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5 Mistakes To Avoid In The Fashion Trends Of 2021!

Look, when it comes to men’s fashion, it’s relatively easy. You want to make sure things fit right. Make sure it’s the right color, make sure it’s in the right season, and you got a good fit. See, as opposed to women, that it’s a bit more complex. But for men, the bar is set so low almost anybody can achieve a well-dressed look. 

However, even with the bar being set this low, men still find a way to screw things up. Today boys, I’m going to show you the five dressing rules men still get wrong in fashion. To this day, that’s making you look bad. Let’s go!

  • Time and Place

The time and place rule; look, I get it, everyone has that comfortable basics trend who doesn’t want to live in comfortable clothing! True, there are a whole bunch of companies of just basics that sell you this exact product. However, understanding time and place is crucial. See, men fail to realize or fail to learn how to dress for the right occasion; what you forget is that you have to worry about being comfortable, but you also have to worry about the message you are sending. 

Whether you want it or not, your clothing sends a message before you even say a word. Suppose you are going on a first date, or you are going to an interview, or in any situation that you have to look presentable. In that case, you have to move away from the comfortable stuff. And move into the fitted stuff. Stuff that makes you look more mature, more serious, like the Cobra Kai jacket. Knowing when and how to dress is the first crucial step into dressing better.

  • Understanding Face Shapes

I bet you right now if I ask you what your face shape is, most of you have no clue what your face shape is. You need to understand the shape of your face because this will determine what beard style you use, what hairstyle you’ll use, and even what frames you’ll use. Once you understand the face shape, you can choose those beard, hair, and even eyewear styles. That’ll make your face look more attractive and help you dress better. But if you don’t even know your face shape, you don’t even know you won’t ever know where to start when it comes to styling this area of your body.

  • Dressing for Others

You’re still dressing for other people — See, there are two groups of people that fall into this trap. One is the dude who dresses all comfortably to fit within his circle of friends, so his friends don’t roast him. He does not want to be ridiculed. Especially not when he’s trying to level up his style. We asked some of the fashion consultants about this. And they said we see these types of emails all day long of people who don’t know how to level up. Because they fear being ridiculed, so they stay in their comfortable wardrobe. In other words, they still want to impress their friends instead of dressing to make themselves feel better and level themselves up. 

Which then rolls onto the second type of person. The second type of person is a type of dude that goes and buys all designers! This is the type of dude that buys the flashiest Leather Jackets, craziest fashion trends. Why? Not because he likes it. It is because he wants to impress other people into thinking that he has money. 

Both of these types of people are falling for the same trap, and the problem is that it makes you uncomfortable. The problem is that it’s not true to you. You see, here’s the biggest problem that I see with this group of people. This is the type of person who will dress in their comfortable attire to stay comfortable within their group of friends. So their friends don’t mock them as they are leveling up their style. The dude that doesn’t know where to start or doesn’t know how to dress better because they fear ridicule, Brother! Here’s the reality: when people see you leveling up, of course, they are going to make fun of you because they don’t want you to improve. They want you to bring you down, so you stay at their level; this is the problem! 

See, if you ever want to grow with your style, you’re going to have to get a little uncomfortable. Any type of growth requires a little uncomforting. When it comes to leveling up, stop dressing to impress your friends and impress yourself to fuel your confidence. That’s how you grow past that, and it makes you stand out from the crowd. 

  • Understanding Body Shape

Most dudes don’t understand their body shapes because the ideal male body shape is that inverted triangle, right? That very strong shoulders, thin waist, and then strong tree trunks at the bottom. But not everybody is shaped that way. You got pears; got people that are shaped like ovals or circles. You got guys that are shaped like squares or rectangles; the truth is that everybody has their body shape. And if you don’t understand your own, you’re not going to learn how to dress. 

For example, that oversized clothing trend looks good on athletic and thin guys because it even makes you look a little bit thicker and bigger. But I’m overweight, guys. The problem is that all that excess fabric makes you look even more overweight. Such attire makes you look like a parachute. So you’re going to want to cut away a lot of that excess fabric. Trim down the visual weight of your body. And that’s where understanding your body shape becomes important in fashion. So you can wear the right clothing that’s going to make you look good

  • You Don’t Need A New Wardrobe!

And finally, number five is the mistake that most people believe that they need a new wardrobe to look great. Most guys don’t start dressing better because they think they need a lot of money or they have to replace their entire wardrobe to look better. The truth is you don’t see. What you gotta do is, strip down to the basics. If you already got those basics, take them to the tailor and get them fitted. Because, like everyone says, at the end of the day fighting is the key to unlocking astonishing looks. 


You know, it doesn’t matter if you got Walmart or Salvatore Ferragamo in your closet. You don’t need a new wardrobe. What you need is good fitting; ultimately, that is going to be your gun for the fight. Wingmen to fly alongside, it is going to be like Professor Snape, going to be your guardian angel without even you knowing.


This is it. These are the things that you should look out for in 2021. So nothing keeps you from being the fashion icon of your circle.

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