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5 Types of Bags Every Woman Should Own 

Women love bags, there is no doubt about that. Also, bags are the best accessory we can sport. And of course, the main purpose of the bags is to put things we require to carry with us. When we go out somewhere be it office, a party, a casual outing or a date, we carry a bag with us anyway. Then what if the bag which we carry makes us look more stylish. Here’s the list of 5 bags which every woman should have that will help you in looking more fashionable and we don’t want you to miss this.


These are the most widely used bags by women across the globe, obviously because of the fact that these are used for daily purposes. Moreover, these bags offer great space to carry all the essentials a woman requires. Many brands offer a wide range of products which are irresistible but practically speaking, we can’t have them all. But there are other types as well.

Sling bag

Sling bag or sometimes called as just sling is a crossbody bag. It is very compact and essential when you are not carrying many things with you. Above all, it can make you look attractive any day. The best thing about a sling is that it goes perfectly with almost every dress. So, whenever you are in a hurry for your next date or for a casual day trip, you know what should you go with. 


A clutch even smaller than is smaller than a sling bag. But it gives a very elegant and classic feeling when carried. It is perfect for a party or somewhere you just require to carry your phone or a wallet. Many leading brands give offer huge discounts in the holiday season. One such deal is Neiman Black Friday 2020 Deals which offers great discounts on the clutch bags and others which you don’t want to miss.


While some of you won’t consider backpack much elegant or classic but when it comes to comfort, we all know who wins the heart. Also when we require to carry a lot of things, a backpack is the best option. Because of the comparatively broader straps, backpacks removes the extra pressure from your shoulders. It’s basically science, as the surface area increases, the pressure on that area decreases.


Perhaps the most important one on this list is the wallet. Every individual has a different taste for the wallets. But are very significant in a woman’s collection. This is the only thing in which everyone wishes to remain fat. It not only keeps the currency notes organized but also helps in protecting them from tearing or destroyed. But above all, if a person’s wallet is in good condition, then it highlights an individual’s many inner qualities.

Finishing Up

These are some of the accessories mentioned above that can help you define your look but in addition, there must be other things kept in mind. The accessories must be in line with the outfit you are wearing. They must be neat, organized, and orderly places. The worn outs must be replaced immediately. Here’s a tip, as social media is an important aspect of our lives today, you can follow the fashion bloggers. You can make multiple uses of a single dress. A sari can be made into a beautiful sarong. You can do this with accessories as well. Last but not the least, wear what compliments you. Elegance is the key. You can go with simplicity and be fashionable at the same time. Do not be a fashion victim. Don’t follow the trend, instead, be a trend-setter. And remember the secret, less is more.

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