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How to Layout a Triple Bunk Bed

A solid, three-tiered triple bunk bed is a great space-saving option. Made of New Zealand pine, this bed has extra-tall guard rails and solid head and footboards. The 2nd and third-level bunks feature independent ladders. Despite its compact design, it still manages to provide adequate space for each child. And, with its space-saving design, it’s also durable and comfortable.

Triathlon bunk bed

The Decathlon triple bunk bed offers a variety of colors and finishes including a white finish. The Decathlon triple bunk bed also comes in chestnut and natural finishes. This triple bunk bed has matching furniture that coordinates with Maxtrix triple bunk beds. The twin over full size bed has ample space underneath for storage or to serve as a study station. There’s also space under the full size bunk bed for extra storage space. For even more storage space, you can install an under-bed storage unit.

The Maxtrix Triathlon triple bunk bed features a sturdy hardwood frame and a twin loft with angled ladder and guard rails for safety. It comes with additional storage space underneath and an optional desk and study desk. This bed offers a space-saving alternative to the traditional tall tri bunk bed. It comes in classic white or a popular natural finish. It also comes with free shipping, which makes it an ideal choice for families with limited budgets.

Shiplap coastal design for six-year-olds

A kids’ coastal bedroom is a great way to create a fun, nautical environment. This room features shiplap walls and built-in bunk bed with slide, along with nautical light fixtures and a surfboard and lifeguard chair. The bright colors will make the room feel like the beach. Kids love coastal decor, and shiplap is a great way to give it a fresh look. Here are some tips for using shiplap in a kids’ room.

Other layouts

If you’re looking for a way to create additional space in a room, you might want to consider a triple bunk bed. These beds are convenient and can double as extra sleeping space. A Murphy-style wall unit can turn the bed into three separate beds and have a trundle drawer for additional storage. The following are some other triple bunk bed layouts that will work well for different sleeping needs. You can even customize the layout of the bed by changing the colors and styles to match your home.

Custom-made triple bunk beds are a great way to use space while providing extra sleeping space. Instead of installing three beds at once, you can set them on different levels so that the top two bunks can be separated by a ladder. You can also choose a bold color and paint the beds to coordinate with your room’s design. Having a custom-made bed is the perfect way to maximize space and create the ultimate bunk bed for your kids!

Safety precautions

There are several safety precautions for your children when using a triple bunk bed. The top bunk should not be used for sleeping as children under the age of six do not yet have the co-ordination to climb the ladder. Also, there should be no other child sleeping on top of the bed, as their weight will cause the mattress’ foundation to break. Lastly, make sure the ladder has a night light to help your children find it easily at night.

You should make sure the base of the triple bunk bed is sturdy and does not wobble. If there are lights, ceiling fans, or heaters nearby, these can all pose a hazard if the bed is placed incorrectly. Using the top bunk for sleeping also increases the risk of children getting stuck or rolling out. Finally, if you are using a bunk bed for sleeping, make sure the top triple bunk bed has guard rails on all sides.


There are many great reasons to have storage in a bunk bed with stairs. In addition to giving the kids additional room for storage, these stairs are great for storing toys, bedding, and clothes. Plus, these stairs save a lot of floor space in a bedroom, too. Here are just a few of them. Listed below are some of the advantages of a bunk bed with stairs. Hopefully, this will help you decide whether or not this type of bed is right for your family.

bunk beds with stais

Stairway chests are a great way to add storage to a bunk bed with stairs. These chests feature drawers under the stairs. When they are closed, the drawers pull out, revealing ample storage underneath. This makes clean-up a snap! Stairway chests also come with a removable mattress. The drawers make it easy to remove a bed for cleaning. This is especially useful if the children are sharing the bed.


The safety of your children depends on proper placement of guardrails on bunk beds with stairs. Ideally, the guardrails will be 5 inches high, or higher, and must be attached securely to the bed. The stairs and ladder must be attached securely to the foundation and the guardrails must be 5 inches or higher above the mattress. The staircase or ladder must be sturdy and the mattress foundation should not wobble or move when the stairs are in use.

You can check if your bunk bed has guardrails by using a wedge block to probe the space between the upper bunk mattress foundation and the top guardrail. You can also check the openings in the lower bunk with the help of a wedge block. Position the wedge block in the space most likely to pass through and then pull the block slowly until it reaches the space. The force applied should not exceed 33 foot-pounds for a minute.


Bunk beds with stairs come in a variety of styles. They can be transitional, contemporary, traditional, or even themed. These beds come in a variety of finishes, including white, cherry, and gray. Choose from various configurations that match the decor of your home. Choose a color that coordinates with the overall theme of your room, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect l shaped bunk bed for your child. A stylish staircase adds an extra touch to any bunk bed.

Among the benefits of stairs are safety and extra storage space. Many staircase models double as storage drawers. Some also feature angled ladders that extend deeper into the room. Some even include a stadium-style seating area! If safety is an issue, you might choose a style without stairs. Just make sure it has the necessary hardware. Then, swap out the stairs to suit your child’s tastes. There are also a variety of styles available to suit all tastes.

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