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5 hacks to quickly grow the following on TikTok How I got 10k TikTok followers overnight.


TikTok: the cool kid on the playground on social media.


Everyone and their mothers (I literally see so many moms and grandmas in the app these days) are trying to make TikTok famous during quarantine in particular. TikTok works so differently, like Instagram, from other platforms, that it is difficult to understand where to begin.


I share how I get a video in this post which takes over 1,6 million pictures, how I have earned 10K new followers of TikTok overnight, and tips for making your videos viral. Continue to read!


  1. Good illumination on your videos


Your videos are KEY for quality lighting! Why does it happen? TikTok must know that your video is safe to view, not porn. The machine has a difficult time figuring out what is your video when you film your video in a dark room.


TBD Late in the night after a few drinks I get the most of my good video ideas. I write them down and film them in a bright room during the day instead of filming them at night. They don’t have to have a rim light, but they help. This is my recommended, affordable rim light.

  1. On Your TikToks, use recommended & trending songs


So in good light, you made your video. The next step is to use a trending track (evidently if your audio is original or your video idea is specific to a certain another sound).


This is why it is clever to use trendy songs: TikTok is a bit tricky to use trendy songs in support of videos. The music industry is dominated by TikTok low-key. Look at the top 100 of the weekly songs. Many of the top songs on TikTok are very popular.


This is not a casualty. TikTok often has deals with record labels in order to push artists’ songs in the app, so that sales increase and chances of song reaching the top diagrams are increased.


  1. In TikTok’s subtitles use trending hashtags


Again, the more smart your hashtags are the more your videos get from TikTok and likes. TikTok often partners with brands, and campaigns are anchored around a hashtag and sound, in addition to working with record labels. When using this hashtag, you can push your video to more people’s For You page over the course of the campaign.


Example: recall the audio “Eyes Lip Face” from E.L.F Cosmetics some months ago? It was a campaign for TikTok.


In the in-app hashtag suggestion tool you can find trendy hashtags. When you are in the stage of the subtitle you find this. Just hit the # and there’ll be suggestions. Use the advice you make!


  1. Trends jump, but with a turning jump


AKA, do this concept of trendy dance or video trends, but put yourself into it. You must blend trend videos and new content if you are a small creator.


Last fall, for example, “I can take your husband if I want” had been a trend, when hot girls hit the camera. This trend I took, but at the end I turned MASSIVE which was 100% original, but funny as well.


  1. Perfect Times Post


As with all social media platforms, it helps to post ideally at times. This is not as important as Instagram but posting can help your videos faster when more users are on the application, leading to more TikTok fans.


In fact, we tend to look at your telephones (morning commutes, sleep lulls, couch etc in the afternoon or late evening, since these times are very popular.


  1. Don’t remove your videos from TikTok.


This is the thing: it doesn’t do well at every video I post. Some of them flop completely… but you know what? It’s not uncommon to get the FYP page on a mass-level and go virally on its own for a video that I posted a couple of weeks ago.


It is therefore important that videos from your TikTok account should never be deleted. I posted this new video of a plant, for instance, which had approximately 1,000 views on the first day and stalled. But it started to trend again about two weeks later, and it gained me 4.000 new views and 80 new followers.

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