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6 Popular visiting places in Coorg

In the southern part of Karnataka, not far from Bangalore and Mysore, the Kodagu area – often known as Coorg (the English version of the name). The range of Brahmagiri is separated from Kerala. Coorg is a leading destination for nature lovers in Karnataka and wants to enjoy the outdoors with a special appeal. All the popular attractions of these places to visit resorts in Coorg. However as they spread throughout the whole region, you will need your own transport.


Coffee Plantations

Coorg is famous for its coffee plantations, which account for approximately 60% of the coffee production of India. It has also abundant teak, rosewood, and forests of sandalwood. In one of the numerous homes and resorts on coffee estates, the most effective way of experiencing coffee plantations. Join this coffee plantation tour alternatively. You can pass through the plantations and sample fresh coffee and learn about the process of coffee making. It’s awesome!



Two of the greatest cascades of the Coorg region are Abbey Falls and Irupu Falls. They can be best seen immediately after the monsoon, but they have water throughout the year. Abbey Falls is most accessible, situated approximately 15 minutes north of Madikeri. The other way is nearby two hours South of the Nagarhole National Park, Irupu Falls is an hour’s drive from Madikeri. Many prefer Irupu Falls to Abbey Falls, and a scenic drive from Nagarhole to Bangalore can follow. In the peak season, after the monsoon, the area around Irupu Falls is rich in butterflies.


Mountains and Hiking

The region of Coorg is ideal for hiking and has lovely summits and valleys. From Kakkabe to Thadiyandamol, the highest peaking state is one of the most popular routes. Allow for that walk at least five hours. Many people enjoy walking to Irupu’s Falls from Brahmagiri, starting with Virajpet. However, through dense jungle, it is an arduous hike. Walking to Mandalpatti is usually associated with an Abbey Falls visit. It is the most popular walk in the forest of Pushpagiri. Most homestays and resorts in Coorg offer walks and treks. Also, offer Thrillophilia a Mandalpatti one day trek and the Thadiyandamol two-day trip.


Dubare Elephant Camp

Dubare Elephant Camp is a Karnataka government-operated elephant training camp. You can learn all about elephants, ride them, and even scrub them as they bathe in the river. The camp is open every day starting at 9 a.m. At eleven o’clock. And at 16.30 p.m. At 17.30 p.m. The elephants are located in the camp on an island and you must take a boat. Therefore, if you are going to have the bathing try to arrive at 9 a.m. But be aware that this is a government facility so do not expect good infrastructure or a well-organized organization. In addition, Dubare is a training camp, not a rehabilitation center or sanctuary. Those interested in elephants should not visit them, because the elephants are chained and disciplined. You can stay in one of the camp cottages. The camp is situated about a hora east of Madikeri, just off State Highway 91, near Kushalnagar.


Namdroling Nyingmapa Tibetan Monastery and Golden Temple

One of the Buddhist convents of India is home to one of India’s largest Tibetan settlements. Gold is overwhelming in the prayer hall and the temple, just as Buddha’s immense gold statues are overwhelming. This is in Bylakupp, near Kushalnagar. It is in Bylakuppe. Note that visitors require permission to stay in the monastery for a protected zone as the area is limited. Day trips are however permitted. Take your passport or other appropriate ID. For more detailed insight, this guided tour is recommended.


Madikeri Town

Raja’s Seat is the most popular tourist attraction in the city if you like to tour Madikeri. This place in the garden was apparently Kodagu’s favorite. The best thing is that it has a wonderful view of the valley and over Kerala. It offers sunsets and panoramic views. But it’s best to go in the morning if you want peace and peace. In the evenings, people flock to it. The palace and an ancient fort are also available to Madikeri. However, most of the building has been converted into state bureaus. A small section was opened as an unattractive museum. An informational Madikeri walking tour focusing on the city’s heritage is conducted by Gully Tours.

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