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#1. Get Instagram followers through Instagram commitment groups


Ever wondered what people who quickly receive followers on Instagram do?


You join groups (Instagram pods, for example).


Although it can be tempting to join the most important Instagram fellowship groups, in fact, by sticking to your niche you will receive a targeted list of Instagram fans.


The best approach for entrepreneurs is just how to get supporters on Instagram.


There are traveling, beauty, fashion, and more engagement groups available.


In these groups, you can get people who share interests and love them.


But if you want to take your attention seriously, you should also give the favour to people who join a group by following pages for fans.


In just a few weeks I have had friends getting 2,000 new supporters using that strategy.


Although it may not help immediately to sell, it helps you to early become credible, so your Instagram page does not demonstrate that you have only a few buy instagram followers.


Note that this is more a short-term strategy on Instagram for your first few weeks, not a long-term strategy to get Instagram supporters.


#2. Repost other content for more followers in Instagram


My whole post strategy revolved around reposting the content of others when I started with social media marketing and built Instagram from my stores.


I ensured that in my descriptions, I every time credited the original poster. This is the only way to win followers without being struck.


I would take screenshots and add the photos to my Instagram when I first started. It was the Repost app that helped really get my page off. It enabled me to begin reposting Instagram video content.


A video that had accumulated 52,862 views, got 1264 comments and 9,147 loved was one of my biggest home runs. There were not even 10,000 followers at the time, so that was a big freak deal.


Why would I repost the content of other people rather than my own?


I knew that reposting content was easier. Plus, it would never be as good for my visual and video content as anybody. Hey, I’m honest about that at least!


How did I know reposting? At the numbers, I would look. I would look.


Hashtags are an excellent way to get new supporters. I was quite active on Instagram so I would browse the hashtags list I had created and used every day to find the best posts not posted by fan pages (not by my competitors), but by individual people. I was very active on Instagram.


I would see the videos and look at the photos to see the ones to which I had the greatest reactions. I knew I had to put it back into my page if I felt I wanted to share somebody else’s post.


So if you’re just learning how to get followers on Instagram it’s simple enough for a beginner to have a high impact strategy.


#3. Promote your Instagram followers on buzz feed


You need to find a way to tap a massive audience to boost this Instagram followers. And no one incorporates Instagram posts as much as Buzzfeed in their content.


A Buzzfeed member of the staff wrote an article on how she became an Instagram influencer in her personal brand. At present, the article she wrote on the platform could have helped. It has nearly 8,900 followers.


Therefore if you want to try Buzzfeed, go to its Community section where anyone is able to post its own content on its platform.


Of course, to get visibility and build confidence you need to follow their guidelines.


Doesn’t Buzzfeed fit your niche? This is cool. This is cool. You can also use the HARO tool where e-mails are sent 3 times a day filled with journalists’ requests for content and expert quotes.


Most HARO reporters allow links and social links to their websites. So by connecting to your store and Instagram account you can hit two birds with one stone.


#4.Get followers of Instagram in a coherent way


If you have never before had a customer, reach your niche with less than 5,000 followers. I know the number looks low, but people who follow Instagram want to monetize their accounts and are ready to take pictures at much lower rate of your products.


You can also offer them an affiliate deal in which they get a commission with their customer reference link for every sale they score.


If you have had a few sales already, contact customers and offer a free donation or cash incentive to take quality pictures on the product they have purchased.


It won’t be your long term strategy to provide incentives, but in the short term, it can help you to grow while trying to build your brand.


If you comment on the posts of customers, repost and follow their content, you will probably receive them In short,


Some of you will follow after you have tagged yourself in their post. Make that mouth-word happen!


#5. Get Instagram followers with a coherent style


I know that sounds like a ‘blah blah, blah’ way of Instagram folders. It’s not, however.


Here’s why: because the content you posted, people don’t follow you, but because they think the future information that you post is going to be like.


Every day you post cute corgi imagery and videos. Say, you have a fan’s corgi page.


When Instagram users continue to see your posts, they will eventually realise that the finest corgi content is always posted.


You are therefore expected to be more of the same kind of content on your accounts.


With a consistent style or subject, you can expect your followers or potential followers to do more than just play in a branding game. Every day they would like to see more of the same content.


You will grow your followers on Instagram faster over time when you are capable of delivering this consistency with every post.

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