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5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs a Kick-Ass Logo?

A few decades ago, launching a business company to offer various products or services was not easy. This included no logo, branding or anything specific for brand image. Fortunately, today we have easy access to resources that make it easy for anyone to start his own company.

The trend of young and aspiring individuals launching their brands is increasing more than ever. Suppose you have a brilliant idea or concept, then you can turn it into a reality. However, there are various steps that you need to follow, and the first being giving your brand name and identity.

Nearly all the big brands we see are not only known for their business but also for their logo. That many brands consider as the one factor that makes a brand. There are famous companies that have integrated their names into a logo, and there are also some that have adopted a particular symbol or sign. For example, a half-bitten apple symbolizes the tech giant Apple, but Sony, another tech giant, does not have any symbol but the brand name ‘Sony.’

The logo you finalize for your brand will eventually become the face of your business and the first thing people will come across. All the top brands are already established, and their name or logo speaks for itself. On the contrary, for a startup brand, the stakes are quite high, and they have little margin of error. You need a logo that can impact from the word go and make potential customers want to associate themselves with your brand.

The Five Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Fantastic Logo

If you are creative and good with artwork, you can try your expertise by making a logo using a ‘Custom Logo Maker.’ But experts suggest that as a business owner, you have too many tasks at hand and must employ the services of a professional logo designer. The five reasons why your brand may need a Kick-ass Logo are

First Impression is the Last Impression

In a retail store, there are thousands of brands on display, and within a particular category, there are dozens of brands. Studies reveal that a new brand has almost 20 to 30 seconds to impact a potential customer and compel him to make a purchase decision. Similarly, a potential buyer using the internet is exposed to numerous options, and only a creative logo can make him want to know more about a new brand.

Most people usually buy the products or services from a brand they already use or know. The big brands or those working for few years are registered in the marketplace and the minds of customers. For a startup brand first impression is the last impression. Only a stunning logo can allow your brand to make a particular niche in the market.

A vibrant and alluring logo can make heads turn and pique interest from potential customers. Forget about a tagline that most people will eventually forget; a symbol, line, image, or icon is more recognizable and memorable.

Incorporates the Message and Values

The main purpose of a business company is to fulfill a need or want of a customer. However, we live in a fast-paced world where needs and wants are mostly influenced by changing market trends and personal preferences. When you dream of launching a brand, you have a particular plan and how to accomplish those goals. Many people are always wanting to buy and consume something new and relate to it.

You need to broadcast your brand that can fulfill that expectation of the customers. A logo is the one factor that can help to portray a promise that your brand seeks to fulfill. The logo must clearly define the unique selling point (USP) and make your brand different from the rest. Suppose you are successful in getting a logo design that can deliver the message and values of the company. In that case, you can surely see potential customers gravitating towards the offerings of your brand.

Build Trust and Professionalism

A good product or service is one that a person may want to use more than once, and it must also satisfy the expectation of a person in an effective way. People always like to associate themselves with top brands and do so by flaunting their products and services. Most people buy things from specific brands because they can easily connect with the product. For example, people like to buy cars from Toyota or Lexus because it means innovation, high performance, and reliability.

Every day, people come across ads with dozen brand names, logos, products, and services. But only a business company with a strong logo will be able to communicate effectively with the target audience. However, a logo alone is not enough and must be backed with a unique marketing strategy. Customers will only buy and keep buying from a certain brand if they know they will get high quality and value for money.

Nearly all successful brands are always lookout to satisfy the hopes of their customers. One of the best ways is to design and develop interactive and thought-provoking marketing campaigns. A startup brand needs to ensure to the audience that it is always committed and in for the long haul.

Advertise the Brand Everywhere With a Logo

A mesmerizing and intriguing logo can catapult success, even for a brand that may offer mediocre products. Suppose you believe that the products you offer are best in the category, then the logo design should communicate this fact. There are many examples of businesses with good products but not being able to truly take off and achieve success.

You need to hire a resourceful and capable design team that can use advanced logo design tools to translate the information you give them into the various logo designs. Once you are given the samples, you need to pick the one that is the best and will be valuable in the marketing campaign. You have to realize that the logo will be advertised everywhere, from the official website, social media platform, online ads, email templates, letterheads to business cards, storefront signage, billboards, and product packaging.

The shape, icon, brand name, font, and color must look alluring at every advertising space without losing its class. You also need to know to use the logo efficiently once you pick it, as changing logos does not sit well with most startup businesses. The logo redesign is easy to do, but your brand must first establish itself to the audience and then think to change the logo.

Stand Out from the Competition

The biggest challenge for a startup brand is to make its mark but face tough competition from rival brands. Although companies in a certain market segment tend to follow the industry norms, a distinctive logo is necessary. For example, tech companies usually design a stylish but simple logo and paint it blue to display trustworthiness and dependability.

However, your brand logo should dare to be different to stand out. A well articulate logo will communicate everything for your brand from its message, values, and style. Making your brand look and feel is essential to winning potential customers from other rival brands. You need to make the target audience believe that the product or service you are offering is of the highest quality and best value for many in the market right now.

A logo designed by an expert design team such as Build Your Logos will get the right balance of shapes, fonts, colors, and lines. This is all to make your brand distinctive and attractive. The first and most crucial step is to grab the attention of the customers and then compel them to make a purchasing decision.

A clever, industry-specific, and stylish logo design can do wonders and truly open the doors of success for your brand. But the key is employing a quality logo designing service that can craft a logo that can go above and beyond your and your customers’ expectations.

Final Words

A logo is the most significant part of your brand, and you must make thoughtful consideration. One thing to know is that a versatile logo is always simple yet distinctive. The necessary step is to employ a designing firm with skillful designers and best logo design tool to form a picturesque logo for your brand. As a startup brand, you need to make a fascinating launch, and a stylish logo can propel your brand to get unexpected response and success. Logos are critical for establishing business and generating revenue, so you must hire the right and best experts.


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