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5 Things a Workaholic Can Do to Boost His Energy

So what are the other things that help workaholics to boost their energy?

Life is never dull nor boring for a workaholic. Hours seem to pass by and they are buried deep in their world of papers and computers and portraits. It may seem like the workaholics work like machines, but the truth is they are as tired of it as you are. The difference is that they know how to carry on with their tiredness once the ambition takes over for good.

For instance take a doctor, an engineer, or even a digital marketer all working and coping with their busy lives. Once they are done with their work for the day it can get pretty tiring too. But it’s not anything that a good small espresso can’t do for them.

So what are the other things that help workaholics to boost their energy?

Count the hours

By the definition of the 21st modern century, working hard is overrated. It’s time you take a page out of Nick Francis’ book, where he says to shut your laptops by 5 pm and to go out and about living a life.

What’s the mantra behind this? 

The double working hours are not productive by any chance. The results are minimal therefore you are too exhausted to begin the next day. Learn not to squeeze your own energy or it will lead to poor decision making.

Work Smart, Not Harder

With work come distractions too. It could be anything from friends to family to even your lack of sleep and work! Yes, even your own work can become a distraction if you work harder than you ought to do.

The thing is: you need to do smart work.

Say no to anything extra to maintain your energy level. Have ground rules to work, this will help immensely to set the right targets to achieve. Also, respond to work calls or messages during your working hours. Find a way to extricate yourself out of the after-office work requests whether it’s to plan a meeting or book an appointment or even a virtual video call.

Take Good Sips of Caffeine 

It may not seem like much, but the energy booster is at your hand in the shape of small espresso. Most workaholics do not want to waste time by leaving their workstation to make a good ol’ cup of coffee. Therefore they prefer to hire help or get themselves a portable coffee maker that helps them to carry out through the day. Most individuals get their coffee done while getting ready or make a quick pit stop at the coffee house on the way to the office.

The unbreakable bond of caffeine and work has led to buying you small espresso makers to save time. This works in your favor, however, be careful about the caffeine shots you have.

Use the Mobile App for Eyes and Joints

Did you know writers can get a repetitive strain injury (RSI) for working restlessly for long hours?

The story is that the workaholic’s mind may be working as a roadster but the rest of the body parts need to rest.  It’s easy to get yourself overworked at the computer; therefore the risk of RSI is 30% more in the workaholics who tend to sit in one position constantly tapping away.

The more strain you put on your body (without realizing it) the more productivity levels will reduce. Therefore the use of mobile apps that notifies you to take breaks from time to time is imminent. Before you twist your hand, a pain triggers around your eyes, or your hand just freezes while working, it’s best to install the mobile app that helps you to give a break to your body parts too at regular intervals.

Emotions v/s Work Addiction 

If you are highly motivated to do work, it’s good for you. There’s nothing wrong with working harder however it does tend to distance you from the good things in your life.

Workaholism can be consuming you of your rights to give yourself a break, to spend quality time with peers and loved ones. Hence the reason why most white collars become antsy with each passing day. Work puts a hedge between your relationships which can cause trouble for you.

So in short, learn to not become addicted to your work. Maintaining a work-life balance is more effective for your productivity. Learn to take a step back from time to time.

Maintaining your work routine is not hard, but the energy levels do not remain consistent. This is why you need to put the effort into other factors too that correlate with your work of line. Health is a great possession and so is confidence, the best way to keep your energy high is to not let your work control you and learn to lead a balance.


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