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4 Reasons Wooden Chopping Boards Are Superior to Plastic

Whether you’re making a spicy stir fry, an indulgent lasagna or a healthy salad, the first thing out on your counter top is probably the chopping board. A chopping board is designed to hold the ingredient in place while you cut it. It’s as important as the knife you hold. Just as a good knife makes cooking enjoyable, so does the right chopping board. The market if flooded with chopping boards of different sizes and shapes but if you’re looking for the best, always choose wooden chopping boards. Here are a few reason why these are better than their plastic counterparts.

They’re more sanitary

Wood gets a bad name because we assume that since it is porous, germs and bacteria stay on the board. However, studies have shown that wooden chopping boards contain much lower levels of salmonella as compared to plastic chopping boards. This is because in the case of wood, the bacteria sinks into the wood and eventually dies out. But, in the case of plastic, the bacteria stays in the grooves made while chopping and multiply on the board. No matter what you do, it is extremely difficult to clean the scars on a plastic chopping board.

Your food won’t contain any micro-plastics

Plastic is soft and hence when you chop vegetables, you end up cutting though the plastic. These cuts are referred to as scars. Every time your knife cuts through the plastic, it loosens fibers. These fibers mix with whatever is being chopping and end up on your plate. On the other hand, even if your knife does scratch through the wood surface, wood fibers are not harmful like plastic.

They’re good or your knives

Though you may not realize it, the way a knife’s edge hits the chopping board influences its sharpness. Wood is soft and absorbs the impact of the chopping motion. Thus, the knife’s edge does not face too much resistance and the blade stays sharp. This is important because a dull blade is often the cause of kitchen accidents. You should also note that wooden chopping boards are substantially heavy and will not move around on the countertop.

They look good

Lastly, wooden chopping boards look great in the kitchen no matter how old they are. They lend an organic appeal to your kitchen décor. The only care it needs is to be wiped dry after every use. After a few years in use, you can easily make your chopping board look new again by sanding the surface and polishing it with beeswax. You can also rub it with mineral oil to protect it from moisture.

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, another reason to choose wood over plastic is for its sustainable and bio degradable nature. Some of the best wooden chopping boards are made from hard woods like teak, neem and mangowood. They’re available in many different sizes to match your kitchen’s needs. Ideally buy two chopping boards – one for your fruits and vegetables and one for your meats.

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