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6 Must-Have Glassware for Your Mini Home Bar

Most people love to dedicate one corner of their house to varieties of drinks, cocktails, and liquor to entertain their guests when they arrive home. We call this corner our home bar. Along with bar top, booze, hardware, and mixers, you need the right set of glassware to serve yummy drinks in the appropriate glass.

If you want to throw a party and show off your fancy new home bar, you must have some glassware to impress your guests. You can easily get different glasses like beer, Champagne, or wine glasses for sale from online stores.

Let’s discuss some glassware types that should be available in your home bar. 

Champagne Glass

Champagne is the favorite of many. People often take this delicious drink while having their lunch or dinner. A glass of Champagne in your hands always looks classy. However, champagne glasses come in different types and shapes. It is always better to buy at least a set of 4 or 8 glasses. Usually, people prefer Champagne flute over other glasses as it can hold the capacity of 7 to 11 ounces of Champagne.

You can also go for Champagne tulip or Champagne saucer. If you want to serve straight Champagne to your guests with a vintage twist, add a Champagne saucer to your glassware collection. You can easily find champagne glasses for sale online.

Martini Glass

There is no doubt that martini is the most popular drink and one of the must-haves for your home bar to entertain your guests. But you can’t serve the martini drink in any other glass than a martini glass itself. If you are an alcoholic or martini lover, you must be already familiar with these classic martini glasses.

It comes in different styles and sizes to suit every need. Some of these glasses can even hold up to 10 ounces of liquor. However, we will recommend the small size martini glasses for your home bar. Also known as cocktail glasses, these glasses are a great alternative to margarita glasses.

The Highball

As the name suggests, highball glass is used for serving highball cocktails or all ‘tall’ drinks along with mixed drinks. Some of the drinks that you can have in these glasses include Bloody Mary, Gin Highballs, Zombie (fruity cocktail), Vodka, and Whiskey Highballs. Some people also compare the highball glass to the collins on the basis of their similar looks.

But they are not the same, and you can easily discern the difference in their height and capacity to hold liquor. The highball glass is shorter but wider than the collins. Moreover, highball glasses can hold the volume anywhere between 8 to 16 ounces of alcohol.

The Lowball

These lowball glasses have more than one name, including old-fashioned glass and rocks glass. They are short tumblers mainly used for serving neat whiskey with ice cubes (‘on the rocks’). You can use it to serve scotch or brandy on the rocks. You should definitely have these glasses in your home bar if you want to create a great impression in front of your guests with your drink presentation.

Lowball glasses have a thick base and wide brim to allow you to mash non-liquid ingredients of the cocktail before adding the main liquid ingredient. Old-fashioned glasses have the capacity to hold up to 6 to 8 ounces. But they also come as double rocks to hold up to 10 to 12 ounces of liquor.

Beer Glassware

Your mini home bar is incomplete without beer glasses or beer mugs. Beer glassware comes in a variety of styles, including Pint glass, Pilsner glass, Ale glass, and Beer mug. Most people usually prefer beer mugs for serving beer. They have a thick base and vary greatly in size. A regular beer mug can hold up to 10 to 14 ounces of beer.

Pint glasses are tapered glasses with straight sides that can hold 16 ounces, which is equal to a full bottle of beer. To bring down the temperature of your warm beer instantly, you can keep these pint glasses in the freezer. If you want to serve beer in style for more formal events, then Pilsner glass is an ideal choice. With a wider rim, these glasses can hold between 10 and 14 ounces of beer.

Wine Glassware

Just like beer, wine also has its own set of glassware. They are available in many varieties of styles and shapes in the market. However, there are two basic types of wine glasses, namely, a white wine glass and a red wine glass. On comparing these two types, a white wine glass is taller and narrower with a more open rim. In contrast, a red wine glass is smaller and round in shape with a more tapered rim.

Wine glasses can hold up to 8 to 22 ounces of wine. Besides, wine goblets are also quite popular for home bars. These stemless glasses are easier to clean and maintain. So, get wine glasses for sale to adorn the bar tops of your home bar.


So, these are some of the glassware types that you should have in your home bar if you want to receive compliments from your guests. Get these glasses now to show off your home bar in front of your neighbors, friends, and relatives. Investing in this list of glassware is totally worth it. If you have any more suggestions, you can share them with us!


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