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5 Ways to increase Mobile App Retention Rate.

For any Mobile App Development Company, a customer service application is the pillar of a better customer experience

Progress begins with a better understanding of what a customer service application is and how to select the company’s best vendor. A customer support application helps you to establish deeper customer relationships. It is also necessary to have a high app retention rate.

What is even a Retention Rate?

The retention rate is the number of active users (people who use the app continuously) for a given period. The retention rate is the most significant consideration for the optimization of app stores to be taken into account. If your application has a reasonable retention rate, that means your customer is happy with your company. Active users of your app are more likely to provide more interaction and revenue. Marketers get an idea about their app’s performance from retention rates. According to an essential mobile marketer’s metric, 62% of users opens apps just 11 times.

Is it Necessary to Increase Mobile App Retention and Why?

It doesn’t matter if you have thousands of people downloading your mobile app. What important is that how many of them remain active and beneficial to your company. However, most companies do not realize that they can improve their application’s retention with a few basic techniques. Boosting an application doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the whole cycle.

You will observe that there are hundreds of applications available on the market that are free of charge. Owing to the abundance of open applications, the retention rate is declining. It’s pretty easy for a consumer to find an application close to yours. It just takes a few seconds to leave your app and add another one. It is something you need to take care of.

5 Ways to Increase Mobile App Retention Rate:

Our five-favorite retention-boosting strategies will help improve the health of your App Development Company. Let’s have a look at the plan:

1. Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

People love to keep up-to-date on their lifestyle or smartphone apps. It would be best if you started worrying about updating your app every other day. Updating your mobile app with new features and personalized content will help keep your customers loyal and back.

It is also essential to understand the user experience and listen to their feedback to know its functionality. Working regularly on updates to your application will improve the likelihood of retaining your customers. Try to give what the customer wants and needs in your proposal; otherwise, it won’t be difficult for them to find an alternative. As there are thousands of the same applications are running in the market.

2. Personalization:

Personalization should be the primary component of your mobile application. Today, everybody is in demand for personalization. Customers want their applications to be personalized according to their needs. Putting your customers first will continuing to create a better user experience.

3. Focus On your Onboarding Experience:

There’s a saying, “The first impression is the last impression.” Yeah, the first impression is always to count. According to several benchmark research, we have found that a significant number of users abandon the application within a day or less. Isn’t it dangerous if anyone leaves the application between day zero and day one? It’s something you can’t stop in your mobile app creation process.

In a second, our brain will decide to make a first impression on the things we use or the person we encounter. Mobile apps are no different. That’s why the onboard process is essential to keep the customer linked to a mobile application. Suppose you do not give your customers an excellent experience for the first time. There are fewer chances, then, that they will come back to your application.

4. Frequently Update Your App:

A study showed that half of the applications had declined since their first update. If your application needs user data, make sure you ask for fewer data. Asking for a large amount of data will confuse the client, and they will go for an option that doesn’t ask for much data. It would be awesome if you let your customer discover your application before blasting them with questions. With a primary user interface, this method should be fast.

5. Offer Loyalty Program to Customers:

Who’s not in love to have anything extra? All of them. So why not involve your customers with the rewards system? This technique is continuously changing the retention rate of the mobile app. You can offer something useful to your customers, such as promotions, vouchers, special offers and more.

In this mobility era, most businesses believe in a reward system to keep their consumers back and grow their businesses through promotion. As there are many mobile apps available on the market, people are interested in those apps that offer them significant advantages.

What Factors Affect the Mobile App Cost in 2021?

When it comes to the app development cost, there is no fixed cost because the expense depends on several factors. Let’s take a look at the most influential factors that affect the prices of mobile applications:

Unique Elements and Functionality:

It’s up to you how many elements you want to add to your application. Usually, it depends on your budget. The more you invest in your app, the more features you get. To make your app stand out from the crowd, you need to make it visually unique. However, all of this customization might be hard on your pocket. The requirements will depend entirely on your application for what kind of features it needs to have. There is a wide range of extremely affordable features.


Which platform you use for your application is another factor that affects your application’s development costs. You can choose Android, IOS, or even both. Many people want their application to be available on other platforms, such as smart cars, LEDs, and even VR. Whatever platform you want to choose comes with a different set of standards directly applicable to time frames and app development costs.

Security of User’s Data:

Data security is the most critical part of your mobile app’s success. People are more concerned about their personal information and data. Before starting your application, you should have an efficient data security solution.

If you promise to give your customer the best features and user experience, keep in mind that security data is even more critical to your users. If you fail to implement data security, you will leave the door open for hackers to attack personal information. Even fixing these issues costs you the most, and you’re sure to tarnish your app’s reputation.

Target Market and Localization:

The cost of developing the app will also depend on the market you choose to launch your application. You may want to launch your mobile app all over the world. Well, it needs some additional requirements, such as licensing, languages, and others, which will increase the budget of your development process. If this is your way to get there, then you need some extra input. But if you are only planning to launch it on a national level, your cost may somehow cut.

Now it is clear that the process and requirements of your app development impact its costs. According to a Good Firms research, an app’s average cost can range from $20,000 to $200,000 and more, depending on its features and complexity. Hiring a mobile app development company like Cubix is probably the best choice in this situation. This company can give you more precise estimates.

Over to You!

It’s easy to make people install an application, but it’s hard to prevent them from uninstalling the application. If a customer uninstalls an application once, it’s pretty hard to get it again. It will help if you gain the confidence of users to extend or launch your app. Loyal customers will make an excellent profit for you. These loyal users are part of the word-of-mouth marketing platform. It is also essential to consider the client’s psychology based on their demographics. It would be best if you targeted the right audience to get the maximum amount of hits.

Put what you can do against the wall, see what’s going on, and repeat. Good luck!

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