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Culture of Rajasthan – The Most Beautiful Culture of India

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful states of India. The culture of Rajasthan here is famous all over the world. The culture of Rajasthan is the contribution of different communities and rulers. Even today, whenever the name of Rajasthan is taken, the Thar desert, camel rides, Ghoomar and Kalbelia dances, and colorful traditional costumes come before our eyes.

This state is known for its civilized nature and courteous hospitality. Whether it is indigenous or foreign, the culture here will fascinate anyone’s mind in a pinch. After all, who would not like to see the Kalbelia dance by lighting a fire in the desert at night.

Those who have experienced the culture of Rajasthan are very lucky. But for those who are unaware of this, we will tell you some interesting things about the simple yet charming culture of this royal city, after knowing that you will not be able to stop yourself to come here.

What comes to your mind when we talk of Rajasthan? Beautiful palace, majestic camel ride? Heroic legends Romantic stories, vibrant culture and fascinating heritage?

Has Rajasthan been reduced to the things mentioned here, you may say yes. Never mind “the land of kings” is much more than that.

Rajasthan, an incredibly beautiful state situated in the North West of India which is a living example of timeless wonder in itself, is a must visit if one is a travel connoisseur. We take full guarantee that he will never be able to forget his journey, so he must visit here once.

The ancient architecture makes Rajasthan even more royal as a marvel which is a living example of the prosperity of Rayal Rajasthan tour . Rajasthan is one of those places in the world which gives a lot to its visitors. Let us have a look at each and every aspect of Rajasthan in detail.

Which language do you hear in Rajasthan?

The main language of the state is Rajasthani, as well as Hindi and English are also widely used here. Along with this, the older generation here, ie the elderly, still use Sindhi language in their dialect.

Rajasthani Apparel

Culture of Rajasthan - The Most Beautiful Culture of India -

When it comes to combining civilization and beauty, nothing can stand in front of Rajasthani clothes. Traditional Rajasthani clothes for women are quite decent, beautiful, and comfortable. The women here wear the traditional ghagra, choli, and odhani (dupatta).

These clothes of women are of bright color, in which the Gota (border) is attached. In front of their elders and front of outsiders, women remove the veil. In this way, she gives respect to that person from herself.

So their men prefer to wear dhoti kurta or kurta pajama. Apart from this, some men also wear a cotton cloth turban with bandhej print on the head. For them, the turban is not just a cap covering the head, but it is respect.

Rajasthani Jewelry

Rajasthani Jewelry

After clothes, now let’s talk about Rajasthani jewelry which is becoming famous not only in Rajasthan but now all over the world. It is not at all that jewelry is worn only by women. In Rajasthan, you will find many such people with a gold chain around their neck, a heavy men’s bangle in their hand, and a gold earring or clove in one ear.

Here women’s jewelry folk are famous. The most famous and most loved jewelry of Rajasthan is the Borla. Borla is a type of maang tika that looks like a lattu. It is one of the traditional ornaments of Rajasthan. Apart from this, women also wear wristbands, armbands, and lac and oyster bracelets. Enjoy every moment of Rajasthan budget tour

Rajasthani Folk Dance

Rajasthani Folk Dance

When it comes to the Rajasthani dance, first of all, the name of Ghoomar comes. Yes, the same Ghoomar dance which was also done in a film. But in reality, Ghoomar dance is very different from this, which most women here can do skillfully. This dance may seem easy to see but it requires a lot of strength in the legs to do it.

Apart from this, the second famous folk dance of Rajasthan is Kalbelia Dance. It is traditionally performed by the Banjarans of Rajasthan. Kalbelia dance cannot be performed by the common people as it also involves performing many dangerous stunts for the entertainment of the people such as dancing standing on nails, lifting blades with eyes, and rolling a plate on one finger.

All these feats require months of practice. Rajasthan is the best place for couples and Rajasthan honeymoon tour will be good choice for newly married… They can enjoy each and every moment…

Traditional Dish of Rajasthan

Traditional Dish of Rajasthan

Everyone is fond of food and if you come to Rajasthan and do not eat the traditional food here, then it will be a matter of great regret. Dal, Bati, and Churma of Rajasthan are famous in every nook and corner of the country. 

Mouthwatering starts at the thought of hot baati dipped in ghee with lentils and hot churma with ghee as sweet. By the way, you will find it in your city too, but surely the same thing will not happen anywhere else.

Famous Festivals of Rajasthan

Famous Festivals of Rajasthan

Festivals are good for every state, every city, and every religion. But some famous festivals of Rajasthan, like –

  • Desert Festival: Desert Festival is held in Jaisalmer where atrangi competitions are organized. Here there is a mustache match between the men and camel games are shown and played. This festival is organized in February.
  • Camel Fair: The Camel Fair held in Bikaner, Rajasthan is held every year in honor of the camel, the ship of the desert. At this fair, camels are decorated like a bride. Apart from this, a race is organized between all the camels. Rajasthani songs are also played in the fair for the entertainment of the people. At the end of the fair, the whole sky is lit up with fireworks. Held in Bikaner, this camel festival pushkar is organized every year in January.
  • Pushkar Fair: The Pushkar Fair is held every year and will see more than three lakh people and about twenty thousand shops full of camels, horses, a variety of handmade items, and many other home decor items. Pushkar Fair is held every year in November in Pushkar.

I hope it will help you to understand about the culture of Rajasthan in deeply way… You can find more posts like this in my profile of website…

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