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5 Sweets Delights Perfect For Your 2020 Christmas Celebration

Perfect For Your 2020 Christmas Celebration

Work is going to be high, after all, Christmas is a knocking door. There are lots of things to do. There is lots of preparation, shopping and so many more things left. We all know that there will be so much physical and mental work while preparing for Christmas. But still, our excitement increases day by day. In fact, doing Christmas preparation has another level of fun. I am sure, you all enjoy it a lot just like. Before 2 days of Christmas, from all of us, the aroma of good foods start coming. In some houses, some salty snacks are cooking. In some houses, lots of sweets are made. Usually, whenever we talk about the sweets at Christmas. Almost, all of us stop on the cakes, pastry, swirls roll, muffins, Christmas cookies. But let me tell you all, these are desserts but not sweets. So today, I will tell you about the 5 sweets that you must try this Christmas. You and your loved ones will love these sweets a lot. Kids will just jump on these yummy sweets. So keep in stock, otherwise, kids will not leave a single bite of these delicious sweets. 5 Sweets Delights Perfect For Your 2020 Christmas Celebration

5 Sweets Delights Perfect For Your 2020 Christmas Celebration

Kaju katli 

I don’t think anyone can keep themselves away from it. In front of this deliciously sweet, not only kids but also elders will forget about the online Christmas cakes. You can make this sweet at your home with two ingredients, not three. You need cashew nuts, sugar, some ghee in a very less quantity, and some cardamom powder for taste. Just take care of a few things while making this sweet. I assure you, everyone will love this sweet so much. You will take max to max one hour for making this barfi. It’s just delicious and super easy to make. 

Rose barfi 

This is also one of the most beautiful looking barfis and is delicious. Once you have this barfi, you will never forget the essence and taste of this barfi. For making this barfi, you need milk, sugar, some rose essence or you can use rose syrup also, and some ghee. And yes, how can I forget cardamom powder for aroma and rose petals for decorating it. So for this don’t forget to order a red rose flower from the best florist in Bangalore. Everyone will love it so much. 

Gulab Jamun 

How can we forget gulab jamun when we talk about sweets? You know, eating hot Gulab jamun in winter gives you a heavenly feeling. This sweet is in everyone’s heart. It has another level of fan following. In my family, in the new year once we can forget to bake a new year cake but can’t forget this. Nowadays, the instant mix is also available in the packet to make this mouth-watering sweet. But if you want to eat purest Gulab jamun at home. You can make it at home. You just pure full fat milk, sugar for making sugar syrup, ghee or refined oil of fry, cardamom for enhancing the taste, that’s it. Only with these ingredients, your super yummy Gulab jamun is ready. 

Coconut laddu 

If you don’t have much time to make sweets. But you want to make a yummy sweet for your dear ones. This is for you. You just need desiccated coconut, sugar, 2,3 tablespoon ghee or you can avoid it, it’s up to you. And yes, you need a small amount of milk also. You can choose milk cream or condensed milk also here. It will enhance the taste, and add a creamy texture to the laddu. You can store it in a tight container for a few days also. 

Gajar is halwa 

This is one of the most famous sweet dishes that we eat in winter. In my family, Christmas and New Year are incomplete without this. It is not completely sweet, but yes it also comes in the sweet category. For this, you just need grated carrots, sugar, condensed milk, or full-fat milk, some dry fruits. And yes, if you want to make it more delicious and heavy, you can add mawa also. It will make it so tempting, you will stop yourself to finish it alone. But don’t do this, share it with everyone. 

So these are the five mouth-watering sweets that you must make this Christmas for your dear ones. They all will love it. For them, these sweets will not be less than a yummy Christmas gift. And yes, don’t forget this tip before making these sweets. Make it in a large amount, because people will tell you to pack some sweets for their home too. 

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