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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Black Pepper Grinder

As we all know pepper has a bunch of health benefits, and other benefits too, that is why it is an essential addition to our foods. For that, a good quality black pepper grinder is very much needed for any kitchen. Most people use freshly ground pepper to add a blast of taste to their meals. If you want to avoid any kind of artificial flavorings, or an excessive level of sodium, freshly ground whole spices are the best way to add the fresh flavor to your meal without any need for those unhealthy spices.

They can also be used as a great balance of complexity to different kinds of dishes that can be both sweet and savoury. Pepper is one of the high-demanding spices that are used all over the world in so many different dishes. Just a good dash of freshly ground pepper would bring a magic to any of your dishes. You can find pre-ground pepper in black and white forms, and the whole peppercorns in black, white and green. Freshly ground pepper always tastes better than the pre-ground packaged peppers, it also offers better benefits. It is actually the whole peppercorns that helps in curing a lot of diseases after having it on a daily basis.

Why Should You Use Black Pepper Grinder?
Those who already have freshly ground pepper in their meals, know the benefits and difference between freshly ground pepper and package spices. If you are not already using a pepper mill grinder, it is high time to invest in a good grinder to make your own ground pepper. There are a lot of health benefits that you can get by this aromatic spice, such as :

Fresh pepper prevents Constipation, Diarrhoea, and disease like Cancer :

There are a lot of reasons why the benefits of freshly ground pepper are great for one’s health. These types of fresh seasonings help your body to prevent constipation, and diarrhea. There are a lot of gourmet chefs, cooks, and people who enjoy cooking, add fresh pepper to their dishes. Because they know it provides the best organic flavours that come straight from the herbs.

Freshly ground pepper also has cancer prevention properties. The University of Michigan Cancer Center which is located in the USA has shown that a specific a chemical compound that is present in peppercorns which is known as piperine has the ability to prevent breast cancer tumours from forming. Although these studies are still in progress, another research has said that the ability of this spice to fight cancer is increased when it is mixed with turmeric, making another great spice.

This spice also offers cold-fighting properties :

Black pepper contains a special chemical that causes runny noses after having this with your meal, this is why pepper is known as a natural decongestant. This happens due to its chemical compounds causing an irritation around the mucus membranes. This happens to mean that it can be used in opening blocked noses and stuffy nasal paths. There are a lot of doctors who actually advise you to add a good dash of freshly ground pepper into your hot vegetable, or chicken soup during Colds and Flu, as it reduces the cold by making the body warm.

Pepper plays a huge role in Digestion :

Freshly ground pepper helps in boosting the hydrochloric acid secretion within the stomach, which helps in digestion, and also prevents tummy puffiness, constipation and colic. Another benefit that this spice offers is to prevent intestinal gas, and boost sweating and urination, helping in clearing toxins. Black pepper is also carminative, that is why it helps in pushing gas out from the body downwards instead of upwards. This also helps to prevent organs and the chest cavity from straining. It also helps the gas to be pushed out more easily and naturally.

Pepper’s excellent Antibacterial and Antioxidant properties :

Pepper has great antibacterial properties that help the body to get rid of infections and even quickly heal from insect bites. It also helps in clearing arteries by getting rid of excess cholesterol from the arterial walls, which helps in keeping the health of the heart well. One can also apply pepper topically to the skin to help in removing impurities, pimples, rash, etc. But before that you need to make sure that your skin suits pepper, only after that you can use it on your skin.

Pepper is known as a powerful antioxidant. It has the ability to fight free radical damage which is related to cancer, and other heart and liver problems. Antioxidants are known for protecting the body and skin from a lot of different health problems, and the aging effects as well.

Freshly ground pepper avoids oxidation :

Pre-ground spices are always oxidized and lose potency after grinding. After grinding the whole peppercorn with a good quality black pepper grinder, it offers you it’s original flavour. A lot of culinary artists use fresh pepper to make their herbs to avoid oxidation as well. So, using anything, but ground peppercorns will waste the entire dish, and it is proven, because it loses its original raw flavor.

The main reason to use fresh ground pepper is, with a penetrating and raw aroma, it also provides a hot taste to the meals that are made with it, giving the dish a savory taste.

There is another important reason why this process is chosen rather than regular packaged pepper. It is the pepper mills that actually keep the spices fresh, and ready to sprinkle on certain foods. That means to grind your whole spices to maintain their original flavour.

Crushing it and separating the whole peppercorns into small pieces is where the original and fresh flavors, taste, and smell come from. Each pepper or peppercorn has different flavors. Here are different types of peppers:

  • Black pepper
  • White pepper
  • Green pepper
  • Orange pepper
  • Red pepper
  • Pink pepper

Final thoughts :

Consider adding pepper to your diet, and you can have a bunch of rewards and benefits that this powerful spice offers. So, all you need to do is to buy whole spices and grind them in a good quality spice grinder or pepper mill. This is the best way if you want to get the full benefit of that whole spice in every possible way.

A good quality pepper mill or pepper grinder can do wonders to boost the flavor of your food. Since a pepper mill grinds to help in releasing aromatic oils, which offers you a delicious pepper which a packaged pre-ground pepper can never relate to. That is the very reason, we recommend you to invest in a good black pepper grinder to fulfil all your needs, and you’ll probably never need to purchase another one.


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