the place is also a part of the National Register of Historic Places list. It also became the most remarkable place for European travelers during the 18th and 19th centuries. In addition, the site was first formed by a cave-in of a cavern through which the Cedar Creek flowed. Thomas Jefferson even owned the area to build a log cabin as a retreat for some time. In 2014, Natural Bridges became a state park, thus, allowing people to wander around the Cedar Trail from Cascade Falls.

Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is among a few places in Virginia that recreate a setting for the American Revolution and Williamsburg. Moreover, it is the place where you will find buildings from the 18th century. You can stand where Patrick Henry gave his speech or stroll around the streets where Thomas Jefferson used to roam. Also, enjoy meals where George Washington used to have seafood dinners.

In addition, Williamsburg was the state’s capital from 1705 and throughout the Revolution and final battle. After that, visit the popular folk and decorative arts museums and beautiful colonial gardens.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is famous for its exquisite golden beaches, stretching from east of Norfolk. Moreover, the beach is popular and a crowded resort town, featuring high-end hotels, a long boardwalk, and amusements. Take your kids to the Ocean Breeze Water Park, featuring Caribbean-themed waterslides, a water playground, and a pool. The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Museum is home to the coast’s fauna, an 800-000 gallon aquarium, and a touch tank.

There are more than 9000 acres of coastline which have been protected in the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Moreover, the site features hiking and walking trails and great opportunities for a picnic at the visitor center. The Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum exhibits historical and modern waterfowl decoys.

Arlington National Cemetery

One of the other top places to visit in Virginia is Arlington National Cemetery, spreading across 600 acres. Moreover, most of the famous people are buried in the cemetery. The most-visited graves are of President John F. Kennedy and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The grave of Kennedy is marked by a headstone covered with Cod fieldstone, containing headstone. Additionally, it includes inscriptions of the 1960 inaugural address notched in marble.

The Tomb of the anonymous Soldier is carved of white marble and is protected throughout the day. Moreover, the site features the remains of soldiers from World Wars, the Vietnam war, and the Korean Conflict. After that, explore Iwo Jima Memorial demonstrating the Joseph Rosenthal pictures of five marines.

Monticello and Charlottesville

Monticello is among the great houses in the U.S. and one of the most visited presidential houses. Furthermore, you will see several inventions of Jefferson, including historic gardens. Moreover, it is a Palladian-style mansion that he designed himself and was inspired by a villa outside Italy. He continued to make improvements over 40 years, between 1768 and 1809.

The Monticello Visitors Center features more than 400 items on display and an introductory film. In addition, there is an impressive outdoor exhibit, including Landscape of Slavery: Mulberry Row at Monticello. Furthermore, see Highland, a country house of President James Monroe, lying not far from Monticello.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts exhibits more than 22,000 works, focusing on ancient and modern art. Moreover, it includes European art after 1990, American art from 1950, and an art collection of the 21st century. The Ludwig and Rosy Collection of German Expressionist Art features paintings, woodcuts, lithographs, and etchings. Moreover, a growing collection of art tells a lot about the African American experience. It also includes the works by American and African artists.

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