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8 high trends for room Kitchen Countertops style in 2020

The kitchen countertops are a necessary element of the room. It's wherever all the action takes place. 

Seeing its importance in room interior decoration, it matters what material, end, and style you select for your kitchen countertops. We’ve got a place along with the most well-liked kitchen countertops in VA trends for 2020 that may offer you concepts for your room. However, the granite countertops are the foundation of room interior decoration once doing a room renovation. As you’d expect, these trends focus heavily on color and material selections. Spoiler alert: quartz remains the king of room countertops.

Trend #1. Quartz is here to remain:

Quartz was introduced as a high-end difference to granite. Scrutinize our granite vs. Quartz piece. Granite, a natural rock, has dominated the kitchen countertops scene for years, particularly for householders. Who wishes one thing robust, sturdy, and sensible wanting. However, it’s a downside–it is porous. This suggests that liquids like water, wine, and oils will ooze through the surface, inflicting staining. Even worse, it encourages the breeding of dangerous bacteria that might leave your white marble countertops unhealthful.

Trend #2. Honed vs. Polished:

Since we’ve been experiencing a style movement exploitation of other rough-textured and tactile surfaces, why not contemplate it in countertops too. Honed and animal skin surfaces are the foremost common and may be applied to several different materials, like granite, marble, and quartz. 

Trend #3. Countertops with character – veining and patterns get fashionable:

Homeowner’s area unit seeking an additional touch character in their countertops. Thankfully, technology is there to supply inventive solutions. Today, countertops are available in a large style of patterns compared to the direct sorts of years past. Say adios to the spherical particles of countertops past and hi to realistic veining.

Materials like quartz area units are designed to agree on natural stone slabs, like granite & marble. This involves making veins in attention-grabbing patterns swirled into the kitchen Countertops Leesburg slabs. This other boost to your inventive temperament in your room can wow. Wish one thing even additional realistic; then no want for a sophisticated piece–honed and leather-like finishes have the sturdiness required for the place; however, have a drastically different look within the house.

Trend #4. Sink designs to induce excitement concerning:

The vis obtaining the fashionable treatment, and also, the sinks aren’t being left behind. Last year home homeowners couldn’t get enough integrated sinks.2020 delivers different finishes, sizes, and designs to room sinks, and we’re super excited about it. This year we’re seeing matte black sinks and sink fixtures additionally as gold and brass colors take over. These finishes stray off from your typical silver metal sinks. These also are fashionable regulator color selections for 2020 lavatory trends!

Trend #5. Sudden neutral tones and trends:

Preference for soft neutral tones could be a common theme running throughout the house in future interior decoration trends. The intense daring hues of artistic movement and mid-century designs are unit step by step, losing place within the room in favor of additional set back tones.

Instead of a chromatic or coal-black countertop, you’re seemingly searching out soft gray, white, and beige tones in the room. There are additional target light charming individual elements exploiting neutral backgrounds. Thus you may realize a beige (or the new greige – gray + beige) kitchen countertops, with a ceiling-high mosaic pattern backsplash standing out against it.

Trend #6. Stunning backsplash trends:

Backsplashes will be a fun part of the house to brighten as they continually look at new trends and designs. Will all the constant amendments keep up? We tend to area units here to assist, along with your guide to 2020 backsplash trends and designs.

Basic subways tiles area unit out! Okay, perhaps not entirely. However, suppose the householders’ area unit exploited them recently. In that case, they’re using larger ones. Or maybe freckled ones! Folks area unit moving on to more massive slabs of tiles and tiles with numerous textures or patterns. The color selections are unitless here. It merely depends on the opposite colors you select in your room and, after all, personal style.

Trend #7. Selecting property materials:

Wanting to select property materials for the room not solely causes you to feel sensible concerning your choices and reduces your carbon footprint. However, it is also obtaining easier to search out options. You were created from a mixture of seventy-fifth recycled glass and white cement. This product is additionally freed from plastic resins. Recycled glass surface colors vary from neutrals to bold jewel tones. Besides the inexperienced aspects, the fabric is sturdy, a beguiling choice for your kitchen countertops. These surfaces will bring your vision to life elegantly and responsibly.

Trend #8. Concrete demands:

During a quartz world, the beautiful concrete styles get into a brand new territory, however meeting the continuing demand for a refined urban aesthetic that lends itself to industrial style. Instantly recognizable, albeit texture, colors, and patterns will vary quite unambiguously from a cloud-like coat to multi-layer monochromatic tonal variations, or dots of different colors supplying you with the sensation that you are just an area unit observing a block of art.


The kitchen countertops have continually been an enormous part of room interior decoration. We’ve got going from vogue to vogue through the generations as householders obtain the proper hunt for their main cookery house. In nowadays, the selection is the theme of the day. Householders have a virtually endless choice of materials, styles, sizes, and finishes to settle on.

For now, set back countertops appear to be winning. The fashionable room can feature neutral colored countertops with skinny “delicate” slabs and sleek integrated sinks

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