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Computers and Technology

5 Reasons to Shop for a Graphics Card From JW

As of 2021, 68.3% of the PC GPU market all over the world is taken up by Intel. For gamers, a graphics card is considered a holy grail of an extraordinary gaming experience.

And for non-gamers, installing a graphics card can enhance your computing experience. Graphic cards can improve your knowledge whether or not you are an avid gamer. The good news is most graphics cards are in-built inside the PC’s motherboard.

But over time, the quality of the card may wear out, which is quite normal. But because video cards from JW are costly investments, you might still be on the fence about whether you need one.

In this feature, you will go through 5 benefits that you can get by installing a new and improved graphics card on your PC!

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is a Graphics/Video Card?

A Graphics card (a.k.a, a video card) is a small technological device that helps render pictures and images on the display monitor.

Therefore, the primary purpose of a graphics/video card is to render and depict graphics on the screen.

What Are the Perks of Using a Graphics Card?

Gone are when people were satisfied with the graphics quality on old, basic computers that did not require a graphics card.

However, evolution and gaming trends played a significant role in changing this.

Today, modern games alone call for a colossal amount of high-quality graphics needed to keep the game’s visuals going.

This makes a graphics card one of the most critical components in a gamer’s PC.

However, even if you are not an ardent gamer, using a graphics card can still help in improving your system’s overall quality and performance. Listed below are five benefits you can get by using new video cards from JW.

Improved Performance

As mentioned before, a graphics card can improve your system’s performance, whether you have a standard PC or a gaming PC.

Because a graphics card comes with its GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), this video card does not rely on your CPU to function smoothly. Because of this, your CPU does not have an extra load that might affect the PC’s performance.

Enhanced Gaming Quality

One of the main reasons gamers consider a graphics card a must-have is because it allows them to have a smooth, uninterrupted gaming session.

Even though most PCs today come with integrated graphics, they will still not handle complex graphics as seen in games.

This is why using a graphics card will give you the complete freedom to enjoy playing your favourite games with the highest frame rates without any lag.

Optimum Memory Usage

As mentioned earlier, most PCs today come with an in-built graphics card for convenience purposes. However, to function well, these cards usually take up a piece of your PC’s overall memory.

By choosing to have a graphics card installed on your PC, you will be freeing up a lot of space on your laptop, which will help it run much faster.

Better Video Experience

Other than gaming purposes, having a graphics card can also significantly improve the quality of your favourite Blu-ray movies on HD.

Furthermore, you can also do your job of video and photo editing with more precision.

Excellent Driver Support

The world of gaming is vast and endless. Therefore, new games are being released constantly. If you are a gamer, you might want to keep up with the pace, which might not be possible with an old one because of its poor operating system.

However, with new and advanced video cards from JW, you can now download the latest games and play them without interruption.

Whether or not you have a gaming PC, having a graphics card installed on your system is always a good idea.

The good news is not all video cards from JW come with an expensive price tag. There are plenty of entry-level graphics cards that can still do justice to your PC. This way, you can get the best high-quality experience for pocket-friendly prices!


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