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5 best eBook Apps for Android – Enjoy Reading Anytime Anywhere

No more hassle when it comes to reading books, enjoy reading right on your Android device!

In today’s world, due to the mobile technological advancement, it’s so easy to read the books you want anytime anywhere on your Smartphone. All you need to have a good ebook app that allows you to read books online or allows you to download for offline reading. That’s it! Simple! But when you are completely new here, it could be a hassle for you to find a nice one that suits you. Here below, we have listed the 5 best ebook apps for Android that you can try right now. 

So, let’s have a look to find out the perfect one that may help you read your books anytime anywhere. 

1. eBook Reader Plus 

eBook Reader Plus - Your Free Ebook ReaderThis the latest free eBook app for Android with a huge collection of ebooks in different categories and genres. You can find books from all around in it and all of them are free to read. You can read online or you can download the books you want for reading later in PDF or EPUB format. To find a book, it allows you to search by the book name or by the author name. 

It includes some of the most essential customization features such as changing font type and size, highlight texts, look up words and phrases in an in-built dictionary, creating a list of favorite books and reading lists for later, sharing books with friends, and more. Overall, as a free eBook app, eBook Reader Plus is an ideal choice. It’s worth giving it a shot when you are looking for free. 

Download eBook reader Plus for Android 

2. Kobo Books 

Kobo Books

Kobo is one of the most popular ebook apps not only for Android but also for Windows, macOS, iOS/iPadOS. Moreover, it contains ebooks, audiobooks, graphic novels, and children’s books. So, if you like the other types of books besides eBooks, it would be a great choice for you. 

It has a wide range of book collections and you can read those books downloading from the Kobo store, as well as, the imported books saved as PDFs or EPUBs from your phone storage. It lets you customize the way you read such as clear text in the size and style you prefer, night-mode for bedtime reading, start reading on one device and pick up on another, rate and review the books, bookmark a page and view a list of chapter headings and other details, and more. 

Download Kobo Books for Android 

3. FullReader


FullReader is mostly called an all eBook formats reader app. So, if you are looking for an ebook app to read books in all formats, you can choose this one. The formats are ePUB, PDF, txt, Mobi, Doc, Docx, and HTML. It allows you to read ebooks from your device or from the cloud. You can scan for books stored on your device and import the ones you want to read. On the other hand, for books stored in the cloud like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, you can connect and download them to your mobile. 

In terms of customizations, it lets you tweak the font style and size, text color, brightness, background color, and theme. And, with the advanced settings, it lets you customize layout, spacing, page-turning, alignment, and other elements. As well as, you can also view chapter headings and jump to a specific chapter instantly. You can even highlight, translate, or share any word by simply pressing over the word. A perfect all format ebook reader. 

Download FullReader for Android 

4. Aldiko 

AldikoAldiko is one of the oldest ebook apps for Android which is best for reading books in PDF, ePub, and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks as well. You can enjoy a fully-customizable reading experience using it. Some of the amazing features of it are – adjust font type and size, font and background colors, margin, alignment, line spacing, and more. As well as, it also allows you to import your own PDF and ePub files to read them on the go anytime anywhere you want. 

Download Aldiko for Android 

5. Amazon Kindle 

Amazon KindleOur last pick is Kindle which is powered by the giant e-commerce platform Amazon. You don’t need to have a Kindle device to use this app, it’s available for both Android and IOS. It offers a wide range of books, magazines, audiobooks, comics, and newspapers. Besides that, it has also a built-in dictionary which can be used to look up new words while reading. 

Kindle allows you to see what percent of the book you’ve read, real page numbers, and how much time you need to finish the chapter or books-based on your actual reading speed. You can even bookmark places you want to revisit, make highlights and take notes, hop, skip, and jump with Page Flip, sync your books across devices, and much more. 

Download Amazon Kindle for Android 


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