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5 Tips to Start Your International PPC Campaigns

Running PPC campaigns   in a new country is always an exciting challenge. And, of course, it’s not just about translating ads and keywords: launching into a new market means rethinking our entire pay-per-click strategy   from the beginning. To get off to a good start, sign up for these tips!

5 tips for your international pay-per-click campaigns

1) Prepare a different budget per country

The  CPM  and  CPC  means  Google Ads  vary a lot in different countries. To get an idea of ​​the costs, you can do some preliminary research with the Google keyword tool, but in the end nothing replaces the real experience, so you will have to leave room in your budget for uncertainty.

In addition to the CPM and CPC, you also have to pay attention to the CPA. Several different factors can play a role here:

  • If you are launching your brand in a country where consumers are not familiar with it, the CPA is likely to be higher.
  • If  costs per click are much lower in that region , the CPA will likely end up lower as well.
  • If the  quality of the  leads  is lower than usual, the CPA may not reflect the actual costs per final conversion, so you have to keep track of the entire sales funnel in order to calculate the actual ROI. 

2) Investigate the main channels in each area

We are used to  Google Ads  being the universal solution, but in other countries it doesn’t have to be that way. For example,  Yandex  represents 44% of Google’s search market.

To see which channels you should use in your target country, take a look at  StatCounter  and ask your contacts in the region.

3) Create different campaigns for each country

When planning the account structure, it is best to have  separate campaigns for each country , as they have multiple advantages:

  • You can better control your bids and budget.
  • You prevent countries with a low CPC from taking most of the budget.
  • You can better configure the hours in which you modify the bids, for example, to upload them during the hours when there are more users connected. 

4) Localize, don’t just translate

Getting your keywords and your PPC ads into an automatic translator is a huge mistake. cheap illustrator for children’s books For your campaigns to be effective, you need a  translator who has marketing knowledge and is native to the country  of destination of the campaign. Thus, it will be able to guide you on what word is used in a specific market (for example, “car”, “car” or “car”), the search habits of consumers in that country and the most effective offers. 

5) Adapt your sales funnel

The cultural differences between countries often manifest in the way we do marketing. For example, in a specific country consumer may feel comfortable talking to a sales representative, but in another they may prefer to consume content online and make transactions without having to speak to a person. Therefore, you will not only have to adapt your pay-per-click campaigns, but also the entire customer journey.


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