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SEO Tips to Make Your Website SEO-Friendly

Just having a beautiful website isn’t enough to drive a lot of traffic. For your site to appear in search results, you must follow SEO guidelines. 

If your website fits their standards, then it can rank higher in the search list. Things like keywords, tags, and site design have a huge impact on your site’s SEO rankings.

You may need to make your website SEO-friendly more than once. Algorithms of search engines change, the rating of site materials can fluctuate, you have to adjust the optimization to the requirements of SEO more often than we would like.

When working with an SEO-friendly site, be sure to rely on statistics. It is especially important if you are optimizing or running a website for a client. For the convenience of work, you can replace the manual reporting on the site with the client automatically.

In this article, we will show you a few tricks to make your website SEO-friendly. All recommendations are not sorted by importance as they are all equally important. Let’s get started!

How to Make the Website SEO-friendly

Update the Semantic Core

Mostly believes that the semantic core is the foundation for beneficial promotion. However, beginners often skip this stage. 

But expert optimizers also have issues with semantics. It is assumed that the organization of the semantic core is carried out once for the whole endurance of the website. At the same time, the state of search engine results is growing, the market environment is growing, further queries are rising, and search engines are launching unique algorithms. This implies the requirement of the semantic core for regular updating of the website and clustering changes. If this is not completed, the website will lose its connection to competitors and hence lose its status.

The rate of conversion of the semantic core is assured by practice. For online stores with seasonal or high-fashion goods – at least twice a year, for the rest, the reason for updating should be a significant change in trends and changes in search algorithms.

Optimize your Site for Mobile Devices

The gadget market development has directed to the main issue of search engines not for mobile devices, however, for desktop computers as well. 

It means that the main traffic is already coming from phones and tablets. Indeed, it is not omnipresent: for instance, a personal computer is highly desirable. Although the universal trend is that the share of gadgets in search continues to evolve. It’s no coincidence that Google has worked tirelessly to mention to approved webmasters that their website is not mobile devices optimized. For a higher position, you have to consider how users browse the website. Sites that are not easy to browse will not rank higher. 

Be Aware of Technical Errors

A typical mistake is to overlook the website’s technical status. If the website is taking more time to get loaded, it will not only affect ranking but also result in user inconvenience.

If it is taking more than 3 seconds to load, then the users will not wait for it to load and move to another website. Closing the website after clicking on it for a few seconds will reduce the bounce rate, which is essential for ranking. In addition, it also involves the execution of multiple scenarios. It loads the resources of the computer and reduces the work speed. 

Additional errors introduce duplicates, unconfigured redirects, broken links on the website, robots.txt, sitemaps, incorrectly formatted, missing and .htaccess, and many more. Technical difficulties can severely harm rankings.

Use Meta Tags and Titles Correctly

Usually, SEO services will flood the title tag with keywords that search engines consider to be spam. You have to include keywords in the title to keep it meaningful. The top website from the boost query determines enough density. Somehow, do not include keywords or their synonyms multiple times.

If the keyword tag is no longer useful, then the information is still valid. Search engines usually practice it when creating the snippets-the classification of the search results document. If it is attractive, the click-through rate of the page will increase. Remember that for Google, search engines define the outcome of this meta tag to approximately 156 characters.

Don’t accept various h1 headings on the webpage. The visitor will find which is highly essential. However, the algorithm will examine the structure, and the first level two headings will conflict with the priority.

Always remember to use the request in the header, however, be careful. Don’t attempt to stuff every request in H1. It will create the header unreadably. Use the essential queries on the document.

Study your Target Audience

The website conversion relies on how properly it fulfills the requirements of the users. Like, online retailers mainly forget to publish customer feedback. At the same time, nearly everyone reads product feedback before purchasing.

If there is no feedback on the product webpage, then customers move to another website and will most likely purchase wherever it is found. It will get rewarded in the kind of behavior development. Setting up a comment form on a website with an engaged visitor assists users to discover everything they require without needing to help third-party websites.

Additionally, customers frequently search for product feedback. eCommerce websites that are not capable of carrying out discussions are deprived of the possibility to get requests for advice. Do not be scared of contrary reviews of a product or store. Products are not your responsibility. If you answer carefully, negative reviews can become your choice. In most cases, the work quality is assessed by the visitors not by the negative reviews however by their reaction. 

Add Internal Links

If you examine the search results, you may check that the most thriving websites use internal links actively.

Search engines prefer a lot of internal links. It’s not about developing the weight among the web pages. The main content here is that users can instantly find other details with the links. 

For instance, on the product webpage, you can put links to certain products in the related category and attach a small description of their features. The white paper might have links to used terminology pages or higher detail.

Properly placed internal links can improve user activity, reduce bounce rates, and improve the time used on the website. The WordPress development agency assists you to examine existing links, and it will build a link site map that considers the weight of the transfer.


As you may have already noticed, making a website SEO-friendly is not easy. In addition to this, you need to do this constantly. If SEO-friendly is kind to you, the quality of your site will increase. Factors such as design and ease of access are important to the search engine, and only well-prepared websites will rank higher.

Do share your opinions about this write-up. If there is any query, comment below. Thanks for reading!



Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a digital marketing company in Singapore which is dealing with website design, SEO, mobile app development, logo designing, social media marketing, and more. Connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and

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