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Sifting the custom retail boxes for the school project

Custom Retail Boxes

Last week Mrs. Minerva asked us to make a list of the different cardboard-based custom retail boxes available at local retails. Mrs. Minerva also asked to note down the market packaging trends of the industry. We were provided access to three retail stores by the school. We had to visit two of these to study custom retail boxes available with them. I decided to visit both of them on the same day and started off my trip with a notebook and a pen in hand. As I entered the mall as an observer of custom retail packaging, everything looked new to me. The first section I visited was that of freshly baked items. I could see that the companies and brands were using food-grade quality packaging for products like; donuts, pastries and cupcakes, etc. Also, these custom boxes enhanced the looks of the products.

Visiting the retail shops

The next shop I went to was a cosmetics store. There was a large number of cosmetic items packaged in cardboard retail boxes. From lotion boxes to perfumes boxes, from hair extension boxes to lipstick boxes, everything seemed to come in cardboard packaging boxes. Some boxes had beautiful gold foiling that was making the boxes even more attractive. other boxes were glossy and some were finished in matte lamination. Some more expensive items were also packaged in rigid boxes. Items like branded perfumes were all lined up in their rigid packaging. the whole store was an eye catching sight and a lot of it had to do with the packaging boxes and how they were  displayed inside the shop.

Next stop was a stationery shop. The color pencils were packaged in cardboard boxes. The crayons had cardboard packaging too but they also had a window cut into them which made the packaging more colorful since the crayons were showing. Other stationery items like notebooks and diaries were also packaged in cardboard boxes along with calculator and staplers. Almost everything in the stationery store was packaged in cardboard boxes.

Custom Retail Packaging for Retailers

The next section at the retail shop was the section was of cereals. There were shelves lined with numerous custom cereal boxes. Almost all of them had a similar framework. The only thing that differentiated one box from the other was its branding theme. Different brands had different mascots. I was a bit confused, so I asked the shop rep about these boxes. He also told me that cereals were mostly targeted at children. Because of this, different characters were used in its branding. He also informed me that the custom cereal boxes for children were kept in the middle or lower shelves so that they are easily spotted by kids.

In Addition, the custom cereal boxes for adults were positioned higher. The branding on these boxes was way different and showed illustrated images of measuring tape etc. Interestingly all sugared items like candies and cereals are placed in retail stores according to the eye-level of the kids.

The next section that mesmerized me was the gifts and jewelry section at the retails. I was awed by the variety of custom retail packaging available. Countless products were placed inside the perfect custom retail packaging boxes to be presented, as it is to a recipient. These astounding custom boxes came in various shapes and dimensions. Each of them had a product placed inside with proper inserts and separators to provide maximum protection. These inserts were made from foam to prevent the products from getting damaged. Almost all these boxes also functioned as custom printed retail packaging for their products. They looked like gems sitting on the shelves of the retail printed in impressive offset technology and the latest effects. Moreover some had additional add-ons attached to them which included, pull-me ribbons, customized stickers, etc.

Custom Packaging for Perfume Boxes

There were countless custom perfume boxes on display, which looked like treasure boxes. In Addition, each perfume box was different than the other depending on its branding and creative theme. While some brands focused on their brand name, other brands focused on giving a distinct shape to their perfume bottles. The main objective of custom perfume packaging is to entice the customers into checking out the sample testers and compel them to make a purchase. These testers are placed in custom display boxes at counters to make them more accessible for the customers. There were many custom display boxes placed near the exit as well, which displayed mini-sizes of different products. The use of these boxes helped to remind the customers about their last-minute purchase and compelling them to make a purchase.

The brands and companies have started using custom retail packaging manufactured from biodegradable stocks to curb the problem of littering and pollution. The retail packaging boxes crafted from this material disintegrate on their own, without harming the planet and life on it. Even custom display boxes can be made from this stock. Biodegradable stocks are extremely sturdy and print-friendly. Custom boxes for packaging can be crafted from these stocks at reduced rates because they require less energy and material for processing.

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