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7 Social Media Marketing Tips for Home Builders, Remodelers, and Contractors

As more businesses are using social media to their advantage, it’s time for home builders, contractors, and remodelers to build and grow their brand online. Read this blog to learn the social media basics for home improvement companies.

Homebuilding and remodeling are among the most lucrative businesses today. Imagine how much this industry could grow if they used social media as a marketing tool! Sadly, most home building and improvement companies are unaware of the power that social media holds, which leads to lots of missed opportunities.

Social media basics are pretty much the same for home builders, remodelers, and contractors. Why? Because all three industries are visual, you can apply the same strategies, platforms, and tactics to drive business growth.

Whether you are a new home contractor or a seasoned home builder who’s new to the digital world, it’s okay to start small—just make sure to start now! If done right, social media marketing for home builders can help improve Google search rankings, increase brand awareness, and boost lead conversions.

Wondering how to get started?

Let’s break it down.

7 simple yet effective ways to use social media as a home builder

1. Filter your target audience.

As a busy home builder, you have limited time to post content and a very specific audience to reach. How will you ensure the marketing efforts you make reach your potential clients? Be sure to check out Carlisle Homes for more information about house and land packages in Melbourne eastern suburbs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of which age ranges use different platforms:

  • Teenagers – Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Soon-to-be-wives, moms, homeowners – Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Young parents and grandparents – Facebook.
  • Business types and leaders – LinkedIn.
  • Influencers and bloggers – Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Once you know who your target audience is, build your marketing strategy around them for maximum reach.

2. Choose your social media platforms wisely.

The reason why more and more businesses are using social media is – it works!

Most businesses focus on Facebook when it comes to social media, but people shouldn’t stop there! As a home builder or contractor, your main focus should be where the majority of your target audience is.

There are plenty of platforms to post on, including Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Set a goal to create an account on each and keep your brand identity consistent across all networks. Start with the most popular platforms, publish regular posts related to your industry, and then gradually expand on other platforms as you gain more time and resources.

These platforms are great for home building and construction companies since after Facebook acquired Instagram, both platforms have been working together for seamless integration. This implies you can target your audience and convert leads on both social networks at the same time!

3. Offer value in exchange for contact info.

Lead magnets are an effective marketing tool that includes giving people irresistible freebies (both physical and digital) in exchange for their contact information. Companies can offer free trials or samples of a product or service, free consultations, and e-newsletters that can be obtained once a potential customer inputs their contact information. This is how leads are created.

You want to show how your products or services can make a difference. Rather than forcing your potential customers to choose your business, lure them to you by proving to them that you have a standout product or service.

Once you get their contact information, you’ll have an invaluable list of emails and phone numbers of people interested in your services. All you need to do now is reach out to them with special offers to close the deal.

Most home builders, remodelers, and contractors can simply post images of new houses or work on Facebook with before and after photos to expand their local market. Post templates for before and after images on an automated social media platform make it easier for construction businesses to post their photos for their audience to see.

4. Host giveaways or special events.

Consider hosting giveaways and contests as a means of keeping your audience engaged and driving more conversions. You don’t have to offer a new home for free, but a free home evaluation, home decor tips, or site visit won’t hurt your wallet!

If you are a home contractor, you can even partner with local businesses to give away home-related gifts. You could organize a contest or giveaway where the lucky winners or participants will get a new set of bedsheets, luxury towels, quilts, and more.

Host the giveaway on all of your social media pages, making sure to include the link to the giveaway page on your website. You can even upload a story or highlight on Facebook and Instagram to draw more attention. This will increase the chances that people on your social networks will follow you to hear about it, participate, and find out the winners.

5. Use hashtags carefully!

As much as they are beneficial, hashtags are a delicate marketing tactic. They allow people to find you through relevant keywords, and social media users love them. Nevertheless, you don’t want to overload your posts with too many hashtags. Add a few relevant hashtags for better reach, or even create brand-specific hashtags to promote your home building or remodeling business.

Here are a few hashtag ideas for home builders, contractors, and remodelers:

#HomeBuilders #Contractors #HomeRenovation #HomeRemodelers #Builders #HomeContractors #HomeRemodelingCost #ContractorsNearMe #CustomHomeBuilders

6. Create a well-thought-out pipeline of content.

Content is the key to engage your audience and sell your products and services. Brainstorm ways to repurpose the content you already have to create fresh, quality content. If you have any press coverage or recent awards you’ve earned, why not share them on your social accounts?

Ask your photographer to take before and after pictures of a home remodeling venture you performed and publish a post about it. Take shots of the land before starting the home building process and show your audience the masterpiece you have created. Think outside the box and share posts that connect with your potential and existing clients. Try to address their problems, interests, or concerns that are relevant to your industry. You can also keep your content pipeline diverse by offering tips, how-tos, and facts.

7:- Video marketing is the new trend.

Did you know 93% of home builders agree that they use social media for marketing, while 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool?

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you can only imagine how much a video can tell your audience about your brand story, value, and services.

As a home builder, remodeler, or contractor, you have the golden opportunity to promote your business online through eye-pleasing visuals. Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms to ensure your images and videos get maximum reach. Share content that has high-quality images and videos to let your audience see the homes you build, the remodeling you do, and the quality of service they could expect from you.

People will remember the builder or contractor that is active on social media first when they need similar work done. Ensure your social profiles have enough images and videos to portray your expertise and build credibility.

Here are a few ideas for videos:

  • Shoot videos of open house events.
  • Record a video tour of a property/site you’re working on.
  • Ask your happy clients if they’re comfortable sharing video testimonials to post on your website and social media.
  • Take videos of listings to present your properties creatively.
  • Create a video of behind-the-scenes shots or team introduction.
  • Shoot videos showing the work in progress.

The bottom line

Social media marketing is crucial to compete and grow in today’s digital world. Remember that each social platform has different purposes and reaches specific customers within your target audience. Targeting one of them is a good idea, but optimizing your profile and presence on all major platforms will help increase engagement for your home building, remodeling, or contracting business.

Are you lacking resources and interesting content to share? Let a social media marketing tool such as Practina help you! The intelligent system will create posts customized to your business on all connected social platforms. You can even showcase client stories and reviews to tell people how you helped your clients redesign their living space or build their dream homes! See how Practina can upgrade your home improvement business today.

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